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Last updated: 13 Aug, 2022  
IT.9.Thmb.jpg Bucking skills' shortage, attrition, Indian IT industry goes digital
Fakir Balaji | 28 Dec, 2018
Embracing disruptive technologies to stay ahead of the curve, the buoyant Indian IT industry made digital business its growth driver in 2018, despite facing a shortage of skills and double-digit attrition. 
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startup.thmb.jpg Rise of unicorns in Indian start-ups across verticals
Bhavana Akella | 25 Dec, 2018
India witnessed a dramatic rise of eight unicorns in 2018 from among the start-ups across verticals as against a mere nine in six years from 2011 till 2017, according to IT industry apex body Nasscom. 
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Entrepreneurs.9.Thmb.jpg Indian enterprises see silver lining in Cloud
Nishant Arora | 17 Dec, 2018
With digital transformation rapidly re-defining the regional landscape in India -- amid humongous amount of data being generated -- many more enterprises this year looked at embracing agile, scalable and cost-friendly Cloud offerings, searching for providers with deep technological expertise to help transform their businesses. 
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Solar.9.Thmb.jpg As solar industry booms, time to start thinking about recycling
Vishu Mishra | 06 Dec, 2018
One of the few encouraging trends in the global efforts on mitigating climate change is the rapid adoption of solar energy across the world. This change is driven by a combination of government policies and declining costs. 
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Jewellery.9.Thmb.jpg How their jewellery-making skill is empowering women of the forest
Kushagra Dixit | 03 Dec, 2018
Dependent on the forest for their day-to-day needs, women of Bandha Tola faced an uncertain future when their whole village, along with hundreds of other such Baiga tribal villages, was moved out of their traditional habitat in the jungles of this famous tiger reserve in central India's Madhya Pradesh state.  
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BJP.9.Thmb.jpg Today's authoritarian governance is far more ominous for democracy: Author Gyan Prakash
Saket Suman | 26 Nov, 2018
That the nation is embodied in the Prime Minister is the telling similarity between the Emergency of 1975-77 under Indira Gandhi and the contemporary state of affairs in India under Narendra Modi; but unlike the former, Modi's "authoritarian governance" is not based on "the assumption of emergency powers by the executive", says Gyan Prakash, a professor of history at Princeton University and author of several highly acclaimed books, including "Mumbai Fables", which was adapted for the film "Bombay Velvet", and the just-released "Emergency Chronicles: Indira Gandhi and Democracy's Turning Point". 
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RBI.Thmb.jpg Why are central bankers obsessed with inflation?
Nikhil Arora | 14 Nov, 2018
The battle between the Indian government and its central bank is neither new nor unique. 
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Entrepreneurs.9.Thmb.jpg Demonetisation paralysed businesses, says ex-banker Meera Sanyal
SME Times News Bureau | 09 Nov, 2018
Former banker Meera H. Sanyal in her book launched on second anniversary of the move to nullify high denomination currency, says demonetisation "paralysed businesses" in the country.  
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RBI.9.Thmb.jpg Don't frame government-RBI debate in terms of adversarial engagement
G. Gurucharan | 06 Nov, 2018
Media reports have portrayed the differences between the government and the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) as a face-off, or worse still, as attempts by the government to undermine the independence of the central bank. 
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Writing9.Thmb.jpg How Delhi schools are revolutionising education, one teacher at a time
Nivedita Singh | 30 Oct, 2018
When Roshan Lal, a 40-year-old rickshawpuller, got his son Rakesh admitted to a government school in Delhi, all he wanted for him was to get a decent education. Since he could not afford to pay for a private school, all that was on his mind was that "government school mein kuch toh seekh hi lega" (at least, he would learn something there). 
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India.Growth.9.Thmb.jpg India's economic growth not inclusive enough, inequality rises
Amit Kapoor | 23 Oct, 2018
The Indian growth story has been far from perfect. That is not an understatement by any stretch of imagination. A growing challenge for the economy is the fast-evolving problem of inequality. 
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BSE.9.Thmb.jpg Platform companies: Leveraging the India story in the long run
Taponeel Mukherjee | 18 Oct, 2018
Real per capita GDP, stock market indices and consumption trends in India are currently interesting. Even as real GDP at an aggregate and per capita basis have broadly trended higher, equity market valuations have fluctuated. Amidst the noise of market data, it is often easy to forget that some of the best investment opportunities arise when market valuations arent quite at their peak.  
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Green generic Green themes abound in Durga Puja marquees
Bappaditya Chatterjee | 15 Oct, 2018
At a time when global warming and high pollution levels have emerged as major challenges for policy planners worldwide, a number of community Durga Puja organisers in and around Kolkata have come up with green themes to spread awareness about a clean environment among the public.  
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Rupee.9.Thmb.jpg Fund outflows, oil prices to sink rupee further; 75-mark in sight
IANS | 08 Oct, 2018
The Reserve Bank of India's (RBI) stance, along with an expected hike in the US lending rates and high crude oil prices are expected to further exert pressure on the Indian rupee in the coming week, experts say. 
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Technology.9.Thmb.jpg How to bridge India's tech-induced skill gap
Amit Kapoor | 02 Oct, 2018
The world stands on the brink of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, powered by a wide range of new technology breakthroughs -- Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, advanced robotics, Internet of Things, cloud computing and 3D printing -- and the revolution is expected to result in major changes in the labour market globally by reducing the demand for middle-skilled workers doing repetitive tasks, and increasing the demand for more highly-skilled workers and also low-skilled workers doing non-routine work. 
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India.Growth.9.Thmb.jpg India and the World: Are we moving with the global social progress?
Amit Kapoor | 24 Sep, 2018
The conversations on development have finally moved beyond the barriers of GDP and entered the arena that caters to the needs of the citizens of the nation. 
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India.Russia.9.Thmb.jpg India-Russia trade at a mere 10% of potential
Manish Kumar | 14 Sep, 2018
India and Russia have been strong trading partners but the total trade between them in the five years till 2015-16 remained stagnant at $6 billion. In 2016-17, the trade stood at $7.5 billion -- an increase of 22 per cent over the previous year. 
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Dollar.Thmb.jpg AI start-ups blossom in India, need big dollars to grow
Nishant Arora | 10 Sep, 2018
A decade ago, Artificial Intelligence (AI) was unknown to many of us mortals. Lately, however, AI and related buzzwords like Machine Learning (ML) or Big Data Analytics are more visible -- staring at us from clumsy signage boards hanging at the entrance of private IT training institutes. 
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Bimstec.9.Thmb.jpg Connectivity, trade bigger priorities for Bimstec than counter-terrorism
Aroonim Bhuyan | 03 Sep, 2018
Though combating terrorism finds mention in the joint declaration issued following the conclusion of the Bimstec Summit in Kathmandu, the fact of the matter is that connectivity, trade, people-to-people ties and cultural linkages are the larger priorities of the seven-nation regional bloc that is now growing in prominence. 
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India.Growth.9.Thmb.jpg State of Indian economy: Is it time to go bearish?
Nikhil Arora | 22 Aug, 2018
Less than a year to the general election is a tricky time for setting a stable economic narrative. The government will glorify its achievements. The opposition will skew comparisons against its own track record, preferring to affirm how things used to be "much better". 
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Credit.card9.thmb.jpg Essentials before taking cash advance on your business credit card
Digikredit Finance Pvt Ltd. | 20 Aug, 2018
Several businesses turn to Purchase Order Financing for business funding because, unlike banks, this financing model mostly assesses the financial strength of the company that has placed an order with a business, instead of the business itself. 
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Rupee.9.Thmb.jpg Why choose SME loan over equity financing?
Digikredit Finance Pvt Ltd. | 13 Aug, 2018
Every small enterprise needs business funding at some point or the other. Now, to raise this money, most business owners need to make a tough choice: between taking an SME loan and selling ownership interests to equity investors. 
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Jute.9.Thmb.jpg Exports of jute products to rise despite concerns over quality
SME Times News Bureau | 03 Aug, 2018
Exports of jute products are expected to grow over 10 per cent to cross the Rs 600 crore mark in the current financial year, said National Jute Board (NJB) Joint Director Susant Pal. 
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Data.Error.9.Thmb.jpg Why TRAI chairman's Aadhaar challenge is a case of 'misplaced enthusiasm'
Nishant Arora | 30 Jul, 2018
Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) Chairman R.S. Sharmas open Aadhaar challenge to critics and hackers is nothing but a case of "misplaced enthusiasm" which dilutes the debate on securing the Aadhaar eco-system, emphasise cyber law experts.  
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Red.Tape.9.Thmb.jpg Submitting documents in government offices still a headache
Himanshu | 23 Jul, 2018
The Narendra Modi-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government is about to complete its term and has brought about several changes in the area of documentation. But there are still several loopholes which need to be worked upon. In 2014, the government repealed the requirement of providing attested documents for birth certificates, marksheets and other certificates. 
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Green.9.Thmb.jpg Is the government in a pre-election haste to revamp green laws?
Mayank Aggarwal | 17 Jul, 2018
It is the final leg of the current Indian governments tenure, which began in 2014. As the general elections loom, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led government has gone into hyperactive mode over the past year 
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Modi.9.Thmb.jpg The Modi economy: Mostly sunny, with a few clouds
Frank F. Islam | 09 Jul, 2018
On Sunday, January 7, the New York Times ran a front page story titled "Rising Anxiety in India is Piercing Modi's Aura of Invincibility". The article discussed the decline in GDP, consumption and consumer confidence and its impact on India and Indians. 
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msme-THMB-2010.jpg SMEs settling down after initial teething problems (GST completes a year on June 30)
Bappaditya Chatterjee | 03 Jul, 2018
After the "initial bumpy ride", micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), which had faced problems with GST compliance and cash flows, are gradually settling down with the new indirect tax regime, stakeholders say. 
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Coal9.Thmb.jpg To what end are PSBs continuing to finance coal-fired power?
EAS Sarma | 25 Jun, 2018
The government's announcement to soon tender out 100 GW of solar power in one go is somewhat an ambitious step towards transition to clean energy, compared to the previous largest tender of 10 GW -- which is likely to be opened in July. 
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Modi.Border.Thmb.jpg Modi's strategic vision: Gap between aspiration and reality
C. Uday Bhaskar | 18 Jun, 2018
Global disorder appears to be the leitmotif of mid-2018, with the US and China embarking upon a trade-tariff war and the US-led Western alliance in considerable turmoil over the unseemly outcome of the just-concluded G-7 summit in Canada. 
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Entrepreneur.9.Thmb.jpg SME India: Measure the success of your business beyond money
Digikredit Finance Pvt Ltd. | 11 Jun, 2018
An entrepreneur's journey is full of doubts, assumptions and questions. How do I know if I’m on the right path? How can I tell if it’s working? How do I know if my business is successful? Yes, you are not alone; these are some of the most common doubts of all entrepreneurs alike. 
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Plastic.Bag.Thmb.jpg The planet's pernicious plastic plague peril
Dr Bradnee Chambers | 04 Jun, 2018
Thanks to the wonders of modern industrial technology we are now producing 20 times as much plastic as we were doing in 1964. If the current trend continues, output will double in 20 years and double again by 2050. 
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Credit.card9.thmb.jpg 8 reasons why credit cards make small business financing simpler
Digikredit Finance Pvt Ltd. | 25 May, 2018
Credit cards are the key to a healthy business. Apart from being good for emergencies and fraud protection, they are undoubtedly a convenient source of capital for small business financing and vital in building up a good credit score. 
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BSE.9.thmb.jpg 'Benefits will outweigh costs of extended trading in equity derivatives'
Rituraj Baruah and Rohit Vaid | 22 May, 2018
Even as the equity brokers are trying to figure out a way to cope with the longer trading hours on equity derivatives, many feel the benefit of "real-time" alignment with global markets would outweigh infrastructure challenges. 
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Loan.9.Thmb.jpg 4 tips to prevent defaulting on your business loan
Digikredit Finance Pvt Ltd | 30 Apr, 2018
Defaulting on a loan is a serious breach of trust and you could be liable for penalties, not to mention, loss of your assets.It can be easy to make sure that you never do; all you need to do is follow these 4 simple tips to prevent loan default. 
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Employee.9.Thmb.jpg Mid-sized organisations let employees bloom
Rajeev Bhardwaj | 21 Apr, 2018
There are different benefits attached to working with different sized companies. When it comes to smaller and mid-sized companies your opportunity of learning a wider spectrum of skills is greater.  
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Communication generic THMB SMEs in India: 5 dos and don'ts of business communication
Digikredit Finance Pvt Ltd | 20 Apr, 2018
Communication is the bedrock of efficient and effective business. Every interaction is an opportunity to present your idea or point of view to the other person.  
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Flight.9.thmb.jpg Safeguarding yourself from the unscrupulous immigration
Ajay Sharma, President, Abhinav Outsourcings | 12 Apr, 2018
With the advent of globalization and the technology taking over, everyone dreams of travelling abroad and even plans to settle down and live a luxurious life. It sounds so good to the ears, but, nothing comes easy in this world.  
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msme-THMB-2010.jpg SMEs in India need to make these 5 promises to maintain a high credit rating in 2018
SMEcorner | 10 Apr, 2018
The moment when you first take a loan or get a credit card, you start accumulating credit. That is the easy part. Staying in control and being aware of your credit rating is tougher. 
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Internet banking generic THMB Protectionism chorus by internet entrepreneurs a reaction to a far more serious problem
Yash Mishra | 30 Mar, 2018
Protectionism has suddenly become the refuge of India's internet entrepreneurs. Some of them, and their investors, cite the emergence of big (if not disruptive) internet companies from China to encourage the Indian government to go down that road. But as historian and political commentator Niall Fergusson, in his zealous pursuit of defending British imperialism, says, "Empire was the least original thing that British did as everywhere in Eurasia there were empires." 
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Petrol.9.thmb.jpg How fossil fuel-producing nations can turn into infrastructure investors
Taponeel Mukherjee | 28 Mar, 2018
The "Global Energy & CO2 Status Report", published by the International Energy Agency (IEA), states that "renewable energy saw the highest growth rate of all energy sources in 2017 and met around a quarter of global energy demand growth" -- a significant statistic by any standard and one that clearly points to the fact that renewable energy is here to stay. 
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LABOUR1.thumb.jpg Big ticket labour reforms at last?
Abhik Ghosh | 23 Mar, 2018
A recent amendment to the Industrial Employment (Standing Orders) Rules, 1946, has sparked excited debates by its proponents and critics alike.  
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Realty.9.Thmb.jpg Realty market improving but 'industry status' would help, say developers
Rituraj Baruah | 20 Mar, 2018
After four consecutive years of slump and low demand in the real estate sector, market participants believe 2018 will be a year of revival as the sector has finally shed the impact of demonetisation, Goods and Services Tax (GST) and the implementation of the Real Estate Regulatory Act (RERA). 
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startup.thmb.jpg Start-up finance: Six ways to win at fundraising as a woman founder
IANS | 07 Mar, 2018
Starting and scaling-up a business needs capital. Right capital, be it equity or debt or grant, can often be the critical difference between a successful business and the one that didn't make it. And yet, it looks like too few women are getting this capital. 
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E.Commerce.9.Thmb.jpg 7 ways to save money while spending online
SME Times News Bureau | 03 Mar, 2018
While visiting an offline store still has its charm, there is something to be said about the ease and convenience of using your phone or computer to search for and buy something online, pay for it with a few clicks and have it delivered to you. Each shopping website, bank and wallet provider is trying to offer the best possible deal. 
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Branding.9.thmb.jpg India's Competitiveness: Where do we stand?
Amit Kapoor | 27 Feb, 2018
It is quite commonplace to hear that India will be an economic superpower in a few decades. However, the current reality is far from it. One cannot deny the abysmal standard of living of our citizens. Indias real Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita (at 2010 prices) for 2016 stands at just $1,861.5 while the other BRICS nations -- China ($6,893.8), Brazil ($10,826.3), South Africa ($7,503.3) and Russia ($11,099.2) -- are higher up on the scale. 
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Data.Error.9.Thmb.jpg India tops Big Data and Aanalytics adoption in APAC region: Oracle
Sourabh Kulesh | 25 Feb, 2018
When it comes to Big Data and Analytics, Indian enterprises are adopting the technologies to improve operations and enhance customer experience at a greater pace than the rest of the Asia-Pacific (APAC) countries, a senior executive from Cloud major Oracle has said. 
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infras.THMB.jpg Export credit agencies: Potential partners for Indian infrastructure
Taponeel Mukherjee | 21 Feb, 2018
Export credit agencies (ECAs) have globally played a significant role in promoting trade and investments by providing insurance and funding. It is important for global infrastructure investors and the Indian government to look at ECAs as a significant enabler of much-needed infrastructure investments in India. 
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Telecom.9.Thmb.jpg How telecom has become driver of economic change in India
Amit Kapoor | 20 Feb, 2018
For most part of human history, change was glacial in pace. It was quite safe to assume that the world at the time of your death would look pretty much similar to the one at the time of your birth. That is no longer the case, and the pace of change seems to be growing exponentially. Futurist Ray Kurzweil put it succinctly when he wrote in 2001: "We wont experience 100 years of progress in the 21st century - it will be more like 20,000 years of progress (at todays rate)." Since the time of his writing a lot has changed, especially with the advent of the internet. 
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Flight.9.thmb.jpg From supersonic travel to robotic legs, SOLIDWORKS is giving ideas wings
Nishant Arora | 16 Feb, 2018
Although supersonic travel bade goodbye over a decade ago with Concorde, a US-based start-up, Boom, is now developing a jetliner that will fly nearly 75 people -- at the cost of a business class ticket -- from New York to London in a little over three hours in 2023. 
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USA.9.jpg More Indians prefer US EB-5 visa route with assured migration, Green Card
Quaid Najmi | 13 Feb, 2018
A large number of Indians are queuing up to invest in businesses in the US through the EB-5 Investor Visa which assures migration with a quicker eligibility for acquiring the Green Card. 
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Realty.9.Thmb.jpg Govt addresses affordable housing, but larger issues remain unanswered
Sudhir Pai | 02 Feb, 2018
Much on expected lines, the government in Budget 2018-19 has continued with its thrust for Affordable Housing and Housing for All scheme. 
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Manufacturing.9..Thmb.jpg India witnessed infusion of AI across industries
Nishant Arora | 30 Jan, 2018
When it comes to disruptive technologies that will drive businesses in the coming years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is touted as the most promising and Indian enterprises across the spectrum began embracing it to enhance real-time user experiences. 
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budget-2018THMB.jpg Budget 2018 will be Modi govt's biggest challenge in 4 years
Amit Kapoor | 16 Jan, 2018
Unlike most countries, the budget is usually an eventful affair in India and is a heated topic of national conversation around the time of its release.  
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E-Commerce generic THMB The growing charm of online shopping fests
Bhavana Akella | 12 Jan, 2018
Late last year, business reporters from across the world were invited to Shanghai -- China's largest city -- to witness the people of the most populous country in the world shop relentlessly for 24 hours. 
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Karnika Seth THMB Cyberlaw highlights in 2017
Dr. Karnika Seth | 09 Jan, 2018
With Digital India initiative driving service providers to offer affordable plans for broadband services and mobile telephony, the mobile internet users in India was expected to reach 420 million by June 2017 itself. While India continues to bridge the digital divide in the country, an IAMAI survey in 2017 indicates mobile internet users in rural India continued to grow at much faster pace than in urban India. A report issued by CISCO in 2017 indicates India’s internet users would double by 2021.Digital movement is expected to take India’s internet users from 373 million in 2016 to 829 million by 2021. 
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new-year-2018THMB.jpg Four reasons why India can look forward to 2018
IndiaSpend Team | 02 Jan, 2018
The seeds of many positive changes were sown in 2017 and could bring news to cheer Indians in 2018. Here's a look at four positives. 
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