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Last updated: 08 Sep, 2015  

startup.thmb.jpg Start-up India: Where do we stand?

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Bikky Khosla | 08 Sep, 2015
Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in his Independence Day speech last month, announced a new campaign 'Start-up India, Stand up India' to encourage entrepreneurship among the youth of the country. Addressing the nation from the Red Fort, he said, "We are looking at systems for enabling start-ups. We must be number one in start-ups ..." All this sounds encouraging. It seems the start-up ecosystem - which has always been ignored - is now on the top agenda of the policy makers. They are getting serious about it! Or will it prove to be a white elephant?

The road to building a start-up in India is filled with hurdles. Today, there is no dearth of entrepreneurship minded people in the country, but lack of a proper ecosystem often puts our wannabe entrepreneurs on the back foot. First of all, access to capital is the biggest challenge. We still have to rely on traditional bank financing, but its lack of availability and high interest costs are potent enough to cripple our entrepreneurial dreams. In addition, with no formal mechanism, our start-ups hardly get mentoring support. Hiring of skilled manpower poses another hurdle as start-ups lack financial muscles to match the salaries offered by larger companies.

The government can play a key role in promoting the start-up ecosystem, but it has always seemed reluctant to assume this role. It is true that a number of policies and programmes for skill development, innovation, funding, etc. - particularly those aimed at the MSME sector - are rolled out time and again, but unfortunately what seems to be always lacking is any real effort to get down to the nitty-gritty. There are schemes but where is the implementation? How many of our start-ups get support from the MSME incubation centres? How many of us have even heard about SIDBI's India Aspiration Fund and SMILE? The list goes on.

Recently, the PMO has directed a national panel of all major ministries to engage with the MSME sector with the MSME Development Forum as the coordinating agency. The objective is to help start-ups and existing entrepreneurs to link their ideas with easy finance, better technologies and new markets. Entrepreneurs with innovative ideas can approach the ministry which will help them to translate the ideas into a reality. Sounds good again, but I cannot help but taking this with a pinch of salt. Building a thriving ecosystem will require action on the ground and long-term commitment.

I invite your opinions.
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Start-up India- Where do we stand?
P.S.Biradar | Wed Sep 16 04:11:21 2015
Only making statement is of no use. Govt.has to come out with facts & figures. If somebody is going to start a business, they have to submit the Project Report. If it is viable, Govt.has to provide all the facilities like Land,Electricity and Working Capital at the cheaper rate of interest. Then only we can come up and stand with the developed countries. For last 60 years, only statements are made,but, nothing is implemented due to heavy corruption. If we have to improve our economy, we have to remove corruption. In my opinion,Govt.has to concentrate to remove corruption during this available 5 years. Don't do any other activities. Automatically, economy will improve. Nothing to write more.

TEJPAL SINGH | Fri Sep 11 19:23:32 2015
We are into customised manufacturing of toughened, laminated and insulating glasses ,providing glasses for green building and safety solutions to architectural industries and decorative for interior segment ,I am B-TECH in Industrial production and running industry from more then a decade in same glass industry .we r having a good grip and experience in sales and production of processed glasses,now we r putting up an expansion unit in GREATER NOIDA WITH A COMPLETE LINE OF AUTOMATION importing machines from various countries to reduce the rejection ,man power and increase the production but we don't have the right track to approach to achieve the schemes and facilities provided by the our PM to START UP IN INDIA,IF you can help me out for the rebate in finance or subsidies provided we will be encourage to import more of machines and technology to exports of our product overseas. REGARDS TP SINGH-9891946226

My opinion and idea
Sumit Gupta (entrepreneur, tiny industry) | Fri Sep 11 17:22:11 2015
Respected prime minister My idea for growth of small and micro industry is to motivate for new technology. When we small industry person not having such sources by which we take risk to purchase high cost machinery.if govt set up department which provide machinery at low will be very beneficial.govt should erase subsidy because this is way to corruption but allow the tools and efficient machinery at low price cost just like subsidies gas cylinders . I am telling you my own problem when I approached for new tech machinery which would increase my efficiency,quality,less dependence on special labour and decrease my cost of production but on same time I did not have money to purchase machinery. It cost Rs 10 lac (Indian made),where the china made costs me Rs 6 lac . I have funds for Chinese machinery but not so sufficient for Indian made. I have no knowledge how to get that machinery. If govt helped me in providing that machinery at low cost and minimum paperwork, I would have definitely purchased it.

India and the world
M. Rahbari Nejad ( Amir ) | Fri Sep 11 10:17:21 2015
Good day, I am very much sure that the India society can develop more and more as I believe that the capability is very much available to this territory . In fact, India has all type of resources to become an advance country, but some factors has to be removed by the respectful Indian people , the achievement is very close to Indian Nation. I myself have the experiences from the very close. Wish the Indian all the happy and the time to come to prove the capabilities.

Start up India
Sachiin Waichall | Fri Sep 11 07:36:41 2015
Dear Mr CEO, This startup India and make in India is fake. don't give too much importance to this as there are many companies who have started making in India but cannot sell their products in India. For example we have made a transformer which has a warranty of 30 years and no oil filtration is required for 20 years one cannot steal Electricity from it, and no working losses. We have been trying to take the approval from Electricity supply authorities of different states in India for the last 2.5 years but due to new technology which is beyond their thinking and they will not get money if they install such a durable product and the Huge demand of illicit money by the power minister and authorities we are not given approval. So whats the use of make in India. Every political party which assumes power in India opens up their own shop for money and corruption is continued hence forget start up and make in India. The PM wants people to make in India just to run their funding shops, he means only to make in India with no permission to sell in India. So kindly don't waste time. Thanks Sachiin Waichall 91 9175337624

Implementation miles away
Toraskar | Thu Sep 10 11:59:26 2015
One loses nothing for making promises and announcing schemes from the Red Fort. At all times the implementations are miles and miles away from such sweet promises. Things look promising and rosy (say white elephant) when looked from distance. As you rightly say, the road to building a start-up in India is filled with great hurdles. Lack of bank financing and high interest costs are potent enough to cripple, kill or destroy our entrepreneurial dreams. I get a feeling that the schemes announced are not for the real benefit of the entrepreneurs but for the political benefits of those who announce the schemes. I recently contacted NABARD to know about their rural schemes for agricultural products processing plant and warehouse. However, I got a reply from the NABARD office that for lack of funds, they stopped accepting new project proposals and that I better check with them again after a few months. Similar case with other related government authorities who pose to support rural agricultural development. Corruption is an unwritten law of this nation and non-curable disease. Governments come and go, lot is said by each Government, but this disease goes on spreading more and more instead of getting cured. There is an unending list of praising the Government and the developmental authorities on their failures in implementation of the rosy schemes.

Start-up loan is it fact or pretend..?
Dr. P. M. Kharabe, B. Pharm, M. Res. PhD | Thu Sep 10 10:46:40 2015
I have heard that Central govt. has promoted the scheme of loan facilities to start up business in India. I have established my own company, which truly related with providing research training to the researchers and chemist and for that I was asking for about 10,00,000 rupees loan to the bank and funding to the central govt organisations. However, the banks were reluctant to provide such loan and mentioned there should be three years has to be completed.I replied them, if it is after three years duration then how it comes in start-up business? Apart from that I tried to contact several central govt organisation which provide soft loan and mentioned the details to whom who have to contact and their respective mail id. Importantly, no one has replied yet or shown any interest to discuss it further. It is really very painful. This Govt making very bombastic statement that we will encourage oversea Indian migrants to start their own business. But I never seen that Govt is interested in this matter. Even my intention of establishing company is to provide best research facilities and training to Indian students so that they will learn research education India rather than going to oversea. Really it is very hopeless to rely on govt. statement. Thank you. regards.

Pet Care in India: an Emerging Sector hopelessly unorganized
Neeraj | Thu Sep 10 09:22:09 2015
One doesn't need any statistics to figure out that Pet ownership in urban and semi-urban India is steadily rising exponentially. If we would just glance around the neighbourhood the case in point can be well understood. When one owns a pet one also seeks the best care for it as per individual budget and lifestyle. Pet owners are constantly in need of low priced high quality services like Pet Grooming (mostly dogs and cats), Dog Walking, Dog Training, Pet Boarding & Lodging, Pet Vacations, Pet Travel & Transportation, Pet Supplies, Pet Sitting, Pet Day Care, Pet Sale & Purchase, Pet Adoption, Dog Breeding etc. etc. This is where a huge potential for entrepreneurship lies hidden! Let alone funding there are no laws or any intent by the governments (State/Center) since this sector is not even in their arc of vision for the near future. What our governments and administration fails to understand is that this is one sector that can generate thousands of high paying jobs within a very short period of time, simply because there are no educational qualifications needed at the entry level. Its just a matter of acquiring skills which any compassionate youth particularly in the rural areas has a natural instinct for. People in villages grow up with and around animals isn't it? We have been trying to enlighten various authorities on this issue, but its like repeatedly banging ones head against similar walls of different colours and materials.

Start-up India: Where do we stand? NO WHERE
PRASAD | Thu Sep 10 08:27:16 2015
To become an idea into a reality as regards the enthusiastic entrepreneurs business ventures, it is still a dream or myth because there is handful gap between rulers announcements and bureaucracy abnormal red-tap-ism and most importantly the Bankers insistence of security for sanctioning loans (if not security is provided the loan shall be given to those who can provide it and complete quota of target) and one thousand one hundred and one typical licensing procedures and corruption of departmental authorities concern. Don't think I am thinking negative but it is true. Let the PM or CM have their own boosting of development, but in fact if any one without influence, money or reservation gets a small birth or death certificate from authorities. After all one can not approach PMO or CMO for the day to day problems of civil life and there is no use in approaching vigilance and anti corruption agencies of the bribery of departments because you can not continue your business thereafter with the defaulter's successors. After all Indira Gandhi openly admitted that the corruption is not only national property of India but global spread one. Who will help India? That is why the intellectuality goes abroad and never returns to India because India was, is and will the same as of British Raj. The truth is always bitter and I am not sorry if any one hurt with my opinion.

Start Up India, where we stand.
O.P.Khandelwal | Thu Sep 10 07:21:14 2015
Day by day, there were news in daily, weekly papers, that in such & such villages/colleges/schools, local persons/workers/Mechanic/ student, / invent, such & such items/ machines process/those help ordinary persons/Farmers and /or others, but it is limited on papers, reason behind this, that there is no MENTOR/ SUPPORTERS to that MAN . If GOVT.OF INDIA, arrange to find out that MAN, & Help him/ encourage him to check the performance and help him for improvement of his INVENTION/ PRODUCT , the day will come when REAL START UP INDIA PROGRAMME will success. Govt. must collect the data & after check by the team of expert (Without prejudice), if find the invention/product is really can use commercially , than GOVT. must help that MAN by all means. There were so many INVENTIONS/PRODUCTS not reached at their last stage & lost in dark, because at the initial stage no one take care. If GOVT. wants success of START UP INDIA, it must announce in public general & call the INVENTION/PRODUCT, & if prove the utility, than GOVT. must help him.

Initiative to Promote Entrepreneurship
B Yamamoto | Thu Sep 10 00:56:53 2015
The elements of a successful Ecosystem must first determine the range and scope of the product(s)/service(s) that the new business intends to Market.

Reduction of cost of making BIS compliant Quality Steel by the MSME, SME SECTOR
Philip George Ittyerah | Thu Sep 10 00:17:38 2015
I have two Patents applied for in the above field. There are more than two thousand Induction Furnaces operating in India, but almost all of whom are making non BIS compliant steel, with high sulfur & phosphorus, which is dangerous for use. Government has been mulling the marketing of such steel for the past eight years, but the strong Induction Furnace lobby has prevented that. I have applied for Patents to not only reduce Cost of Production by 40% but also for refining the steel in Induction Furnace to produce BIS compliant steel in Induction Furnace, which would go a long way in keeping the IF from closing down and making the cheapest steel in the world. I require help in taking this forward.

Start-up India
Aqib | Wed Sep 9 14:00:14 2015
Unlike Mr Modi no one helps a common man except God. An individual needs money for start up India or start up life. Saying is easy, start up is difficult.

Startup is for Influential and Corporates Only
K. Rajendran | Wed Sep 9 13:03:42 2015
I, myself being in IT industry, having experience of 30 years. Started my career as Card Punching Operator (the earliest computer system) in 1985 and grown up to a Project Manager/General Manager. I myself being one of the key player and an architect/developer/implementer of an ERP system for MSME sector, which is best comparable Microsoft Dynamics and SAP=B1. I have vast experience in multiple areas related to business activity. I wanted to start a eCommerce Startup and registered my own proprietorship company. I have partly implemented my ideas and started my operations with few known members. But to take it further I was in need of capital and approached multiple nationalised banks, visited Gujarat Chamber Of Commerce, SIDBI but none of them able to support me. My start-up was of a Online Grocery particularly for Ahmedabad which is considered one of the best city for internet and mobile penetration, and ideal city to implement my ideas. In fact I approached the banks under CGTMSME where Central Govt. is giving collateral but all refused my idea saying it won't fly high. How come these bankers can judge which idea will fly? If I have been provided with necessary capital, being one of the early starter, I now would be worth multiple crores. Now I simply see the others fly and unable to help myself except complaining about my own destiny. I did all possible effort to raise fund but all my efforts gone waste. SO, ALL ARE SIMPLE EYEWASH, WHAT TO DO?

I have developed technology for brush plating rhodium
Dr Yogesh Tulsibhai Naliapara | Wed Sep 9 11:23:16 2015
I was extremely pleased to hear Honourable Prime Ministers speech for make in India I will work hard for few more technologies.

Start-up encouragement
P R Raheja | Wed Sep 9 10:19:54 2015
To encourage MSME Companies Govt must devise ways & means to ensure timely release of payments to smaller entities by the larger companies/Govt deptts. Invariably payments are delayed putting additional burden on MSME units, sometimes to the extent of putting their survival itself under question mark.

For Startups: Market Support is more important than Financial Support
Gautam Gogineni | Wed Sep 9 07:59:33 2015
We know India is a huge market as many international companies trying to get in. So rather than simply making capital accessible (which may increase inflation, debt repayment burdens) Indian start-ups will be better served by Government leading the way to develop markets for small & upcoming businesses. If the market is there, somehow, the money will flow in too. These days cost of setting up new business service, product or technology is miniscule compared to cost of advertising, marketing and reaching out. And that is where big & foreign companies crush small businesses & start-up. So governments should find means of highlighting and enhancing the reach of small business & start-ups based on merit. They can further enhance start-up ecosystem by: a) Wider publicity of needs and procurement gaps, including government own requirements. Don't just rely upon tenders in newspapers etc, which are read by just few who are already in the business. b) Reduce government's procurement Red-Tape and favoritism by openly and immediately publishing procurement contracts. c) Publish performance stats of past procurement contracts. Downside of publishing such information may be procurement delays due to litigation from loosing tenderers. But we could handle such issues by ensuring smaller term contracts and scrutinizing such contracts while procurement begins and penalizing any wrong doings.

No Financial Support from Nationalised Bank
L. Sakthivel | Wed Sep 9 03:03:12 2015
We are Micro small scale Industrial service provider with 7 Service Engineers, I am a First Generation Entrepreneur, I worked 15 Years in Engineering Industries including Multi National Companies up to Manager Level and started Business. We are running Business more than 10 Years and providing Services to Small scale Industries. I got Personal Loan based on SB Acc. and Completed. Our CIBIL Score is 695 but we are not worth for 15 Lacs Loan as a Business Loan for further Development. We tried National Banks & Private Banks, They are ready to give the Loan for Salaried People but they are not Considering self employed Peoples. Now I am thinking i did mistake if i am not a entrepreneur, if I continued my previous Job I am worth for getting Loan for several Folds

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