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Last updated: 20 Jun, 2024  
Happy.New.Year.9.Thmb.jpg 2015: Brighter prospects ahead
Bikky Khosla | 30 Dec, 2014
Another year is set to bid adieu. The Indian economy started the year 2014 with only moderate momentum when growth seemed to be picking up slowly, with current account deficit narrowing on strong exports, but high inflation and low industrial output, combined with the uncertainty of how the results of the general elections would play out, kept us jittery.  
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Handshake.9.Thmb.jpg Customer loyalty in B2B
Bikky Khosla | 23 Dec, 2014
Does customer loyalty matter in B2B trade? It is commonly said that business-to-business buyers are clear-eyed. They base their buying decisions mostly on price.  
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Manufacturing.9..Thmb.jpg Industrial slowdown: It's time to act
Bikky Khosla | 16 Dec, 2014
Last week's industrial production data for October is a real shocker to the economy. It shows a sharp contraction of 4.2 percent even though November retail inflation eased to a two-year low of 4.3 percent.  
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Entrepreneur.9.Thmb.jpg Entrepreneurship and skill development: Where do we stand
Bikky Khosla | 09 Dec, 2014
Can entrepreneurship be learnt? Many people believe that good entrepreneurs are born -- entrepreneurship qualities are wired into one's DNA. According to some others, it is a trainable skill -- the skill-sets required to become a good entrepreneur can be learnt over time.  
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Meeting.9.thmb.jpg Planning Commission: Time for silent burial
Bikky Khosla | 02 Dec, 2014
The Planning Commission is likely to be declared dead soon. Last week, the media reported that the Centre has zeroed in on the role and structure for a new body that would replace the 64-year old commission. 
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Parliament.9.Thmb.jpg Winter session: Will politics play spoilsport?
Bikky Khosla | 25 Nov, 2014
The Winter session of the Parliament is going to be a testing one for the Modi-led NDA government. An extensive list of business has been lined up for the session, including some major issues, such as Goods and Services Tax, coal mine allocation 
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Dollar.Investment.9.Thmb.jpg Economy moving in the right direction
Bikky Khosla | 18 Nov, 2014
We've had some good news lately: inflation eased sharply in October; industrial output for September saw a better-than-expected growth; the RBI has proposed to allow small banks to have a pan-India presence; and finally, India and the US have reached consensus on the the WTO food security row.  
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ftp-thmb.jpg FTP: The long delay must end
Bikky Khosla | 11 Nov, 2014
Seven months of the current financial year are already over, but the government is yet to announce the Foreign Trade Policy. Usually, FTPs are announced soon after the Union Budget is presented, but this year, the matter is still up in the air.  
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Rupee.9.Thmb.jpg Black money - expectations vs reality
Bikky Khosla | 04 Nov, 2014
The black money issue has been in media headlines for some time now. During the election campaign, the BJP had promised to bring back all the black money stashed away from the country within 100 days. It spurred high emotions in public mind, which was further fueled later when the BJP-led new government made announcement about formation of a special team for the purpose in its very first decision after taking charge. 
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Question.9.Thmb.jpg Unease of doing business in India
Bikky Khosla | 28 Oct, 2014
Our business ecosystem has always remained prey to regulatory hurdles. In India, it requires an entrepreneur to comply with 12 procedures and wait on average 27 days only to start a business. In the eyes of foreign investors, the image is no less worse.  
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Manufacturing.9.Thmb.jpg Labour reform - a step taken forward
Bikky Khosla | 21 Oct, 2014
Dealing with labour issues has always remained a Herculean task for Indian companies. Ask any factory owner from any part of the country and the majority will rank it as one of the biggest obstacles. Scores of central and state laws to comply with, dozens of forms to fill out, many strange-sounding norms to adhere to and the too powerful labour inspectors to keep satisfied 
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Competition.9.Thmb.jpg Making Indian MSMEs globally competitive
Bikky Khosla | 14 Oct, 2014
A new report by CII-KPMG released last week says that India will emerge as one of the leading global economies over the next decade and to make the country's MSME sector backbone of this economy, we need to make these firms globally competitive.  
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mistake.9.thmb.jpg Mistakes that can derail your business
Bikky Khosla | 08 Oct, 2014
What does it take to be a successful small business? Studies conducted time and again reveal that vast number of small businesses fail in the first few years. Only a few succeed to complete their first five years.  
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Marketing.9.THmb.jpg Omni-channel: the new buzzword
Bikky Khosla | 30 Sep, 2014
Marketing has changed tremendously in the past few years. Earlier, you had a few means of reaching your customers, but with rapid digitization marketing has now become more technology driven, fast paced and complex.  
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Up.9.Thmb.jpg Domestic investment must also be a priority
Bikky Khosla | 23 Sep, 2014
Efforts to attract foreign investment have seemed to get a fillip with the new government coming into power. It is also good to see a welcome shift in our foreign policy towards tackling the issue, with the PM focussing on the economic side of diplomacy more than ever before.  
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modi2.thumb.jpg India's foreign policy - the 'Modi approach'
Bikky Khosla | 16 Sep, 2014
Refreshing and energetic! These are the words that best describe PM Modi's foreign policy.  
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social-media-marketingTHMB.jpg Planning a must for capitalising on social media
Bikky Khosla | 09 Sep, 2014
We hear people talk a lot these days about social media. Business pundits have written scores of books, articles, and studies on why and how to leverage social media for profit. But when it comes to practice, few succeed in doing it, particularly the small businesses.  
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Up.9.Thmb.jpg Economy back on track
Bikky Khosla | 02 Sep, 2014
The economy grew 5.7% in the April-June period, the highest in the last ten quarters. Nobody was expecting such level of growth. The GDP figures released by the Central Statistics Office last week also show expansion in industrial activities with fixed capital formation rising by 7.02% and a better investment scenario with private final consumer expenditure growing 5.6% during period. 
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Small.vs.Big.9.Thmb.jpg What SMEs can learn from big boys
Bikky Khosla | 26 Aug, 2014
Big businesses can learn a lot of things from small businesses. Fund scarcity, lack of manpower, branding challenges, tough competition from big guys 
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Manufacturing.9.Thmb.jpg Manufacturing matters
Bikky Khosla | 19 Aug, 2014
Can India become a manufacturing powerhouse? In his maiden Independence Day speech, PM Narendra Modi highlighted the urgency to revive Indian manufacturing. "Come and make in India," he exhorted the world, and stressed on channelizing the strength of the youth through manufacturing. 
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Customer.Retention.9.Thmb.jpg Why customer retention is important
Bikky Khosla | 12 Aug, 2014
We all know almost every big business started out small. What do these companies have in common that enables them to move to the next level? Success in business depends on a number of factors: product, quality, pricing, marketing, advertising, promotion and so on, 
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WTO.9.Thmb.jpg WTO deal: North-South divide rears its head again
Bikky Khosla | 05 Aug, 2014
The WTO talks have failed. Last year, all the 159 WTO members reached a historic Trade Facilitation Agreement, signaling an erosion of the traditional North-South divide and raising hopes that the deal would inject a whooping $1 trillion into international trade and create some 21 million jobs 
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learn-thmb Never cease to learn
Bikky Khosla | 29 Jul, 2014
Learning is a never ending process - this rule applies also to business. But many small business owners, after achieving a certain level of success, do not bother to give much thought to learning new things - about their customers, the markets they serve, the business strategy they follow, and so on. This is a wrong approach. These days, everything in the world of business is changing fast, bringing new opportunities as well as challenges, and to deal with them one must keep on learning. 
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Exports.9.Thmb.jpg Start an export business: Guide for beginners
Bikky Khosla | 22 Jul, 2014
It's an undeniable fact that entering into exports can be a great way to expand a business. But how to start with it? This is one of the common questions asked by aspiring exporters. 
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budget-indiaTHMB.jpeg Budget holds promise
Bikky Khosla | 15 Jul, 2014
The Budget 2014-15 was presented last week and it is encouraging to see that several issues of great economic importance have been set as priorities by the government. 
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Branding generic THMB SME branding misconceptions
Bikky Khosla | 01 Jul, 2014
Brand is one of most important assets of any business, small or big -- we often hear marketing gurus extolling the virtues of branding, but it's difficult to convince small business owners. Only a handful of them believe in branding. Majority are of the opinion that it is only for big companies. A typical response I get even from some veteran entrepreneurs is that small businesses, with not enough money to spend, should concentrate on 'more important' aspects of the business than on branding. There are many other misconceptions small businesses have about branding. 
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Corruption.9.Thmb.jpg Corruption: A curse for SMEs
Bikky Khosla | 24 Jun, 2014
You are conducting your business in a legal way -- not evading tax, not manipulating books, not indulging in any unlawful activity. Shouldn't this be enough reason not to pay any 'under the table' money? But we all know what the reality is. 
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Cyber crime generic THMB Protect yourself from phishing attacks
Bikky Khosla | 18 Jun, 2014
The term 'phishing' derives from the idea of fishing — fishing for information. It refers to a type of internet fraud that attempts to collect sensitive financial information. Typically, a fraudulent email is used for this.  
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Power.9.Thmb.jpg Power woes for MSMEs
Bikky Khosla | 10 Jun, 2014
The unprecedented electricity crisis in northern India may result in disruption of work and likely closure of 25 percent of micro, small and medium enterprises in the region and pull down their overall industrial production by a whopping 40 percent, a survey released last week has cautioned.  
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Entrepreneur.9.Thmb.jpg Grow from small to big
Bikky Khosla | 03 Jun, 2014
Some of the most successful high street brands we know today started small and moved into the big league later, and some of them did it very fast. But this is not true to every small business. In fact, majority of them have to stay as they were when the business started. So what makes this difference? I think there are certain factors that help small business owners in a great way to take their business to the next level. 
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Growth.9.Thmb.jpg New government: Expectations and challenges
Bikky Khosla | 27 May, 2014
The oath taking ceremony is over and now is the time for the new government to get down to the business. There are high expectations everywhere, but what is more important now is that the economy needs urgent attention and nourishment. It is in a mess for quite some time now and the newly sworn-in government has to set it right. The economic policies and the forthcoming budget to be unveiled in the next two-three months will have significant implications on the fate of the economy. 
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modi-17052014THMB.jpg Modi's victory fuels hopes
Bikky Khosla | 20 May, 2014
The election results are declared and the verdict is clear. The people of India want change, they want stability and growth, they want a responsive government and a strong leader to lead the country, they are looking for an economic savior who can bring the economy back to growth path. These desires are so strong that they have demolished caste and community barriers and helped BJP thunder to an extraordinary victory.  
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Internet.9.Thmb.jpg Benefits of multiple websites for small businesses
Bikky Khosla | 13 May, 2014
Some time ago online presence was not considered as an important factor by small businesses. It was just an optional idea, something only large corporations should care about. Nowadays, however, more and more small business owners are getting aware of how useful it can be to promote their businesses.  
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IPR.9.jpg IPR: Where SMEs stand
Bikky Khosla | 06 May, 2014
The Indo-US ties have been strained for some time now and the recent bone of contention between the two sides is the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) issue. The Obama administration, under pressure from trade lobbies of the country in general and the pharmaceutical sector in particular, is not happy with India's IPR regime 
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Customer.9.Thmb.jpg How to follow up with prospects
Bikky Khosla | 29 Apr, 2014
Every small business pays great attention to reaching out to new customers, wherever possible, offline or online, at an event or on a social network platform. They place great importance on networking and building connections. They are quick at sending product information whenever a potential prospect requests for it. Everything is right till this point, but when it comes to follow-up, they usually fall behind. After the initial contact, most small businesses prefer to sit back and wait for a reply, which most of the time never comes. 
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Globe.9.Thmb.jpg Global trade: brighter prospects ahead
Bikky Khosla | 22 Apr, 2014
Global trade is expected to increase 4.7 percent this year against a 2.1 percent growth in 2013 and an average 2.2 percent in the past two years, according to an estimate released by the World Trade Organization last week. 
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Manufacturing.9..Thmb.jpg Industry's revival, export momentum must for growth
Bikky Khosla | 15 Apr, 2014
The International Monetary Fund has pegged India's economic growth for 2014 at 5.4 percent. This projection is done by "assuming that government efforts to revive investment growth succeed and export growth strengthens after the recent rupee depreciation". 
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Hands.Together.9.thmb.jpg The business of family business
Bikky Khosla | 08 Apr, 2014
In India, a whopping 95 percent of all businesses are family-owned, according to a newly released guidebook for family businesses. In Latin America, 90 to 98 percent businesses fall into this category while in North America they account for 80 to 90 percent.  
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msme-THMB-2010.jpg MSME definition: Do we need a new one
Bikky Khosla | 01 Apr, 2014
MSMEs in India are currently defined as per their capital investment: Micro (less than Rs. 25 lakh), Small (between Rs. 25 lakh -5 crore) and Medium (Rs. 5- 10 crore). The corresponding thresholds for service sector MSMEs are less than Rs. 10 lakh, Rs 10 lakh- 2 crore, and Rs 2- 5 crore, respectively. 
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Manufacturing.9.Thmb.jpg What SMEs expect from the new government
Bikky Khosla | 25 Mar, 2014
The general election is ahead and a new government is to be formed at the center within a few weeks. What measures do you expect from the next government to promote the small and medium enterprise sector? I asked this question to some entrepreneurs I met recently and almost all of them viewed that high credit cost is the biggest concern for them. 
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Indicators.9.Thmb.jpg A quick look at key economic indicators
Bikky Khosla | 18 Mar, 2014
A new round of economic data has been churned out last week, showing industrial production growth for January returning to the positive zone after three months of decline in a row, February retail inflation and wholesale inflation easing and exports falling for the first time in eight months in February.  
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FTA.9.Thmb.jpg Bring benefits of FTAs to SMEs
Bikky Khosla | 11 Mar, 2014
In the last few years, India has signed a number of free trade agreements with several countries and trading blocks, including Japan (2011), Malaysia (2011), ASEAN (2009), South Korea (2009) and Singapore (2005).  
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Election.9.Thmb.jpg Election to be fought on economy
Bikky Khosla | 04 Mar, 2014
The nation is in election mode. Political leaders are spewing all sorts of rhetoric, addressing rallies, taking on each other; different calculations are being predicated -- the same old things we see before every general election. But there is a welcome shift this time -- the major parties are talking more about growth and less about subsidies and freebies.  
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Tax.9.Thmb.jpg Tariff hurdles to Indian industry
Bikky Khosla | 25 Feb, 2014
The last week saw passing of the Interim Budget for 2014-15 and to no one's surprise it has nothing much to offer. The Budget is just for about four months and to enable the present government to carry on with its activities until a new government is formed after the elections. Not much was expected out of it, neither there was much scope for the finance minister to offer  
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Late.Payment.9.Thmb.jpg A Trade-receivables Exchange to rescue you from late payments!
Bikky Khosla | 18 Feb, 2014
Small businesses regularly suffer from late payments. With feeble financial muscles, they can hardly withstand cash flow problems, but unfortunately they are the worst sufferers in the hands of this evil and unethical business practice. Around two years ago I raised the issue on this same platform and demanded that the government should step in to help this sector get rid of the burden of chasing overdue invoices, but unfortunately nothing has changed since then. This time, however, there seems to be a ray of hope -- from the Reserve Bank of India. 
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Downturn.Thmb.jpg GDP: Growth lost to shortsightedness
Bikky Khosla | 11 Feb, 2014
The Central Statistics Office has cut the nation's GDP growth forecast for the current financial year to 4.9 percent, despite last year's low base of 4.5 percent. In the first half of 2013-14, growth was 4.6 percent and this means growth for the second part the current fiscal year should improve a little to achieve the annual target of 4.9 percent. 
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Thumb.up.9.thmb.jpg Now stand out by responding fast to buyer inquiries
Bikky Khosla | 04 Feb, 2014
In the online B2B business, buyers expect a fast response to their inquiries. Unless you respond quickly, they might never bother with your business ever again. Studies conducted at different times, in different places show that slow seller response is the main complaint among B2B buyers. 
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It.Thmb.jpg eBiz portal: An initiative worth supporting
Bikky Khosla | 28 Jan, 2014
How many of you have registered with the eBiz portal? The government launched the first phase of this project in January 2013 with an aim to help investors and businesses assess licence and permit requirements for setting up and operating a business in the country. 
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Marketing.Thmb.jpg Why should you have a marketing plan
Bikky Khosla | 21 Jan, 2014
Do you have a marketing plan for your small business? Many small and medium enterprises don't bother to create a marketing plan -- they think only big businesses need such a plan. Some others write down a plan but only because the bank wants them to do so. Similarly, there is no dearth of small businesses who simply try to copy marketing strategies of their competitors. This is a wrong approach. A marketing plan is vital for any business -- small or big. When you don't have a sound plan to follow, you become prone to failure. 
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Customer.Service.9.jpg Good customer service the ultimate differentiating factor
Bikky Khosla | 14 Jan, 2014
Small businesses often complain that today's market is so crowded with competition that it is nearly impossible to stand out. There are thousands of players in the same game at the same time.  
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Jewellery.9.Thmb.jpg Jewellery sector woes: When will govt stop turning a deaf ear
Bikky Khosla | 07 Jan, 2014
Our Current Account Deficit has improved significantly in the recent months and I think few would dispute the achievement of the policy makers in bringing the economy out of this crisis.  
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happy-new-yearTHMB.jpg.jpeg 2014: What's the road ahead for exporters
Bikky Khosla | 31 Dec, 2013
Another year is over and a fresh one is dawning -- what is the road ahead for our small and medium exporters? The future, of course, is difficult to predict, but we can perhaps find some important clues in the current performance indicators of the economy -- both on the domestic and global fronts -- which is performing far better than what it did at the beginning of 2013, and most importantly in the encouraging data points that are gradually coming from some of our major export markets including the US, Europe and Japan. 
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Handshake.9.Thmb.jpg Appoint distributors, expand your business
Bikky Khosla | 24 Dec, 2013
Sales is the lifeblood of any business -- as an entrepreneur you know this more than anyone else. It is a continual necessity not only for success but also for survival and you want to leave no stone unturned to reach new customers, expand to new markets and bag new deals. But a tight budget often comes in the way -- it restraints your capability to hire new staff, open a new office or even to do market research. This is where appointing a distributor can make a big difference for small and medium enterprises -- you can increase your sales without taking on the financial challenges. 
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Downturn.Thmb.jpg Economy not yet bottomed out
Bikky Khosla | 17 Dec, 2013
The GDP figures released last month sent out some soothing signals, showing our economic growth at 4.8 percent in the second quarter. Together with this better-than-expected growth, the sharp fall in current account deficit to $5.2 billion for the period on the back of healthy export growth sparked hope of a faster economic recovery and a possible rate cut in the RBI's forthcoming monetary policy. But two recent sets of economic data released last week put a sudden dampener on all this enthusiasm. 
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WTO.9.Thmb.jpg WTO deal to benefit SME exporters
Bikky Khosla | 10 Dec, 2013
Red tape is a big deterrent to exports, be it of domestic or international origin. While bureaucratic hurdles at domestic level have always remained a big challenge for our exporters, red tape of international origin is no less a worry. 
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Innovation.9.Thmb.jpg Innovation fund: Will it make any difference?
Bikky Khosla | 03 Dec, 2013
"I have a great idea for a new product but have no funds. Is there any MSME scheme that can help me realise this idea and grow as a business?" -- An enthusiastic young fellow asked me this question a few months ago, and it will come as no surprise for you to learn what I said, "There isn't any". 
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Late.Payment.9.Thmb.jpg Late payment: RBI move not enough for SMEs
Bikky Khosla | 26 Nov, 2013
Last week, the Reserve Bank of India announced that it would provide a Rs.5,000-crore liquidity support package to micro and small enterprises. The decision has been taken to help the sector get rid of liquidity tightness resulting particularly due to delayed settlement of receivables from -- in the words of the central bank -- "large corporate, Public Sector Undertakings and government departments". 
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Inflation.9.Thmb.jpg How does inflation rob your business?
Bikky Khosla | 19 Nov, 2013
An encouraging trend in exports, an impressive 8 percent core sector growth in September, a strengthening rupee, a softening CAD and recovering stock markets 
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Downturn.Thmb.jpg Services sector woes deepening
Bikky Khosla | 12 Nov, 2013
There is a still a big scope of improvement for services exports and unlocking the true potential of the sector, for which, what is important is to diversify the service export basket both in terms of services and markets. 
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Industry.9.Thmb.jpg Doing business in India is quite difficult
Bikky Khosla | 06 Nov, 2013
Indian small and medium enterprises have to comply with 12 procedures and it takes on average 27 days to start a business. Dealing with construction permits involves 35 procedures and a 168-day waiting period, getting electricity involves 7 procedures and a 67-day waiting period, registering property requires 5 procedures and a 44-day waiting period, and for resolving insolvency it requires a company to wait 4.3 years. These are statistics revealed in World Bank's 2014 'Doing Business' report. 
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Exports.9.Thmb.jpg Deciding where to export
Bikky Khosla | 29 Oct, 2013
Where should I export? It's one of the trickiest questions that puzzles new exporters. After deciding the risks and benefits involved in export business, this is another critical decision an exporter has to take.  
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USA.9.Thmb.jpg End to US shutdown a relief for all
Bikky Khosla | 22 Oct, 2013
The US got back to life after President Obama and Congress had ended a 16-day shutdown on Thursday last week. According to an estimate, the shutdown that started on October 1 has cost the American economy more than $24billion while some others view that the real costs might be much higher than this initial estimate 
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GCC.9.Thmb.jpg GCC: Opportunities abound for exporters
Bikky Khosla | 15 Oct, 2013
India's trade with the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) countries - which include Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and United Arab Emirates - has increased by 75.91 percent from US$ 107360.14 million in 2009-10 to US$ 188867.66 million in 2011-12.  
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sme-cloudTHMB.jpg Cloud computing - where SMEs stand
Bikky Khosla | 08 Oct, 2013
Cloud computing is often touted as the future business model that is bringing paradigm change in the ICT adoption pattern of small and medium enterprises worldwide. 
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Exports.9.Thmb.jpg Exports - an opportunity to fix the economy
Bikky Khosla | 01 Oct, 2013
Small exporters always lose out when it comes to bank lending. First of all, credit availability for them is very poor, and even when available, the interest rates are very high -- around 9 percent to 11 percent now. 
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RBI.Border.Thmb.jpg Fed surprise vs RBI dampener
Bikky Khosla | 24 Sep, 2013
Markets are hungry for good news these days, and last week they took no time in gobbling up the US Federal Reserve's decision against partial rollback of its $85 billion bond buying stimulus.  
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Social.Media.9.Thmb.jpg Are you still missing out on social media?
Bikky Khosla | 17 Sep, 2013
I interact with small business owners frequently, and when I raise the subject of social media before them their reactions generally run from mild interest to total dismissal. A majority of them view social media platforms as good for nothing for their business. Only a few think the other way round. I always find this surprising.  
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Politics.Economic.9.Thmb.jpg Politics vs economics
Bikky Khosla | 10 Sep, 2013
Last month, the Lok Sabha passed an ambitious National Food Security Bill, which is estimated to take away more than Rs. 1 lakh crore of our tax payers' money per year. Just a day after the decision, our Finance Minister suggested a 10-point action plan to bring the economy back on track, with the very first point emphasising on arresting fiscal deficit by cutting down expenditure. 
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Reward.Points.9.Thmb.jpg Reward Points program launched by Tradeindia
Bikky Khosla | 03 Sep, 2013
Furthering our efforts to make a platform that you would like to use and visit daily, we have launched an attractive Reward Points program. Now any activity you do on -- from registration to daily log in, posting buy/sell leads 
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Dollar.Euro.9.Thmb.jpg Recovery in US, Europe offers much needed optimism
Bikky Khosla | 27 Aug, 2013
Some recent positive developments on the global economic front give a cause for optimism for our exporters. 
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Rupee.Bag.9.Thmb.jpg A wrong approach to solving the rupee crisis
Bikky Khosla | 21 Aug, 2013
The rupee broke all previous records on Tuesday, hitting a fresh low of 64.13 against the US dollar, and this happened despite the RBI's strong intervention last week 
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Tender.9.Thmb.jpg Tradeindia Tenders launched to give SMEs a leg up
Bikky Khosla | 13 Aug, 2013
Ever considered bidding for an invitation to a tender? At first sight, if you are a small business you may fear that your chance of winning a contract is very slim. Where to find information about the advertised contracts – the question also strikes?  
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Manufacturing.9..Thmb.jpg Manufacturing crisis the root of all evil
Bikky Khosla | 06 Aug, 2013
The government has got into a fire fighting mode to rein in current account deficit, but achieved little success. As they try to solve one problem, another one surfaces, raising question about their 'quick fix' approach, which has proved miserably inadequate to repair the fundamental flaws in the economy. I think the main culprit for rising CAD is our merchandise trade deficit and unless we increase our exports -- for which we must expand our manufacturing -- no real solution is possible. 
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Rupee.9.Thmb.jpg Liquidity squeezing: has RBI gone overboard?
Bikky Khosla | 30 Jul, 2013
Last week, the Reserve Bank of India took more steps to squeeze liquidity in the banking system, and the monetary action, which is perhaps the sharpest taken by the central bank in last 17 years, has created a real hue and cry, inviting criticism from many quarters, including economic pundits, bankers, and industry leaders. 
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FDI.9.Thmb.jpg Blind rush for FDI
Bikky Khosla | 23 Jul, 2013
A number of businessmen with whom I have had conversation in the last few days are not finding much logic in the Centre's recent decision to hike the foreign direct investment limits in a host of sectors.  
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USA.9.Thmb.jpg Exports to US at stake
Bikky Khosla | 16 Jul, 2013
Two of our top ministers -- Anand Sharma and P Chidambaram -- have just returned from their visit to the US, during which they met several US government officials, members of the US Congress and heads of some top American companies 
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SAARC.Border.Thmb.jpg SAARC region: Land of untapped opportunities
Bikky Khosla | 09 Jul, 2013
According to recent official figures released by the government, India's export to the SAARC countries for the April 2012 to January 2013 period stood at $ 11.53 billion.  
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smallvsbig.thmb.jpg How SMEs can take on the Goliaths
Bikky Khosla | 02 Jul, 2013
"When we started our business, our target market was dominated by large companies, and this is the case even now. It was nearly impossible for us to compete on price.  
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Profit.9.Thmb.jpg Avoid profit pitfalls
Bikky Khosla | 25 Jun, 2013
How can a small business increase its profit? By increasing sales -- this is the answer that immediately comes up to mind. Not an iota of doubt. Large or small, sales is the lifeblood of any business, and unless the sales funnel is kept constantly fed with new opportunities, profits cannot be sustained. 
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Rupee.9.Thmb.jpg Fall of the rupee
Bikky Khosla | 18 Jun, 2013
The rupee has been facing crisis for quite some time now. Last week, the currency hit a new record-low of 58.95 against the US Dollar, and although later it recovered to some extent buoyed by RBI's intervention in the forex market 
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GD.Thmb.jpg TradeIndia launches
Bikky Khosla | 11 Jun, 2013
How to get a product placed in the market? This is one of the toughest questions that govern the fate of any business. You can choose to invest in your own distribution system, but this involves a lot of costs.  
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Growth.9.Thmb.jpg What it takes to grow your small business?
Bikky Khosla | 04 Jun, 2013
Do you want to grow your small business? Whenever I ask this question to a small business owner, most of the time the answer is an emphatic "YES". 
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Handshake.9.Thmb.jpg India-China trade: A new chapter
Bikky Khosla | 28 May, 2013
India and China have signed a series of agreements, including several MoUs on pharmaceuticals, meat and fisheries during the newly appointed Chinese Premier Li Keqiang's maiden visit to our country recently.  
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Success.9.Thmb.jpg Why SMEs fail - keep your eyes open
Bikky Khosla | 21 May, 2013
Surveys and studies conducted across the world over different time periods provide compelling evidence that a vast number of small businesses fail in the first few years. Majority of failures occur in the first two years while only a handful succeed to complete their first five years. Expert opinions on why this happens vary, but overall most of them point out some common pitfalls into which small business start-ups easily tumble into. 
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Global.Thmb.jpg Export outlook not so grim
Bikky Khosla | 14 May, 2013
Our export target for the current financial year has been set at $325 billion, more than one-third lower than the $500 billion target fixed two years ago. 
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Inflation.9.Thmb.jpg RBI monetary policy: Inflation still in focus
Bikky Khosla | 07 May, 2013
The Reserve Bank of India announced its 2013-14 annual monetary policy last week, and as expected it stuck to its cautious stance, cutting the repo rate by just 0.25 percentage points to 7.25 percent. 
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msme-THMB-2010.jpg MSME schemes - Do you know all of them?
Bikky Khosla | 30 Apr, 2013
How many Government schemes are currently in place to support our micro, small and medium enterprise sector? You may find this a little difficult to answer! 
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Anand.FTP.9.Thmb.jpg FTP: New but not novel
Bikky Khosla | 24 Apr, 2013
It was widely expected that the Annual Supplement to Foreign Trade Policy, 2009-14 would at least address the key challenges faced by the export sector, considering the bleak demand outlook in international markets. But last week's FTP again put a dampener on our expectations. 
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India.EU.9.Thmb.jpg India EU free trade deal: Is it going to happen
Bikky Khosla | 18 Apr, 2013
India and the 27-nation European Union, our largest merchandise trade partner as a single economy, are inching toward a Bilateral Trade and Investment Agreement – we have heard this dime-a-dozen in recent years.  
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Financial.Planning.9.thmb.jpg Bring your financial planning up to scratch
Bikky Khosla | 09 Apr, 2013
One financial year has just ended and another begun. This time of the year is always quite a busy one for business-people like us. In fact, a stressful time -- and more if we leave everything for the last hour.  
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asd.jpg Internet revolution: Time to leap on the bandwagon
Bikky Khosla | 02 Apr, 2013
How much promise the Internet holds for small businesses? Thousands, perhaps millions, of pages have been written about how the Internet is making its way to our lives. It is changing everything - the way we work, learn and play 
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Foreign.Trade.9.Thmb.jpg What do you expect from the upcoming Foreign Trade Policy?
Bikky Khosla | 26 Mar, 2013
The Budget 2013 has failed to inspire hope among our exporters, and now with the Foreign Trade Policy (FTP) likely to be announced in the first week of April, all eyes are on the Commerce Minister. What steps do you want him to take for the sector? 
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Mobile.Editorial.Thmb.jpg Tradeindia introduces mobile-ready catalogs and websites
Bikky Khosla | 19 Mar, 2013
Much has been talked about India's mobile phone and Internet revolutions. Today, we have more than 900 million mobile phone subscribers for our 1.22 billion people. A similar, though less stunning, trend is evident when it comes to the Internet 
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Savings.9.Thmb.jpg Reinvestment critical for start-ups
Bikky Khosla | 12 Mar, 2013
Now what . . . after a lot of struggles, your small business is picking up now. Money is pouring in and you're wondering what to do with the hard-earned money -- upgrade your car, splurge on an overseas trip, or buy a new home! Hang on 
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BUDGET-GENERIC-THMB.jpg Budget 2013: MSME sector to benefit
Bikky Khosla | 05 Mar, 2013
Last week, the 82nd national budget was presented in the Lok Sabha, and to the surprise of none, the postmortem is still going on. I think overall this Budget, in its attempt to balance politics and compulsions of growth, turns out to make some economic sense. 
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Entrepreneurs.9.Thmb.jpg Keep a finger on the pulse of your infrastructure
Bikky Khosla | 26 Feb, 2013
How will your air conditioning perform this summer? Does rain water leak through your office ceiling? What about the power generators? Do the machines and equipment at the manufacturing unit require maintenance? 
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Office-politics.thmb.jpg Office politics: Is it creeping into your business?
Bikky Khosla | 19 Feb, 2013
Office politics exists in every work environment. When a group of people work together for 40-50 hours a week there is bound to be some friction and difference of opinions. 
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Fear.9.Thmb.jpg Entrepreneurship: Fear is the foe
Bikky Khosla | 12 Feb, 2013
"I would like to start a small business, but . . . ." On my Facebook page I often come across these words. 
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Credibility.9.Thmb.jpg Why credibility counts
Bikky Khosla | 05 Feb, 2013
What is credibility? This may sound like a dull academic question, but it is one of the most practical problems small entrepreneurs face 
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Entrepreneur.9.Thmb.jpg What it takes to be a successful entrepreneur
Bikky Khosla | 29 Jan, 2013
How to become a successful entrepreneur? What are the traits that bring success? Is there a formula? Dozens of articles have been written on this, but there is no one-size fit all theory.  
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Tax.9.Thmb.jpg Higher taxes for the 'super-rich' a poor idea
Bikky Khosla | 22 Jan, 2013
What the Indian economy would have looked like today if the last Union Budget hadn't introduced the controversial GAAR provisions? Probably a little brighter. 
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Customer.Service.9.jpg Customer service - stand out with excellence
Bikky Khosla | 15 Jan, 2013
What do you think good customer service is? Almost every business says they provide good customer service, but do they really do that well? 
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Customer.9.Thmb.jpg The customer is not always right
Bikky Khosla | 08 Jan, 2013
For a small business, every customer is important. They are who keep you in business, they are who can spell doom for your business. But what about bad customers 
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2013.9.Thmb.jpg 2013: Look back, plan ahead
Bikky Khosla | 02 Jan, 2013
"If I had an hour to solve a problem I'd spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and 5 minutes thinking about solutions" 
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Market.Target.9.Thmb.jpg Are you dependent on a few big customers?
Bikky Khosla | 26 Dec, 2012
Winning a big customer is an exhilarating experience for every small business. It's just like hitting a treasure trove . . . this could provide your small business with the much-needed revenues and this could push your firm's reputation up significantly to persuade many new customers to join your customer base. 
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Worldmap.9.Thmb.jpg Export diversification: Where are we lacking
Bikky Khosla | 18 Dec, 2012
Putting all one's eggs into one basket is not a good idea. If the basket is dropped, all is lost. This couldn't be less true when it comes to exports. Export diversification is not anything new to economies across the world,  
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Idea.9..Thmb.jpg Learning as a barometer of success
Bikky Khosla | 11 Dec, 2012
How do you measure success? A tricky question! As a small business owner, what probably immediately come to your mind is your balance sheet and your client base 
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Growth.9.Thmb.jpg Is the economy getting better?
Bikky Khosla | 05 Dec, 2012
Most of the major economic data for the month of October have been released; some of them are negative, a few others positive, or to be precise, less negative.  
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Conference.9.Thmb.jpg Why attending conferences makes sense for SMEs
Bikky Khosla | 29 Nov, 2012
Do you find yourself in a dilemma about attending a conference! A small business owner often does. There are always a lot of chores to do at office, and the idea of giving one's valuable time to a conference doesn't usually seem worthwhile to many. 
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Red.Tape.9.Thmb.jpg The red tape challenge for SMEs
Bikky Khosla | 21 Nov, 2012
How much small businesses suffer from red tape and government bureaucracy? Fat bundles of paperwork, countless certificates, long hours of waiting, irritating haggling with unresponsive officials . . .  
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Diwali.9.Thmb.jpg The festive flavour of Deepavali
Bikky Khosla | 16 Nov, 2012
Deepavali is over now, but the festive flavour still lingers in our minds. With hopes and blessings, gifts and sweets, lights and firecrackers, this auspicious ceremony lights up our souls and fills up our heart with bliss. Every year, in every corner of India 
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ICT.9.Thmb.jpg Why ICT matters to SMEs
Bikky Khosla | 06 Nov, 2012
What are the benefits of adopting Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to a small business? Not much aware of it . . . 
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Market.Research.9.Thmb.jpg ABCs of export market research
Bikky Khosla | 30 Oct, 2012
How do I know whether a new foreign market is easy or difficult to break into? This is one of the common questions asked by exporters visiting my Facebook page.  
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Exports.9.Thmb.jpg Getting into exports: Are you really ready
Bikky Khosla | 23 Oct, 2012
It's an undeniable fact that entering into exports can be a great way to grow a small business, and these days, with technology and the Internet making the world a smaller place, this is hardly a big challenge for anyone.  
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Trade.Fair.9.Thmb.jpg Trade fair - pricey but promising
Bikky Khosla | 16 Oct, 2012
Where to get customers?? This is a big question for every small business and start-up. Whenever I face this question that entrepreneurs ask me, I usually give a quick answer: try a B2B portal, that's the cheapest way to hunt for buyers; but I never forget to add another suggestion: take part in trade fairs. Yes, this can be pricey, but if you can afford it, do it. For SMEs, taking part in one or two B2B trade fairs in a year can prove very useful to get exposure to potential buyers. 
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Rupee.9.Thmb.jpg Govt schemes - are they reaching SMEs
Bikky Khosla | 09 Oct, 2012
We constantly hear politicians saying that SMEs are the backbone of the economy. Every now and then they speak about the sector's importance - its job creation prowess, export share, and manufacturing output.  
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Purple.9.Thmb.jpg Differentiation - the purple cow
Bikky Khosla | 03 Oct, 2012
Have you ever seen a purple cow! I bet you haven't. But what if you see one ... it will surely grab your attention - very quickly. It's so different ... it stands out from the hundreds of black, brown and white cows. Differentiation means exactly that - avoiding the trap of convention and creating a unique competitive advantage that helps a business stand out from its competitors and in the minds of its customers. 
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Credit.Good.9.Thmb.jpg Trade credit: To sell or not to sell
Bikky Khosla | 25 Sep, 2012
For small businesses, selling on credit has become a way of doing business. While some see opportunity in it, some others consider it a ball and chain,  
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Finance.9.thmb.jpg Keep a close eye on financial performance
Bikky Khosla | 18 Sep, 2012
Whoa! Do we really need to do that? Most of the small business owners will tell you that their smaller size doesn't need this. Lack of time and limited resources are cited by them as other prime reasons. There are so many things to look after, so many things to spend on, leaving not much time for doing “something extra”. 
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Question.9.Thmb.jpg How to get your B2B enquiries responded
Bikky Khosla | 11 Sep, 2012
In the world of online business to business marketing, it's a frequent question raised both by buyers and sellers -- why their enquiries fail to elicit required responses. When a buyer posts his enquiries and buy leads, only a few sellers contact. Interestingly, the seller's side of the story is quite similar to this -- they complain that after getting initial enquiry from buyers, they see no satisfactory results – the buyer doesn't contact again. There is a gap -- a clear-cut one -- that prevents B2B players from reaching their full potential. 
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Planning.9.Thmb.jpg Planning - where SMEs meet Waterloo
Bikky Khosla | 04 Sep, 2012
As a small entrepreneur, your are a man of action. You always like to be where action is. You are as busy as a bee. You can handle each and every operation of your business yourself without putting much effort. You are a born leader. Whenever in a crisis, you almost always act instinctively. All this sounds great, but why then so many small businesses fail every year? Do they lack these qualities! 
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Questionmark.9.thmb.jpg SME exports: Information gap a big deterrent
Bikky Khosla | 28 Aug, 2012
Want to export but don't know how -- this is one of the common challenges that many of our small businesses have to live with. They are willing to take the plunge into exports, but feel crippled when look to reach out to overseas markets first time. They have no experience, and there is a real dearth of information on how to move on. This barrier may easily be overcome by experience, but for newcomers or non-exporters, this is not less difficult than to move a mountain. 
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Marketing.9.Thmb.jpg Make the best of your small marketing budget
Bikky Khosla | 21 Aug, 2012
Marketing is essential, but If you are like the majority of small entrepreneurs your marketing budget is limited. You need to take every step cautiously, and make sure that resources allocated to marketing are used efficiently. Every rupee matters, and a bad decision on where to spend your marketing money can be fatal for your business. That's why every small business is always in a dire need to optimize its limited budget. 
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Success.Failure..9.Thmb.jpg How failure leads to success
Bikky Khosla | 14 Aug, 2012
Failure is the pillar of success, as the saying goes. There is no dearth of stories about how great people made mistakes to become successful later. 
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Small.Vs.Big.9.Thmb..jpg The blessing of being a small business
Bikky Khosla | 07 Aug, 2012
Starting a small business is not a small challenge. There are few funding sources for getting started, and even if you manage to get the finance 
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Marketing.9.Thmb.jpg Never forget marketing
Bikky Khosla | 31 Jul, 2012
Marketing is the lifeblood of any business -- none knows this better than a small business owner like you. When you started your small enterprise, you did a lot of it. You spared no effort to check the industry, match competition, and find the right pricing. You advertised wherever possible, sent press releases, exhibited at trade shows . . . did everything to set your sales on fire. And finally, your firm got past a lucrative revenue target. 
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Follow.up.9.Thmb.jpg Follow-up a must for SMEs
Bikky Khosla | 24 Jul, 2012
As a small business, you are always eager to get new customers. You spend a lot of time in generating leads, and whenever a potential prospect requests information, you send it promptly. But then you sit back. You do nothing but simply wait for a reply. If things go right and eventually there is an actual purchase, 
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Deadline.9.Thmb.jpg Deadlines will never pass you by again
Bikky Khosla | 17 Jul, 2012
If you're a small business owner, beyond doubt you have so many things to keep track of. When will your rent agreement expire? Is it time renew your shop and establishment agreements? When to renew that factory license? 
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Stop.9.Thmb.jpg Are you scared of copycats?
Bikky Khosla | 10 Jul, 2012
"What if a novel idea strikes your mind, you come with a fresh, new product or service, and then someone else copies your idea and start selling a similar version?" That's one of the questions a student asked me at a recent conference. 
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Entrepreneur.9.Thmb.jpg Never forget growth, keep fuelling your entrepreneurial fire
Bikky Khosla | 03 Jul, 2012
You started your small business with great enthusiasm. There was a big dream, a big idea, a big battle to fight against. And today you're the proud owner of a lucrative cynosure.  
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Rupee.9.Thmb.jpg Never ignore your cash flow
Bikky Khosla | 26 Jun, 2012
Cash is the lifeblood of a business -- poor flow of it can spell doom to an otherwise healthy firm. And interestingly, it can hit both small and big firms. 
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Competition.9.Thmb.jpg Price war: SMEs must act smart
Bikky Khosla | 19 Jun, 2012
A price war can wreck havoc in any industry. For small enterprises the effects can even be more catastrophic, and therefore it should be avoided like the plague. 
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Globe.9.Thmb.jpg FTP: Need to continue positive efforts
Bikky Khosla | 12 Jun, 2012
The Foreign Trade Policy (FTP) supplement has been released, the postmortem is over, and I think even the toughest critics will agree that exports will get a major boost from the range of measures introduced. 
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Rupee.Border.Thmb.jpg Upside of the falling rupee
Bikky Khosla | 05 Jun, 2012
So far, the rupee has refused to recover much -- and we're talking enough of this these days. Over 
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Walk.9.Thmb.jpg Just 'walk around': Give it a try
Bikky Khosla | 29 May, 2012
If you run a small enterprise, it's not easy at all to blanket all the costs, particularly while establishing or expanding your business. You may have to dip into your pockets, run from pillar to post for loans, and still struggle to keep your head above water.  
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Marketing.9.THmb.jpg Marketing for start-ups: Be realistic, stay focused
Bikky Khosla | 22 May, 2012
Marketing is the lifeblood to any business, and it's absolutely vital when an enterprise is just getting started. 
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Push.9.Thmb.jpg Exporters need push, not pull
Bikky Khosla | 15 May, 2012
Fear is worse than reality, and it often turns true in the world of economy as well. Over the past few years, the world economy has been making valiant attempts at recovery, time and again raising concern about future prospects of our exporters, but fortunately most of the times, the sector has come out a winner, undermining grim business sentiments. 
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bse-sme-exchangeTHMB.jpg SME Conclave -- awareness on SME stock exchange
Bikky Khosla | 08 May, 2012
The long wait is over. Now it seems only a matter of time before the equity market opens up a big new world of opportunity to the Indian small and medium enterprise sector. With the country's two leading stock exchanges launching their respective SME exchanges recently, now our small entrepreneurs can explore the world of equity financing; but before taking that first step, I think it would wise for the sector to get prepared, understand where it can take us, and how it will benefit. 
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Marketing.Border.thmb.jpg Go guerrilla, get your small business known
Bikky Khosla | 01 May, 2012
Getting their business and products known is a big challenge for small and medium enterprises. Advertising can be a remedy, but limited funds is again an obstacle that prevents them from spending money like it's going out of style. With funds tight, every rupee matters, and everything has to be done while remaining within a small budget. Here, going guerrilla can be the perfect solution. 
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E-Commerce.9.thmb.jpg SMEs need to unleash the power of e-commerce
Bikky Khosla | 24 Apr, 2012
It has often been said that fortune of a small firm can have a direct effect of e-commerce, which opens up a world of unlimited business opportunities, creating a level playing field for all and eliminating most of the real-world barriers of market entry. However, despite these potential benefits, many small business owners often complain about making little success from this platform. As a result, the distrust feeling appears. 
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Data.Error.9.Thmb.jpg IIP blunder: More than unfortunate
Bikky Khosla | 17 Apr, 2012
Data is the best friend of analysts, but when wrong it fast becomes a foe. Our trade data is no exception. Last week, the Centre revised the industrial production data for January, lowering the growth rate to 1.1% from the previously reported 6.8% after detecting an error that was due to "incorrect reporting" of sugar production data — a development that has taken analysts and economists by surprise. 
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Branding.9.Thmb.jpg Consistency key to successful branding
Bikky Khosla | 10 Apr, 2012
What is your favourite brand of laptop, hair dye, tooth paste, or peanut butter? There are thousands of companies that are producing these categories of product, but when confronted with such a 
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Exports.9.thmb.jpg Exports outlook for FY 2013: A bird's eye view
Bikky Khosla | 03 Apr, 2012
The Commerce Ministry has churned out another round of foreign trade data yesterday, revealing that our exports have continued to drift down. In February, overseas shipments grew 4.3 percent to $24.6 – at the slowest pace in the last three months. These statistics are, however, not shocking as it was widely anticipated that the third and fourth quarters of the last fiscal were to be challenging due to economic slowdown in European economies. 
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social-media-marketingTHMB.jpg Social media can take SME marketing to new heights
Bikky Khosla | 27 Mar, 2012
Recently, industry body FICCI and social networking site Facebook have announced a partnership to provide Indian SMEs a platform to harness the power of the Internet and social media.  
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budget-indiaTHMB.jpeg Budget 2012-13 fails to inspire hope
Bikky Khosla | 20 Mar, 2012
The Budget is over and, to the surprise of none, the criticism continues. There is a lot of analysis, arguments and noise, from which one thing is clearly evident that the Budget has nothing to cheer the industry up.  
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Growth.9.Thmb.jpg Time to return to a growth agenda
Bikky Khosla | 13 Mar, 2012
Industrial output registered 6.8 percent growth in January — at a much higher rate than the expected rate of 2.1 percent for the month 
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Internet banking generic THMB Internet fraud: Avoid becoming a victim
Bikky Khosla | 06 Mar, 2012
The advent of the Internet has transformed the world of business. But with this bliss, comes a curse: internet fraud. While today's businesses are increasingly relying on this revolutionary technology, scams have also found a comfy platform on the Internet, and as a result, the number of online-fraud complaints is rising every day -- across the globe. 
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msme-THMB-2010.jpg MSMEs' skilled worker shortage a big problem
Bikky Khosla | 28 Feb, 2012
Much has been said about the significance of the MSME sector. The government often terms it as the "growth engine" of the Indian economy, and with a number of schemes in place to promote the sector 
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Unity.9.Thmb.jpg Export consortia can transform exporting for SMEs
Bikky Khosla | 21 Feb, 2012
Small is beautiful … but when it comes to exporting, that's hardly true. These days, although Indian small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are increasingly becoming a regular part of the exporter community, still many small players dare not head into global trade. They find themselves lacking in required funds, knowledge and skills, and as a result, prefer to continue competing only in our corner of the world -- at the domestic level.  
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Innovation.9.Thmb.jpg SME innovation: Is it a hard nut to crack
Bikky Khosla | 14 Feb, 2012
With the rate of economic globalization becoming faster and faster every day, our small and medium enterprises have seen an increasing market competition.  
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Marketing.9.Thmb.jpg SME marketing: Avoid a faulty approach
Bikky Khosla | 07 Feb, 2012
Marketing is the toughest challenge in any business, and when it comes to small and medium enterprises (SMEs), this is the area where they usually lack most. Resource constraint is cited time and again as the underlying cause, but I think there is another major challenge to deal with – it is their myopic vision about marketing. 
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Technology.9.Thmb.jpg Technology adoption -- an Achilles' heel for Indian SMEs
Bikky Khosla | 31 Jan, 2012
Technology has become the pulse of modern day business, but when the Indian small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are viewed from this angle, we see little development. For years, lack of technology adoption has remained a thorny issue among them, and as a result, they are lagging far behind their global peers, losing a lot of opportunities that should not have been lost. 
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Industry.9.Thmb.jpg Public procurement: A policy worth waiting for
Bikky Khosla | 24 Jan, 2012
It is widely expected that the Public Procurement Policy that has already been approved by the Union Cabinet would be introduced in the next session of Parliament. And beyond doubt, for the small business community, this first-of-its-kind policy is something worth eagerly waiting for.  
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late-paymentTHMB.jpg Late payment: An old parasitic business practice
Bikky Khosla | 17 Jan, 2012
Late payment has always remained a ball and chain to the Indian SME sector's growth. Most SMEs' cash flow can hardly withstand the burden of late payment but still these firms usually extend credit in the form of delayed payment. 
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Rupee.9.Thmb.jpg Access to finance: A big problem for MSMEs
Bikky Khosla | 10 Jan, 2012
Most current economic data are not comforting. There are downside risks aplenty, but one positive thing has gone for us recently 
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Fake.9.Thmb.jpg Counterfeiting -- a worry for both India and China
Bikky Khosla | 03 Jan, 2012
With this, the thorny problem of Chinese counterfeiting -- worrisome not only for India but also for China itself -- has come to the surface again: this time with a broader significance. 
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2012.9.Thmb.jpg 2012: A tough year ahead, but we will make it
Bikky Khosla | 27 Dec, 2011
We started 2011 on a cautious note when a number of our economic indicators were showing promise, sidestepping the negative effects of what the IMF termed as the Great Recession the impact of which was far less in India than in other parts of the world. While ending the year, the world economy is again under a cloud of uncertainty but I think we will again be able to weather any possible storm. 
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Growth.9.Thmb.jpg Economic worries abound, politics dooming revival efforts
Bikky Khosla | 20 Dec, 2011
At last, the RBI has pressed the pause button on interest rate hikes. In its mid-quarter monetary policy review last week, it kept the key rates unchanged. The better piece of news is that the central bank has also said that from now onwards monetary policy actions are likely to reverse the cycle. 
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Exports.9.Thmb.jpg Inclusive export growth: States need to play greater role
Bikky Khosla | 13 Dec, 2011
The government has set a target to double India's merchandise exports in the next three years from 2011-12 to 2013-14 to USD 500 billion. This target, which requires around 28 percent export growth per year, does not seem unachievable when we look at our export trends in the recent years. 
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Advertising.9.Thmb.jpg Why MSMEs should not avoid online advertising
Bikky Khosla | 06 Dec, 2011
A recent study reveals that less than 6 percent of Indian MSMEs with access to personal computers advertise online. It is shocking why the sector is so much unaware of the benefits of using online advertising, which is, needless to say, cheaper, faster and capable of reaching more target audience as compared to traditional media.  
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Retail.9.Thmb.jpg FDI in retail: Benefits overweigh threats
Bikky Khosla | 29 Nov, 2011
The government yesterday announced that the retail sector foreign investors who want to set up operations in India 
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Rupee.9.Thmb.jpg Fall of the rupee worrisome
Bikky Khosla | 22 Nov, 2011
The rupee fell to 52.15 against the US dollar on Monday. On the surface, the news looks good for exporters and bad for importers.  
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parliament.THMB.jpg A hot winter session ahead
Bikky Khosla | 15 Nov, 2011
The winter session of the Parliament beginning November 22 is likely to be tumultuous affair. There are many major issues up for discussion — Lokpal Bill, Telangana, petrol price hike, black money, 2G scam 
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Inflation.9.Thmb.jpg Inflation worry: a real solution far off
Bikky Khosla | 08 Nov, 2011
Food inflation has continued to rise. In the week to October 22, it rose to a nine-month high of 12.21 percent y-o-y, raising fear of a higher WPI based inflation. 
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Manufacturing.9..Thmb.jpg National Manufacturing Policy – need for a cautious approach
Bikky Khosla | 01 Nov, 2011
The government announced the nation's first-ever manufacturing policy recently -- the news looks good. 
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Exports.9.Thmb.jpg Global woes may derail export growth soon
Bikky Khosla | 25 Oct, 2011
In the last few months, Indian exports have sidestepped the global downs to a significant extent. $23.8 billion in April, $25.9 billion in May, $29.2 billion in June 
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Growth.9.Thmb.jpg What SMEs must not forget – growth
Bikky Khosla | 18 Oct, 2011
Most SMEs start from scratch. And when they start, the last thing they want to focus is failure. But unfortunately, a huge number of them fail within a few years. 
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Rupee.9.Thmb.jpg Export pricing: SMEs must be watchful
Bikky Khosla | 11 Oct, 2011
For a small firm, getting an export order is always exciting, but the temptation to accept it may result in losses. Poor pricing decisions are the most common reason behind it. Pricing is a tough thing, and when it comes to exports, making pricing decisions gets even tougher. 
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Quality.9.Thmb.jpg SMEs must think beyond quality certifications
Bikky Khosla | 04 Oct, 2011
In the last few decades, the business environment has changed tremendously, thanks to emergence of cross-cultural environment, increasing influence of MNCs, and growing technology-oriented operations. With these changes, competition has become intense, and as a result, quality improvement has become one of the keys to business survival and excellence. 
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India.China.9.Thmb.jpg Will India-China economic dialogue help exporters?
Bikky Khosla | 27 Sep, 2011
Will China really open up its market further for Indian exporters? This question has again come to the fore with yesterday's first-ever Strategic Economic Dialogue (SED) between the two nations. During the India-China Joint Group on Economic Relations last year, China had said that it would give India access to some sectors such as pharmaceuticals and IT, but the promise is hardly kept, at least till now. It is expected that that the new round of talks would spark fresh interest for businesses from both the sides. 
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Integration.9.Thmb.jpg IT integration - a smart tool for SMEs
Bikky Khosla | 20 Sep, 2011
In present day business world, it's hard to imagine life without information technology. The stunning speed of developments in the IT sector in the past few decades has changed the world of commerce so much that we can hardly think now how we managed our businesses just 20 years ago. 
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Exports.9.Thmb.jpg Exports growth - real or Anna Hazare effect?
Bikky Khosla | 13 Sep, 2011
Exports continue to surprise everyone. After jumping by a whopping 81.8 percent y-o-y to US $29.3 billion in July, overseas shipments grew again at a robust pace of 44.2 percent y-o-y in August, reaching US $24.3 billion. During the April-August period, exports have reached a level of US $134.5 billion, registering a growth rate of 54.2 percent y-o-y. 
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Cargo.9.Thmb.jpg SMEs need to upgrade logistics approaches
Bikky Khosla | 06 Sep, 2011
Logistics is one among many areas where most small and medium enterprises (SMEs) lack a systematic approach.  
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Financial.Planning.9.Thmb.jpg Financial planning - a must for SMEs
Bikky Khosla | 30 Aug, 2011
Recently a RBI Deputy Governor has cautioned the banks that they should be careful while granting loans to small and medium enterprises.  
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MAgnifying.9.Thmb.jpg Self-screening crucial while selecting export markets
Bikky Khosla | 23 Aug, 2011
Every time a firm wants to enter a new market, it faces market selection and segmentation issues. For an exporter, it becomes more difficult as he has to cover in-depth the cumbersome process of political, cultural and economic analysis – all of which are essential for answering the question of which market to enter. 
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Information.9.Thmb.jpg Marketing Information System - a potent tool to boost SME marketing
Bikky Khosla | 16 Aug, 2011
The micro, small and medium enterprises are the backbone of the nation's economy. With an astonishing 26 million MSMEs in India, employing about 60 million people, this sector plays a crucial role in manufacturing and exports. But sadly, a number of these firms close their doors every year. Research reveals that one of the major reasons for this failure is poor marketing techniques of MSMEs. 
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US Rating.9.Thmb.jpg US downgrade - another blow to Indian economy
Bikky Khosla | 09 Aug, 2011
When the US sneezes the rest of the world catches a cold — the recent shock-wave across the global financial markets triggered after the rating agency Standard & Poor's had downgraded the United States government's credit rating from AAA to AA+ reminds us again of the saying. 
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Target.Marketing.Thmb.jpg Time to back to basics for SMEs
Bikky Khosla | 02 Aug, 2011
There is a lot of talk about inflation and interest rates these days. Businesses have been reeling under rising costs for quite sometime now, and worse than that, economic indicators are signalling tougher times ahead, of which corporate profit will certainly be the punching bag again. 
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MArketing.9.Thmb.jpg Marketing strategy for SMEs
Bikky Khosla | 26 Jul, 2011
SMEs today need to think beyond conventional marketing practices of large companies and search for alternative marketing approaches such as personal contact networks, social networks, e-commerce tools, B2B portals, business networks and industry and marketing networks. 
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Social.Media.9.Thmb.jpg Are you social media-ready yet?
Bikky Khosla | 19 Jul, 2011
Without doubt there is no escape for SMEs from social media to promote their products and to connect with new customers.  
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Sad Executive generic Despite export growth, exporters face uncertain times
Bikky Khosla | 12 Jul, 2011
Despite robust growth of a whopping 46.6 percent in the country's exports in the month of June, a recent survey has indicated that this strong growth performance is not likely to be sustained in the months to come.  
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Shopping.9.Thmb.jpg Getting through to the right buyer
Bikky Khosla | 05 Jul, 2011
In the last few weeks, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) have heard more bad news than good. Rocketing inflation, cash flow pressures, petrol price hike, and increasing shipping rates have all brought businesses into a very difficult situation. 
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industry-smeTHMB.jpg Fuel price hike, high interest rate add to SMEs' woes
Bikky Khosla | 28 Jun, 2011
The recent hike in rates of diesel and kerosene will again add to the woes of the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) as this will result in high input costs. 
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sme-innovationTH.jpg MSMEs need to try innovative marketing strategies
Bikky Khosla | 21 Jun, 2011
Traditional MSMEs usually rely on word of mouth to grow their customer base, but the market realities and rules of engaging a customer today have changed. 
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msme-THMB-2010.jpg MSME policy for 12th Five-Year Plan needs to look at broader issues
Bikky Khosla | 14 Jun, 2011
There is no doubt that the MSME policy for the 12th Five-Year Plan (2012-17) period needs to look at broader issues rather than staying myopic and concentrating on issues like cluster development, micro-finance, and venture capital. 
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Phishing THMB Beware of phishing, protect your identity!
Bikky Khosla | 07 Jun, 2011
We keep hearing about email accounts being hacked, but we hardly pay heed to or try to find out how one can protect oneself from identity hacking, also known as ‘phishing’. 
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Business Plan Generic Market research - takes one's business to the next level!
Bikky Khosla | 31 May, 2011
With incentives for exporters slowly being withdrawn, it is perhaps time for businesses to work out new strategies to succeed in a highly competitive global scenario. 
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depbThmb.jpg DEPB withdrawal will impact exporters
Bikky Khosla | 24 May, 2011
Even as the issue of ending the Duty Entitlement Pass Book (DEPB) scheme after June 30 gathers heat, the Finance Ministry seems adamant about its move to do away with it.  
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industry-smeTHMB.jpg SMEs need to adopt new technologies
Bikky Khosla | 17 May, 2011
When I look at the current scenario, SMEs in India are still lurking in the technological backwaters compared to advances made in the field of science and technology. They suffer from problems of operational know-how and technological obsolescence.  
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Branding.9.Thmb.jpg SMEs need to understand benefits of branding
Bikky Khosla | 10 May, 2011
Despite the fact that branding is absolutely imperative for SMEs, they still seem to be unaware of the advantages that corporate branding has to offer.  
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Dropshipping.9.Thmb.jpg Drop Shipping can help SMEs tremendously
Bikky Khosla | 03 May, 2011
Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are faced with many challenges. First and foremost amongst them is stocking products for which one needs to rent a store or warehouse space.  
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Exports.9.Thmb.jpg Business strategy must for first-time exporters
Bikky Khosla | 26 Apr, 2011
There is no doubt that in today's increasingly globalised world, exporting is crucial for the growth of a business and its competitiveness. 
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Handshake.9.Thmb.jpg Cos need to turn one-time customers into regular buyers
Bikky Khosla | 19 Apr, 2011
Whatever one's business maybe, getting new clients or buyers is the foremost goal for all. Without doubt the most important goal for every company should be to find customers that one can turn into regular buyers. Having said that, the question that comes to everybody's mind is: 'How am I supposed to begin getting new buyers?' The answer to this question, though not simple, has to be answered first before you start working on your new marketing campaign. 
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Email generic THMB Email marketing - get noticed instantly
Bikky Khosla | 12 Apr, 2011
Without doubt email marketing is fast becoming a popular form of Internet advertising. Owing to the various unique advantages it has to offer over other types of marketing, companies are today betting their money on email marketing. The foremost advantage I see is the ability to reach a worldwide audience with minimal effort. 
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Exports.9.thmb.jpg Exports figures show higher demand abroad for Indian goods
Bikky Khosla | 05 Apr, 2011
As the country's exports grew by nearly 50 percent in February it's no secret that the rising demand from new markets including Asia, Latin America and Africa has helped in achieving this impressive growth. 
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Supply Chain generic THMB Supply chain management - imperative for SMEs
Bikky Khosla | 29 Mar, 2011
In today's world of global competition success of a business is not always measured by its products or by the size of the market share of the company. It is, instead, measured by the ability to harness its supply in delivering responsively to customers as and when they demand it. In short, the success of any business lies in its ability to manage its supply chain effectively. I strongly believe that firms that can streamline their supply chain and churn out finished products faster will undoubtedly benefit the most. 
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Exports.9.thmb.jpg Where should I export - the answer is here!
Bikky Khosla | 22 Mar, 2011
It's a question I'm usually asked by exporters whenever I meet them: 'Where should I export?' Unable to get a suitable answer, most exporters are left to export to countries that all others do - the traditional markets of US and Europe which are still to recover fully.  
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Latin.America.9.Thmb.jpg Exporters must concentrate on markets of Latin America
Bikky Khosla | 15 Mar, 2011
It's not surprising that India's exports to the Latin America region have increased manifolds in the last couple of years. 
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Trade.Fair.9.Thmb.jpg Trade fairs - are you still missing out?
Bikky Khosla | 08 Mar, 2011
It's an undeniable fact that participating in a trade fair is one of the most effective ways of penetrating potential markets. Personally, I feel that trade fairs are the communication tool of choice as they allow an organisation to interact with customers face-to-face and collect live market feedback. 
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budget-indiaTHMB.jpeg Budget 2011-12 – nothing much for SMEs
Bikky Khosla | 01 Mar, 2011
Much was expected by SMEs from this year from the Union Budget 2011-12, but it was a let down, to say the least.  
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budget-indiaTHMB.jpeg Budget should answer issues of SMEs
Bikky Khosla | 22 Feb, 2011
With the Union Budget scheduled to be announced on February 28, the Finance Minister, Mr. Pranab Mukherjee will have to take into account the suggestions given by the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). 
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Credit.Rating.9.Thmb.jpg Credit rating can help SMEs in more ways than one
Bikky Khosla | 15 Feb, 2011
While Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are always irked by the fact that banks and financial institutions are not forthcoming in giving loans to them, I feel SMEs too should 
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Training.9.Thmb.jpg Opportunity to upgrade key skills via online training programs
Bikky Khosla | 08 Feb, 2011
Notwithstanding the fact that SMEs play an important role in the country's economic development, they are still unable to upgrade their entrepreneurial skills due to lack of relevant training programs to impart knowledge and skills. 
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Rupee.9.Thmb.jpg Trade insurance - earn your peace of mind
Bikky Khosla | 01 Feb, 2011
We can't deny the fact that export-import business is laden with various unforeseen uncertainties. There have been many cases wherein exporters 
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expose-corruptionTHMB.jpg Corrupt babus make life miserable for SMEs
Bikky Khosla | 25 Jan, 2011
Taking cue from the tremendous response we received from our members on whether rampant corruption has dented the country's global image, we tried to find out whether small and medium enterprises (SMEs) were affected by corruption or not. Startling facts have come to light with most SMEs admitting that at one point or another, they have encountered a corrupt babu asking for bribes to get things done.  
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Corruption.9.Thmb.jpg Rampant corruption - is it hurting India's brand image?
Bikky Khosla | 18 Jan, 2011
Year 2010 will probably go into the annals of history as the Year of Corruption. Today, the world recognizes corruption in India as a billion dollar industry.  
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Exports.9.thmb.jpg Exporters need to look beyond traditional markets
Bikky Khosla | 11 Jan, 2011
The recent export figures came as a relief for all concerned as exports from the country showed a remarkable annual growth of 36.4 percent.  
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Internet banking generic THMB This year give an Indian touch to your business
Bikky Khosla | 04 Jan, 2011
The new year brings with it new opportunities for all businesses; it brings with it ideas to turn a new leaf and start things anew.  
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2011welcomeTHMB.jpg Year 2011 - preparing for the year ahead!
Bikky Khosla | 28 Dec, 2010
The year-end now calls for retrospect and review of what we did and what we could have done better. 
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LoC.9.Thmb.jpg Letter of Credit - a safe and secure payment mode?
Bikky Khosla | 21 Dec, 2010
Any exporter will perhaps tell you that the most important aspect in the export-import business is finding a payment mode which 
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SME.Thmb.jpg ERP integration can help SMEs expand business reach
Bikky Khosla | 14 Dec, 2010
While Indian SMEs usually overlook the benefits of ERP citing ERP software being beyond their budgets as the reason, it is beyond doubt that ERP implementation can improve a company's performance manifold. 
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time-to-changeTHMB.jpg Government support - are SMEs a neglected lot?
Bikky Khosla | 07 Dec, 2010
It's not surprising that more than half of Indian SMEs feel that they are overlooked by the government when it comes to supporting them. The recent survey by Regus revealed that 56 percent of SMEs ‘feel that the government is antagonistic towards their interest' despite the fact that the sector accounts for almost 45 percent of the country's industrial output. 
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Exports.9.thmb.jpg Panel to promote exports - move in the right direction
Bikky Khosla | 30 Nov, 2010
Even as the government set up a working group of top bankers and industrialists to advise it on raising India's export competitiveness and doubling overseas shipments, transaction costs, which account for up to eight percent of the export bill, needs to be reduced to at least half. 
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Trade.Fair.9.Thmb.jpg Make trade fairs a part of your marketing strategy
Bikky Khosla | 23 Nov, 2010
As the ongoing IITF gains momentum going into its 10th day today, it reconfirms the fact that participating in a trade fair is one of the most effective ways of penetrating an export market.  
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Arrow down industry economy Is India's industrial growth losing steam?
Bikky Khosla | 16 Nov, 2010
While exports during October registered a growth of 21.3 percent at $18 billion, my main concern is the country's import growth which has plummeted to 6.8 percent and industrial growth which appears to be losing steam falling to 4.4 percent compared to 8.2 percent a year ago. 
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Obama.Manmohan.9.Thmb.jpg Obama's sojourn to India – strengthening ties!
Bikky Khosla | 09 Nov, 2010
During his visit to the country, US President Barack Obama gave a clear indication that he was willing to further business relations between the two countries – good news for Indian Inc. after his outsourcing rhetoric back home.  
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RBI.Thmb.jpg No relief for exporters as RBI hikes key rates
Bikky Khosla | 02 Nov, 2010
The mid-year review of RBI's credit policy saw a hike of 25 basis points in the repo and reverse repo rates, respectively while the cash reserve ratio (CRR) was left untouched at 6 percent. 
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Industry.9.Thmb.jpg Nothing seems right for exporters, MSMEs
Bikky Khosla | 26 Oct, 2010
Wary of a volatile rupee and awaiting a rise in demand in key markets during the Christmas season, exporters, especially those from the MSME sector, are now urging the RBI to ensure that 50 percent of the total export credit is earmarked to the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME) sector. 
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Sad Executive generic THMB Slipping business confidence - all's not well with India Inc.
Bikky Khosla | 19 Oct, 2010
It's sad to see the confidence of the Indian industry slipping recently with businessmen expressing concern over high interest rates, inflationary conditions, unavailability of labour, low consumer demand and rising cost of production. 
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Rupee_DollarTHMB.jpg Re appreciation giving exporters nightmares
Bikky Khosla | 12 Oct, 2010
With the continuing rupee appreciation eroding the competitiveness of exporters in the global market, the RBI has rightly cautioned that it will intervene if foreign inflows are 'lumpy and volatile'.  
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Exports.9.Thmb.jpg Exports - Can we surpass the $200 billion target?
Bikky Khosla | 05 Oct, 2010
It seems we will now be able to achieve the $200 billion export target this fiscal as exports grew by 22.5 percent in August to $16.64 billion year-on-year. 
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Exports.9.thmb.jpg Ailing export sector awaits right govt. prescription
Bikky Khosla | 28 Sep, 2010
A new trend has emerged wherein the share of bank credit to export sector has shrunk considerably. 
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Up.Down.Arrow.9.Thmb.jpg Only progressive SMEs will survive - are you one of them?
Bikky Khosla | 21 Sep, 2010
The current bull run in India's equity markets gives an early indication that the confidence of investors is back after a couple of years of lull.  
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MArketing.9.Thmb.jpg Marketing strategy - let's not repeat the same mistakes
Bikky Khosla | 14 Sep, 2010
The biggest mistake I have seen being committed by small and medium enterprises (SMEs) is that despite trying hard and spending lots of money, they are unable to convey the message to the buyer. So, if the marketing strategy is complicated for buyers to understand your products, they don't feel compelled to act, or simply, to buy. 
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Credit.Rating.9.Thmb.jpg Credit rating for SMEs - why not?
Bikky Khosla | 31 Aug, 2010
With the government exploring ways to facilitate easier credit to small and medium enterprises (SMEs), I feel SMEs too should make some effort so that they are able to get loans easily without running from pillar to post. And one such initiative which they can take up is getting themselves rated. 
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Anand.FTP.9.Thmb.jpg FTP review - positive step towards growth
Bikky Khosla | 25 Aug, 2010
Monday saw the government rightly extending sops worth Rs 1,050 crore for exporters in the review of the Foreign Trade Policy (FTP) 2009-2014 to help them ward off the difficulties faced due to a fragile global economy. 
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gst-thmb.jpg Goods and service tax (GST) - more positives
Bikky Khosla | 17 Aug, 2010
The much debated issue of GST has seen political parties taking two different sides. 
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FTP THMB Don't expect too much from the FTP
Bikky Khosla | 10 Aug, 2010
Although exporters are not expecting much from the forthcoming annual review of the Foreign Trade Policy (FTP) (2009-14), in light of early signs of recovery in the sector, I feel the government could take some steps on the non-financial part. 
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India-export2010THMB.jpg Exports figures - still no reason to celebrate
Bikky Khosla | 03 Aug, 2010
The newly released export figures have shown a growth of 30.4 percent at $17.75 billion in June compared to $13.60 billion in the same month last financial year. And while some sectors showed signs of an early revival, a few labour-intensive sectors still continue to reel under severe crisis. 
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RBI.Thmb.jpg RBI key rate hike more than expected
Bikky Khosla | 27 Jul, 2010
It was no surprise that the RBI raised interest rates more aggressively owing to the fact that runaway inflation was above 10 percent for the past five months. 
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Exports.9.thmb.jpg No end to exporters' woes
Bikky Khosla | 20 Jul, 2010
Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee too has now acknowledged that there was still an uncertainty in the global markets and the impact of Eurozone crisis on Indian economy may be seen if the situation in the continent persists and is not restricted to only a few countries such as Greece and Hungary. 
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Industry.9.4.Thmb.jpg Industry still not out of the woods
Bikky Khosla | 13 Jul, 2010
Even as bankers have said that there's a 20 percent credit growth in the current fiscal, industry stalwarts are saying that the manufacturing sector is likely to witness a further slump from June onwards. With all eyes on the Reserve Bank which would come out with the monetary review on July 27, there are all-round expectations that it would tighten policy rates to check double digit inflation. 
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Internet generic THMB B2B portals can help SMEs prosper
Bikky Khosla | 06 Jul, 2010
Without doubt, B2B portals today offer many opportunities for SMEs to grow and prosper. 
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msme-THMB-2010.jpg MSMEs - still languishing in the backwaters
Bikky Khosla | 29 Jun, 2010
While we are all discussing the external factors that have added to the woes of the MSME sector, we  
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Exports.9.Thmb.jpg Hapless exporters see darker days ahead
Bikky Khosla | 22 Jun, 2010
A fluctuating exchange rate, the debt crisis in Eurozone, rising input costs, and a possible interest rate hike by the Reserve Bank of India in its forthcoming review has once again put the exports sector under severe strain. 
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Industry THMB Declaring place of manufacturing will hit cos hard
Bikky Khosla | 15 Jun, 2010
The recent government notification making it mandatory for companies to declare the place of manufacturing of their product with immediate effect has taken the industry by surprise. 
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globe-hand-thmb.jpg Asia's emerging markets - are you there?
Bikky Khosla | 08 Jun, 2010
The recent World Bank report on India's economy indicated that while India may grow at a rate of 9 percent, the export sector may not be doing well though. 
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hand-business-THMB.jpg Exercise restraint before signing the deal
Bikky Khosla | 01 Jun, 2010
Did you get an offer from a buyer that is too good to believe? Well then, you must be a victim of one of the many scams in the world today and being a businessman this is the last thing you would ever want to happen. 
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Solution.9.Thmb.jpg Give what your customers want
Bikky Khosla | 25 May, 2010
With today's cut-throat scenario where competitors are fighting tooth and nail for space in the market, trying to compete just on price can be a quick road to ruining one's business. Contrary to the common perception, customers will not always decide on a product because 
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EU.9.Thmb.jpg Eurozone crisis - exports likely to see a slump
Bikky Khosla | 18 May, 2010
With the euro trading near 4-year lows recently amid warnings from European leaders that their $1 trillion loan backstop for troubled governments would not be enough to defuse the continent's crisis, it may spell trouble for Indian exporters to Europe. 
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Rupee.9.Thmb.jpg Credit availability for SMEs still a far cry
Bikky Khosla | 11 May, 2010
Nothing seems to have changed and once again it's the same old story. Business confidence of the country's industry though has improved further compared to the past six months, credit availability still remains a major concern. 
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Globe generic THMB Go global, export and rake in more moolah
Bikky Khosla | 04 May, 2010
In today's context, it's very important for every company to cover risks as one profits from export business. 
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 Old versus new THMB Let go of the old...try new strategies
Bikky Khosla | 27 Apr, 2010
In business it's very important to let go of old strategies and try new things to beat competition in the market. 
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Exports.9.thmb.jpg Exporters should look east to maximise gains
Bikky Khosla | 20 Apr, 2010
There seems no end to the woes of exporters to Europe. Months of slowdown, then when the situation started to look up, the rupee appreciated eating into the profits of the exporters. While the exporters were still in the midst of re-evaluating their strategies, exports to key European markets have now been affected by flight disruptions over the past few days as planes remain grounded following a volcanic eruption in Iceland. 
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E-Commerce.9.thmb.jpg B2B portals can provide promising benefits to exporters
Bikky Khosla | 13 Apr, 2010
Despite slowdown, India's growth rate has been sustainable and the overall impact on the economy has been positive. Having said that, if the same performance is reviewed on a global scale, the scenario may start looking different with the country's share in the global export market continuing to be minimal. Ironically whereas India dominates the proceeding in Information Technology (IT), its imbalance in growth owes to disproportionate usage of IT services by its important industrial sector — the SME sector, particularly those into exports. 
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Handshake.9.Thmb.jpg Did you know you can profit from ERP?
Bikky Khosla | 06 Apr, 2010
While SMEs are slowly waking up to the fact that adoption of IT tools in their operations can make them more competitive, the penetration of IT in SMEs is much below its potential. In many cases it is seen that buyers are required to automate order entries and their status and companies that are unable to provide this information have a significant disadvantage.  
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Rupee_DollarTHMB.jpg Govt. should intervene to save exporters from losses
Bikky Khosla | 30 Mar, 2010
Once again a volatile rupee threatens to take a toll on exporters. On Monday, India's currency touched a near 19-month high against the dollar at Rs 45.04 per dollar, recording a 13.4 percent rise over Rs 52.06 to a dollar in March 2009. Against the euro the rupee has appreciated 13.4 percent since November 2009. This appreciation is not good for the health of domestic industry as our competitiveness in global terms also takes a hit.  
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leadership generic THMB Beat competition, stay ahead
Bikky Khosla | 23 Mar, 2010
I have observed that most Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) waste their time thinking about what they did last week, month or year when they should instead be thinking about what they need to do tomorrow.  
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Branding generic THMB Branding - success mantra for every business
Bikky Khosla | 16 Mar, 2010
Branding today is the success mantra for every business, and particularly for SMEs. There is no doubt whatsoever that an effective brand name, combined with a well known corporate image, usually allows a company to charge more for its products and thus increase its profit margins. No one can deny the fact that a brand value reflects how a product's name, or company name, is perceived by the marketplace.  
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hand-call-meet-THMB.jpg Now get suppliers' information on the go!
Bikky Khosla | 09 Mar, 2010
Have you ever wondered if you could dial a number and get the details of your suppliers via SMS or email? Telecom has made considerable inroads in India and has changed the face of how business is done. Today all it takes is to dial a number to find your suppliers/ sellers. 
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budget-indiaTHMB.jpeg Budget 2010 - taking the middle path!
Bikky Khosla | 02 Mar, 2010
A lot has been said and discussed about Budget 2010-11, announced by Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee on Friday. Considering the current economic situation of the country, the finance minister had a tough job in hand which he has, of course, performed quite admirably. 
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Pricing Strategy THMB Pricing strategy - can't do without one!
Bikky Khosla | 23 Feb, 2010
Without doubt pricing strategy for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) determines the fate of their businesses. 
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Pranab.9..Thmb.jpg Budget 2010 - need for measures to spur growth
Bikky Khosla | 16 Feb, 2010
A couple of days from now, on February 26, the Budget is slated to be announced by our Finance Minister, wherein he will have to come up with announcements that can spur growth as the economy slowly shows signs of looking up after a couple of years of slump.  
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Internet banking generic THMB Survival tactics that SMEs need to resort to
Bikky Khosla | 09 Feb, 2010
While we are looking at brighter growth prospects of the economy, we need to understand the potential of SMEs. 
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Exports.9.Thmb.jpg Indian economy showing signs of growth
Bikky Khosla | 02 Feb, 2010
December recorded a positive growth for the second month in a row as exports grew 9.3 percent, an indication that the country's trade was coming out of the economic blues. 
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social-media-marketingTHMB.jpg Get social, use social media to attract more people
Bikky Khosla | 27 Jan, 2010
Networking has become an essential aspect for MSMEs to thrive in today's competitive market. And to accomplish this, entrepreneurs should take advantage of the popularity of social media tools as they provide a great opportunity to link up with other people in the same industry and to reach new customers, regardless of geographical locations.  
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Internet banking generic THMB B2B portals - worth the time and money put on them
Bikky Khosla | 19 Jan, 2010
Today SMEs suffer from want of sales. Even by incurring huge marketing expenses they are unable to get the best results. Several SMEs I have met tell me that in want of sales they had in many occasions burnt their fingers by allowing lot of credit sales. It is indeed frustrating to see that while there is dearth of sales for SMEs, big companies are selling their products of same quality on cash-and-carry basis. 
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Exports.9.thmb.jpg Despite positive export growth situation still remains grim
Bikky Khosla | 12 Jan, 2010
Exports for the second straight month showed considerable growth after a 13-month decline. In December exports grew 16 per cent year on year to $ 14.6 billion. However I feel the problems of our exporters are far from being over. 
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Industry.9.4.Thmb.jpg The time's here to make year 2010 count!
Bikky Khosla | 05 Jan, 2010
In the last couple of years, businesses, particularly SMEs, saw increased scrutiny in cost-cutting initiatives 
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Industry.9.Thmb.jpg Year 2009 - revival of new hopes
Bikky Khosla | 29 Dec, 2009
Without doubt year 2009 signaled hope of a pick up in 2010 for the Indian industry after a year of hopelessness owing to global economic recession. Whatever cynics may say, I feel 2009 was a good year when we compare the course of events of 2008, when things really slowed down.  
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Industry THMB Skill deficit hampering production of India industry
Bikky Khosla | 22 Dec, 2009
The issue which needs to be addressed on a war-footing is the skill deficit that the country is facing at the moment. 
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Exports.9.Thmb.jpg Sad side of India's export story - losing out to neighbours
Bikky Khosla | 15 Dec, 2009
We are losing our market share to our neighbouring nations; that is the first and foremost thing that struck me when I saw the dwindling apparel exports figures the other day. 
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Exports.9.thmb.jpg Export business - size of the company hardly matters
Bikky Khosla | 08 Dec, 2009
Usually there is a general perception that only large companies can export. Owing to this perception, small companies usually ask themselves a question: Am I too small to export? In addition, we always associate huge capital outlay when it comes to exporting or trading internationally. I have seen several small businesses shying away from exporting their products because they thought they were too small to do so. 
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India.Thmb.jpg 7.9 pc GDP growth - is slowdown history now?
Bikky Khosla | 01 Dec, 2009
The recently announced second quarter's GDP figure of 7.9 percent goes to show the resilience of the country's economy which can absorb global shocks and also keep its growth rate going.  
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Cotton.9.Thmb.jpg Ban on cotton exports - justified?
Bikky Khosla | 24 Nov, 2009
The ongoing tussle between the government and the textile industry over the later's demand on an immediate ban on cotton exports  
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www.9.Thmb.jpg Making the web safer for business - the Tradeindia way
Bikky Khosla | 17 Nov, 2009
No one can deny the fact that there are risks involved when dealing online with people 
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Sebi.9.Thmb.jpg SEBI gives reasons for SMEs to cheer
Bikky Khosla | 10 Nov, 2009
Two developments will probably dominate the rest of the week - one, SEBI's 
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Exports.9.Thmb.jpg Another stimulus package for exporters?
Bikky Khosla | 03 Nov, 2009
Although several industry sectors are showing signs of revival, Commerce and Industry Minister, Anand Sharma's statement that the government may offer more incentives for exporters came as good news - no doubt about that.  
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MArketing.9.Thmb.jpg Time to prepare your own marketing strategy
Bikky Khosla | 27 Oct, 2009
It is usually seen that we try to do what others are profiting from. Particularly small  
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Rupee_DollarTHMB.jpg Volatile rupee, Chinese support not helping exporters
Bikky Khosla | 20 Oct, 2009
The problems for exporters seem to be never-ending. As the global markets were showing some signs, whatsoever, of improvement, the current appreciation and volatility of the rupee against the US dollar, owing to robust capital inflows into the stock markets, has risen its ugly head and small exporters are likely to be hit most if this trend persists for long. 
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industry-growth-graph Industrial growth - a harbinger of India's economic recovery
Bikky Khosla | 13 Oct, 2009
A couple of days before Diwali, the festival of lights, the economy lit up brightly with industrial production growing by 10.4 percent, the highest in the past 22 months. 
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run-business-smart-genericTHMB.jpg Acting smart and raking in the moolah even during recession
Bikky Khosla | 06 Oct, 2009
Market dynamics have changed considerably in the last few months. Although many SMEs went out of business owing to poor demand, several others have made huge profits. This disparity perhaps calls for a thorough look at the business module of one's business. 
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Pittsburgh.G20.9.Thmb.jpg G-20 Summit - India comes through a winner
Bikky Khosla | 29 Sep, 2009
The recently concluded G-20 Summit had at least two positives, if not more. Firstly, the virtual burial of the G8 grouping of rich nations and secondly, now the developed countries will look at the developing nations in a new light. And India, under the leadership of our Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh, perhaps emerged as an economy to reckon with.  
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Business Plan Growth generic THMB Current economic situation calls for intelligent planning
Bikky Khosla | 22 Sep, 2009
Considering the current fiscal situation of the government, I think no more sops will be made available to the industry in general and the export sector in particular. 
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Industry4.Thmb.jpg SME task force - moving in the right direction
Bikky Khosla | 15 Sep, 2009
After decades of neglect and struggle, it could now be the light at the end of the tunnel for micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs). In what could be a major paradigm shift in considering issues pertaining to MSMEs, the Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh has constituted an 11-member high-level task force for the sector which will be headed by T. K. A. Nair, Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister.  
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Doha.Thmb.jpg WTO trade talks — breaking the logjam
Bikky Khosla | 08 Sep, 2009
Just as I was wondering how long these WTO talks, which seek to further open up global markets in goods & services, would continue, came a breakthrough of sorts in the negotiating nations' meet held recently in New Delhi. Much has been invested in these negotiations and any breakthrough is always welcome. 
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FTP THMB Foreign Trade Policy - aiming at continuity, stability
Bikky Khosla | 01 Sep, 2009
The recently announced foreign trade policy (FTP) in the current difficult times was indeed a tough task, but our Commerce Minister, Mr Anand Sharma, has done a fairly good job. Two facts in the blueprint of the 2009-14 Foreign Trade Policy that came as good news was the realistic target of $ 200 billion in the next two years and the focus on 26 new markets. 
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industry3.Thmb.jpg SMEs need to make adjustments to stay healthy
Bikky Khosla | 25 Aug, 2009
Today Small and Medium Enterprises represent one of the fastest growing industrial sectors in the country. 
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Exports.9.thmb.jpg Signs of recovery in exports, but are we comfortable yet?
Bikky Khosla | 18 Aug, 2009
Even as the government would have us believe that the export sector is showing signs of recovery, a survey by an industry body has revealed that 'a complete recovery for India's crisis-stricken exports sector would happen only by the year-end.' 
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india-koreaTHMB.jpg FTA with Korea - a landmark achievement
Bikky Khosla | 11 Aug, 2009
The recent signing of the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between India and Korea is indeed a landmark achievement which can improve bilateral agreements in areas including but not limited to automobile, components, heavy engineering, electronics and electrical appliances. 
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Exports.9.thmb.jpg With exports growth in negative all eyes now on FTP
Bikky Khosla | 04 Aug, 2009
There was no letting up as the country's merchandise exports fell for the ninth straight month in June and were valued at $12.82 billion, down 27.7 percent. Exports for the first quarter of this fiscal were down 31.3 percent at $35.43 billion, against $51.55 billion in the corresponding quarter of last fiscal. 
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Industry4.Thmb.jpg Opportunities galore for MSMEs in ASEAN, African markets
Bikky Khosla | 28 Jul, 2009
MSMEs need to look beyond the US, UK and European markets and focus on the Asian and African markets. 
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India.Globe.9.Thmb.jpg Taking the economy to the path of growth
Bikky Khosla | 21 Jul, 2009
Although the economy has shown signs of recovery, several factors that threaten to restrain the growth of Indian manufacturing sector still persist. Amongst the several detrimental factors two - high interest cost and fall in exports - have turned out to be hurdles in India's growth story. 
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infradevTHUMB.jpg Cabinet Committee on infrastructure - one too many?
Bikky Khosla | 14 Jul, 2009
The Budget has been announced and the postmortem is over. We gained some, we lost too. But now we need to carry on. The government too needs to do its bit. I think attaching topmost priority to the infrastructure sector and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's constituting a high-level Cabinet Committee on infrastructure is a good move. 
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Pranab.9.Thmb.jpg Union Budget 2009-10 - meeting expectations?
Bikky Khosla | 07 Jul, 2009
This year the Finance Minister had to consider several factors and act accordingly in the Union Budget. 
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Industry4.Thmb.jpg Will Budget 2009 bring relief to MSMEs?
Bikky Khosla | 30 Jun, 2009
After an eventful month, the newly elected UPA government will come out with the Union Budget on July 6. 
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Internet banking generic THMB Adopting cost-effecting tools can help SMEs succeed
Bikky Khosla | 23 Jun, 2009
When the economy is down and out, one is in a dilemma whether to increase one's marketing efforts, or to save money. 
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made-in-chinaTHMB Made in China, sold in India - time to protect our SMEs
Bikky Khosla | 16 Jun, 2009
A new hurdle before Indian SMEs has now come to the fore - cheap imports from China. 
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CSR generic THMB Time for companies to view things more positively
Bikky Khosla | 09 Jun, 2009
The gloom is slowly lifting and there are signs of recovery in certain industry sectors.  
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India Flag Amblem THMB As exports dip relief must come from the budget
Bikky Khosla | 02 Jun, 2009
Hectic parlays for this year's budget have begun and industry sectors have started giving their valuable recommendations. Considering the current economic situation, I really hope the budget will find some place for the SME sector in general and the SME exporters in particular. 
  Read more....
Pranab.9.thmb.jpg For Pranab Mukherjee the hot seat just got hotter!
Bikky Khosla | 26 May, 2009
The hottest chair in North Block is taken and all are letting out a sigh of relief that it is now occupied by none other than Mr. Pranab Mukerejee, the man who had sowed the seeds of India's economic reforms decades back. And perhaps no other man could have fitted the portfolio of the Finance Minister better. 
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manmohanTHMB.jpg Great expectations - but will the new govt. deliver?
Bikky Khosla | 19 May, 2009
The mammoth Indian elections are over and the people have decided on a stable and progressive government.  
  Read more....
Industry THMB Upgrading technology must for SMEs' survival
Bikky Khosla | 12 May, 2009
Despite the latest study by ASSOCHAM that SMEs' share in GDP will be 22 percent in 3 years, there's no doubt that they (SMEs) are still languishing in the backwaters of development - thanks to our nonchalant authorities. 
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Rupee.Thmb.jpg Right pricing can help companies tide over recession
Bikky Khosla | 05 May, 2009
We need to find answers to why some of our competing nations are doing well in exports, while we are registering negative growth. 
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Rupee.9.Thmb.jpg Change in sentiments will bring SMEs back to path of growth
Bikky Khosla | 28 Apr, 2009
Since last year we have seen demand for products dwindling rapidly as our key markets slipped into recession. 
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Success generic THMB Marketing during recession - are you smart enough?
Bikky Khosla | 21 Apr, 2009
SMEs are finding difficulties in marketing during recession with demand for products at an all-time low. 
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Eelection symbol THMB General elections 2009 - will our politicians keep their promises?
Bikky Khosla | 14 Apr, 2009
Major political parties in their manifestos have come up with sops - some logical...  
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nigotiation-generic-THMB Negotiating effectively is the key to success in business
Bikky Khosla | 07 Apr, 2009
Despite the need for effective negotiations, SMEs in most cases falter in this department.  
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Online Trust Generic THMB Identifying the genuine buyer - don't be in haste!
Bikky Khosla | 31 Mar, 2009
The first question that crosses one's mind when approached by a buyer is 'Is he a genuine buyer? 
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Sad Executive generic THMB With inflation at record low, slash in interest rates should follow
Bikky Khosla | 24 Mar, 2009
It is my feeling that to inject the much-needed confidence in banks, RBI will now have to play an active role. 
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Market generic THMB Get a marketing strategy...make winning a habit!
Bikky Khosla | 17 Mar, 2009
In today's business environment it has become imperative that we use our knowledge and experience of marketing strategy development and marketing planning and focus on working with our clients to get the thinking right. 
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Business Plan Growth generic THMB Time to prepare your business plan for next fiscal
Bikky Khosla | 10 Mar, 2009
With just a couple of weeks left for the beginning of a new fiscal, this is perhaps the best time to prepare a business plan. 
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Exports.9.Thmb.jpg Exports target of $175 billion still seems hard to achieve
Bikky Khosla | 03 Mar, 2009
The recently announced Interim Trade policy has come out with measures that will boost export sector sentiments. 
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TAX rupee flag Third stimulus package - final giveaways before the polls
Bikky Khosla | 25 Feb, 2009
The government has undoubtedly injected the final dose for the economy. 
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Arrow down industry economy Interim Budget 2009 - with polls ahead, recession issues take backseat
Bikky Khosla | 17 Feb, 2009
Well, the expectations from the Interim Budget, or more precisely, vote-on-account were low and the acting Finance Minister, not surprisingly, lived up to the expectations. 
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Risk generic THMB Risk management and strategic planning crucial for SMEs
Bikky Khosla | 10 Feb, 2009
The importance of strategic planning and risk management cannot be emphasised more than at present. 
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Rupee.Border.Thmb.jpg Let's find our own ways to remain profitable
Bikky Khosla | 03 Feb, 2009
Despite the country's export performance in December 2008, which saw a relative improvement compared to the performance of the previous two months, its growth still remained in the negative territory. 
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Innovation generic THMB Innovation alone can drive SMEs on the path to success
Bikky Khosla | 27 Jan, 2009
In a global economy, using traditional methods of finding customers or buyers no longer works. 
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Checking generic Business strategies for SMEs - can't do without one
Bikky Khosla | 20 Jan, 2009
During this situation of slowdown and slump in demand for products, renewed business strategies for SMEs become relevant like never before. 
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business-question-generic Stimulus packages - a road half trod
Bikky Khosla | 13 Jan, 2009
Now the two stimulus packages will have to pass the litmus test with their implementation.  
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New Indian Economy THMB Second Stimulus Package - just a drop in the ocean
Bikky Khosla | 06 Jan, 2009
The second stimulus package is too little to be recognized as a booster dose. 
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2009 the road ahead THMB Year 2009 – the way forward
Bikky Khosla | 30 Dec, 2008
The business community is heaving a sigh of relief for having survived a horrifying year. 
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inflation-upTHMB Second stimulus package - create confidence, focus on growth
Bikky Khosla | 23 Dec, 2008
The government has to do some serious thinking before they come up with the second stimulus package for the industry. 
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It.Thmb.jpg Technology usage in SMEs must to survive in uncertain times
Bikky Khosla | 16 Dec, 2008
Indian SMEs are still in technological backwaters compared to advances in science and technology. 
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India Flag Amblem THMB Economic stimulus package - MSMEs, exporters need more
Bikky Khosla | 09 Dec, 2008
The govt. finally came out with the stimulus package which aroused more disappointment than appreciation.  
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Bankrupt generic THMB Exports down, time for govt. to stop dilly-dallying
Bikky Khosla | 02 Dec, 2008
The government is yet to come up with a package to help exporters tide over the current crisis. 
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Success generic THMB Economic slowdown - best time to promote one's brand
Bikky Khosla | 25 Nov, 2008
SMEs need to shake off the myth of cutting their advertising costs during a financial crunch, which is a negative approach. 
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Ebusiness generic THMB Finally govt. wakes up to the woes of exporters
Bikky Khosla | 18 Nov, 2008
The ball has been set rolling with the government all set to announce a fresh package to revive the export sector. 
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Festive Offer Generic THMB Govt. must come out with relief package for SME exporters
Bikky Khosla | 11 Nov, 2008
The government is likely to grant a relief package to all small and medium export units.  
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Rupee.New.Thmb.jpg Exports plunge, exporters face severe financial crunch
Bikky Khosla | 04 Nov, 2008
The recent steps taken by RBI has indicated that the focus is now on growth - this is good news.  
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Sad Executive generic THMB Future tense, exporters face new setbacks
Bikky Khosla | 27 Oct, 2008
Despite the festive season, exporters are trying hard to find ways and means to bring some cheer amidst the prevailing gloom. 
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RBI.Thmb.jpg Slash in RBI's repo rate to help SMEs
Bikky Khosla | 21 Oct, 2008
It was a positive move from the RBI to slash repo rate by 100 basis points which will not only reinstate the confidence of the investors, but will also help deal with the current financial uncertainty. 
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inflation.THMB.jpg SMEs can still reap huge dividends
Bikky Khosla | 14 Oct, 2008
The current global financial scenario calls for steps to raise the tempo of SMEs and the export community. 
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Handshake generic THMB An effective marketing strategy is what SMEs need to succeed
Bikky Khosla | 07 Oct, 2008
SMEs cannot do conventional marketing because of the limitations of resources. 
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Dollar Generic THMB No export sops, US recession - exporters need to decide their fate
Bikky Khosla | 30 Sep, 2008
With export sops coming to an end exporters now need to find other alternatives. 
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Rupee Dollar New THMB Rollback of export sops - is the govt. justified?
Bikky Khosla | 23 Sep, 2008
Come October, exporters will find themselves without the armour of export sops given last year. 
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Worried Executive generic THMB Delhi blasts, US financial crisis - not the best of times for exporters
Bikky Khosla | 16 Sep, 2008
The week turned out to be not the best of times for the Indian industry in general and exporters in particular.  
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indo-us-nuclear-deal.jpg NSG waiver on Indo-US nuclear deal signals beginning of new era
Bikky Khosla | 09 Sep, 2008
The word is out - India can now realise its dream to produce secure, reliable and clean energy to fuel its industrial sector and thus maintain its economic growth. 
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Success generic THMB SMEs need to use their promotional campaign intelligently
Bikky Khosla | 02 Sep, 2008
For SMEs it is very important that they use their promotional campaign budget very intelligently. 
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Email generic THMB SMEs need to be prompt in replying to buyers
Bikky Khosla | 26 Aug, 2008
With numerous players in the market, there is fierce competition between SMEs to get business.  
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Industry THMB Are Indian SMEs getting their basics wrong?
Bikky Khosla | 19 Aug, 2008
SMEs are finding it difficult to keep pace with the ever-changing equations in the global scenario. 
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Sad Executive generic THMB SMEs falter - no need to panic yet!
Bikky Khosla | 12 Aug, 2008
As SMEs particularly the smaller enterprises are feeling the heat of slowdown, is it panic time again? 
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SAARC.Thmb.jpg India needs to play a major role in SAARC
Bikky Khosla | 05 Aug, 2008
The recently concluded SAARC Summit had a greater importance than being just an annual academic affair. 
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Thumbs Up generic THMB Saluting the resilient spirit of India Industry
Bikky Khosla | 29 Jul, 2008
Even as terror attacks try to derail the country's economic growth, we need to show resilience and not cow down to these cowardly activities that need to condemned. 
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industry3.Thmb.jpg WTO needs to consider sentiments of SMEs
Bikky Khosla | 22 Jul, 2008
Despite developing nations asking the developed countries to do away with trade-distorting subsidies and make steep duty cuts on products with high tariffs, all appeals seem to have fallen on deaf ears. 
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indo-us.nucleardeal.THMB.jpg Politics of numbers - who cares about the nuclear deal!
Bikky Khosla | 15 Jul, 2008
As the govt. now concentrates on the trust of vote, Indian industry on the other hand, has been left in the lurch. 
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No money generic THMB No financial aid for SMEs - blame our outdated bankruptcy system!
Bikky Khosla | 08 Jul, 2008
Unwillingness of banks to finance SMEs is actually also due to the dysfunctional insolvency and bankruptcy system in India that makes banks think twice before lending to SMEs.  
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Sky is the Limit generic THMB Exporters need to focus on value-added products
Bikky Khosla | 01 Jul, 2008
As a gloomy market situation prevails, exporters are battling for ever-shrinking profit margins. 
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Primark THMB Primark fallout - a lesson to learn!
Bikky Khosla | 24 Jun, 2008
Yet again the issue of alleged child labour in Indian textile factories has come to the forefront after British Primark severed contracts with three Indian suppliers in Tirupur in Tamil Nadu. 
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Rupee_DollarTHMB.jpg Let's stop blaming global recession, volatile rupee
Bikky Khosla | 17 Jun, 2008
We are perhaps overlooking certain factors that are hurting exporters more than we give credit for. 
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Inflation.improved.Thmb.jpg Rising inflation - a nightmare for Indian industry
Bikky Khosla | 10 Jun, 2008
For a brief period, it seemed that the woes of the Indian industry in general and the exporters in particular were over as the rupee depreciated against the dollar providing some respite. 
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Focus generic THMB Exports rise as exporters focus on new markets
Bikky Khosla | 03 Jun, 2008
April proved to be a good month for the Indian economy in general and the export community in particular as the country recorded a commendable export growth with shipments jumping 31.5 percent to $14.4 billion from a year earlier. 
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CountTHMB.jpg MSME census - active co-operation of MSMEs need of the hour
Bikky Khosla | 27 May, 2008
What struck me most is the fact that even the best government initiatives end up in the spam if we don't participate in its execution. 
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Rice agric THMB Rice export ban - nothing but a political gimmick!
Bikky Khosla | 20 May, 2008
India, the world's second-biggest rice producer after China, has a selective ban on export of rice - strange but true! 
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Rupee.Thmb.jpg Depreciating rupee brings back smiles to exporters
Bikky Khosla | 13 May, 2008
After nearly a year of torment and loss due to the appreciating rupee against the dollar, the balance seems to have turned in favour of the exporters. 
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Textile Is reviewing textile export target enough?
Bikky Khosla | 06 May, 2008
Just a couple of days back Union Textiles Minister Shankarsinh Vaghela had hinted at the government's plan to review the target of $ 50 billion exports by 2010-11 for textiles, in the wake of rupee appreciation and global economic slowdown impacting the sector's growth. 
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US calling - opportune time for Indian exporters
Bikky Khosla | 29 Apr, 2008
With China saddled with increasing labour costs and weakening of the dollar leading to a negative growth in the sector this year, it is the right time for Indian textiles and clothing exporters to take advantage of the situation. 
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SMEs - help yourself to succeed
Bikky Khosla | 22 Apr, 2008
It seems nothing has changed for the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Surveys, studies came and went, but SMEs are still languishing in the alleys of darkness. 
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Foreign Trade Policy Supplement - going in the right direction
Bikky Khosla | 15 Apr, 2008
The recently announced annual Foreign Trade Policy (FTP) update has come as a relief for the exim community - there is no doubt about that. 
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Soothing effect to come from the Foreign Trade Policy?
Bikky Khosla | 08 Apr, 2008
The current global market equation calls for better coordination between exporters and the Indian government. Raw material prices are going through the roof and dollar depreciation against the rupee is today a perpetual nightmare for the export community. 
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Supply chain management - SMEs' helping hand
Bikky Khosla | 25 Mar, 2008
The crux of any business lies in its ability to manage its supply chain effectively. In today's global business context, firms that can streamline their supply chain and churn out finished products faster will undoubtedly benefit the most.  
  Read more....
Foreign Trade Policy - What are your expectations?
Bikky Khosla | 19 Mar, 2008
With nothing much for exporters in the Union Budget, all are pinning hopes on the Annual Supplement to the Foreign Trade Policy to be announced in a couple of weeks from now. 
  Read more....
Information dissemination: it pays to be informed
Bikky Khosla
The export-import community of India comprising mostly Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) is faced by several challenges. While access to easy finance is the foremost hurdle, lack of information seems to be the other major reason why we lag behind. Information in the form of news updates is one area which we (sadly enough!!) never attach much importance to. 
  Read more....
Budget 2008-09 - very little for SMEs, nothing for exporters!
Bikky Khosla | 04 Mar, 2008
Despite the fact that P Chidambaram came out with a populist Budget, there is a general feeling amongst the SME sector and the export community that they have been given the cold shoulder.  
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Quality goods - mantra for long-term business
Staff Reporter | 27 Nov, 2007
The Planning Commission in the 11th five-year Plan, which is to be placed before the National Development Council in December, has sought a National Quality and Standardization Authority, which would prepare mandatory and voluntary standards for goods. 
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Small companies best at boosting exports
Staff Reporter | 13 Nov, 2007
With the global markets shrinking into a single market — thanks to the Internet, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are emerging as the best vehicles for carrying out exports. This phenomenon is not limited to Indian SMEs, but to SMEs all over the globe. 
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Opportunities galore in untapped markets
Staff Reporter
Are we still content with the old markets we trade with? The volatile rupee being pitted against the dollar, do we look towards the Government to provide us relief? These are the questions that we, as the export community, need to ask ourselves.  
  Read more....
SMEs' path to success still cumbersome
Staff Reporter | 30 Oct, 2007
It is indeed a fact that Indian Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) lose out on competitiveness due to various factors including, higher import duties, higher incidence of indirect taxes, lower operational efficiencies, higher transaction costs, lower labour productivity, higher cost of capital, inadequate infrastructure, etc.  
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Look EU policy to help exporters
Bikky Khosla | 23 Oct, 2007
Exporters will accept the fact that now is the time to find newer markets to beat the appreciating rupee and the EU can be the best option.  
  Read more....

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