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SME Glossary
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Glossary of Export Import Trade Terms Starting with - B
Words   Description
BTP BTP means Biotechnology Park as notified by Director General of Foreign Trade on the recommendation of the Department of Biotechnology
Backward Innovation Building a more basic version of an existing product for a lesser-developed market.
Balance Sheet A statement showing a firm's accounting value on a particular date. It reflects the equation, Assets = Liabilities + Stockholders' equity.
Balance of Payments (BOP) The BOP is the annual financial record of Foreign Payments and Foreign Receivables. Or the BOP is the International Money Fund's accounting system that tracks the flow of goods, services, and capital in and out of each country.
Balance of Trade (BOT) The difference between a country's total imports and exports.
Bank for International Settlements (BIS) An international organization which promotes international monetary and financial cooperation among nations.
Bank-based Corporate Governance System A system of corporate governance in which the supervisory board is dominated by bankers and other corporate insiders.
Banker's Acceptance A time draft drawn on and accepted by a commercial bank.
Banker's Draft A payment instrument used to make international payments.
Bargain Purchase Option A lease provision allowing the lessee, to purchase the equipment for a price predetermined at lease inception, which is substantially lower than the expected fair market value at the date the option can be exercised.
Barter Trade in which goods or merchandise is exchanged directly for others import or export without use of money.
Basic IRR Accept the project if IRR is greater than the discount rate; reject the project if IRR is less than the discount rate.
Basis The simple difference between two nominal interest rates.
Basis Point Equal to 1/100 of one percent.
Basis Risk The risk of unexpected change in the relationship between futures and spot prices.
Basis Swap A floating-for-floating interest rate swap that pairs two floating rate instruments at different maturities (such as six-month LIBOR versus thirty-day U.S. T-bills).
Bearer Bonds Bonds that can be redeemed by the holder. The convention in most West European countries is to issue bonds in registered form.
Benchmarking A systematic procedure of comparing a company's practices against the best practice and modifying actual knowledge to achieve superior performance.
Beneficiary A party who receives a legal benefit Domestic or foreign Dealings.
Beta A measure of an asset's sensitivity to changes in the market portfolio (in the CAPM) or to a factor (in the APT). The beta of an asset j is computed as bj = rj,k (sj/sk), where k represents a market factor (such as returns to the market portfolio in the C
Bid Rate The rate at which a market maker is willing to buy the quoted asset.
Bid-offer Spread The difference between the interest rate at which the bank borrows money and lends money.
Bill of Lading (B/L) A document that establishes the terms and conditions of a contract between a shipper and a shipping company under which freight is to be moved between specified points for a specified charge. The B/L is Negotiable or Non-Negotiable forms.
Blank Endorsement The method whereby a bill of lading is made into a freely negotiable document of title.
Blanket Bond A bond that coves a group of people, articles or properties.
Blanket Contracts A long-term contract in which the supplier promises to re-supply the buyers as needed at agreed-upon prices over the contracting time.
Blocked Funds Cash flows generated by a foreign project that cannot be immediately repatriated to the parent firm because of capital flow restrictions imposed by the host government.
Bond Equivalent Yield A bond quotation convention based on a 365-day year and semiannual coupons. (Contrast with effective annual yield.)
Bonded Warehouse A warehouse authorized by CUSTOMS authorities for storage of goods on which payment of DUTIES is deferred until the goods are removed.
Booking An arrangement with a steamship company for the acceptance and carriage of freight.
Break-Even Point Analysis Analysis of the level of sales at which a project would make zero profit.
Britton Woods Agreement An agreement made in 1944 year the end of World War II to promote exchange rate stability and facilitate the international flow of currencies. The world Bank and IMF(International Monetary funds ) come into the existence.
Britton Woods Conference An international conference held in 1944 at Britton Woods, New Hampshire, and established the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.
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