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SME Glossary
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Glossary of Export Import Trade Terms Starting with - T
Words   Description
Tangibility Tangible assets are real assets that can be used as collateral to secure debt.
Tare Weight The weight of a container and packing materials without the weight of the goods it contains.
Tariff-Quota A tariff that is set at a lower rate until a specified quantity (the quota) of goods has been imported, at which point the tariff increases for additional imports.
Tariffs Taxes on imported goods and services, levied by governments to raise revenues and create barriers to trade.
Tax Arbitrage Arbitrage using a difference in tax rates or tax systems as the basis for profit.
Tax Clienteles Clienteles of investors with specific preferences for debt or equity that are driven by differences in investors’ personal tax rates.
Tax Haven A country or region imposing low or no taxes on foreign source income.
Tax Holiday A reduced tax rate provided by a government as an inducement to foreign direct investment.
Tax Neutrality Taxes that do not interfere with the natural flow of capital toward its most productive use.
Tax Preference Items Items such as tax-loss carry forwards and carry backs and investment tax credits that shield corporate taxable income from taxes.
Tax-Haven Affiliate A wholly owned affiliate that is in a low-tax jurisdiction and that is used to channel funds to and from the multinational’s foreign operations. (The tax benefits of tax-haven affiliates were largely removed in the United States by the Tax Reform Act of 1
Technical Analysis Any method of forecasting future exchange rates based on the history of exchange rates.
Tenor Designation of a payment as being due at sight, a given number of days after sight, or a given number of days after date.
Territorial Tax System A tax system that taxes domestic income but not foreign income. This tax regime is found in Hong Kong, France, Belgium, and the Netherlands.
The Foreign Trade Data Bank Is the Indian Government's most comprehensive source of Foreign Trade Data and export promotion information. Types of information on the FTDB include: International Market Research, Export Opportunities; Indices of Foreign and Domestic companies.
Through Bill of Lading A single bill of lading covering both the domestic and international carriage of an export shipment.
Time Draft A draft that is payable on a specified future dare.
Time Value of an Option The difference between the value of an option and the option’s intrinsic value.
Timing Option The ability of the firm to postpone investment (or disinvestments) and to reconsider the decision at a future date.
Total Cash Flow Total cash inflow minus total cash outflow.
Total Quality Management (TQM) An organization-wide approach to continuously improving the overall quality of its process, products, and service.
Total Risk The sum of systematic and unsystematic risk (measured by the standard deviation or variance of return).
Trade Acceptance A time draft that is drawn on and accepted by an importer.
Trade Balance A country’s net balance (exports minus imports) on merchandise trade.
Trade Barrier A governmental policy, action, or practice that intentionally interrupts the free flow of goods or services between countries.
Trade Deficit A trade deficit occurs when the value of a country's exports is less than the value of its imports.
Trade Surplus A trade surplus occurs when the value of a country's exports is greater than the value of its imports.
Trade-in Allowance Price discount granted for a new item by turning in an old item at the time of purchase.
Trademark A registration process under which a name, logo, or characteristic can be identified as exclusive.
Trading Desk (Dealing Desk) The desk at an international bank that trades spot and forward foreign exchange.
Tramp Steamer A ship not operating on regular routes or schedules.
Transaction Exposure Changes in the value of contractual (monetary) cash flows as a result of changes in currency values.
Transaction Statement A document that delineates the terms and conditions agreed upon between the importer and exporter.
Transfer To take merchandise with zone status from a zone for consumption, transportation, exportation, warehousing, cartage or lighter age, vessel supplies and equipment, admission to another zone, and like purposes.
Transfer Prices Prices on intercompany sales
Transfer Pricing The price one unit of a company charges to another unit of the same company for goods or services exchanged between the two.
Translation (Accounting) Exposure Changes in a corporation’s financial statements as a result of changes in currency values.
Trust Receipt Release of merchandise by a bank to a buyer in which the bank retains title to the merchandise.
Trustee A bank or trust company that holds title to or a security interest in leased property for the benefit of the lessee, lesser, and/or creditors of the lesser.
Turnkey Contract An agreement in which a contractor is responsible for setting up a facility from start to finish for another firm.
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