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Last updated: 13 Aug, 2022  
India.UK.9.Thmb.jpg Global Britain
Asad Mirza | 27 Dec, 2020
The recent bonhomie between India and the UK during the continuing Covid-19 pandemic indeed comes as a real surprise. 
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India.Growth.9.Thmb.jpg Decoding recovery path of the Indian economy
Niranjan Hiranandani | 22 Dec, 2020
No one ever thought of the scale and magnitude of disruption that was caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. In the aftermath, the resurgence would be equally trying especially in a country like ours with a complex economic framework. However, we need to applaud the government for paving the way for an impressive recovery, with a judicious mix of spending and structural reforms.  
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Farmer.9.Thmb.jpg Revival of agitational politics
D.C. Pathak | 14 Dec, 2020
The stir led by the agriculturists of Punjab against the recently enacted triple laws that were intended to reform the rural economy and enhance the income of farmers, predictably turned early into ustry, trade and commerce to the  
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Trump.9.Thmb.jpg The new team in Washington surveys West Asia Trump leaves behind
Saeed Naqvi | 07 Dec, 2020
For the new team being announced by the Biden administration any innovation can only follow repair work of the considerable wreckage that is being left behind by the outgoing team. 
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Infrastructure.Thmb.jpg Lure of long-term infrastructure investments would fuel India's economic growth
Dr. Niranjan Hiranandani | 01 Dec, 2020
The central governments move to identify 7,000 projects under the National Infrastructure pipeline will not just showcase India as a lucrative destination at the meet with global fund houses but also as a major contributor to global growth 
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Biden.9.Thmb.jpg India's expectations from Biden Presidency
D.C. Pathak | 24 Nov, 2020
Prime Minister Narendra Modi has personally congratulated President-elect Joe Biden on his success and used the occasion to emphasise on the importance of strategic partnership between the two countries. There is little doubt that the change of regime in the US will not affect the tested foundations of this friendship that were in fact laid with Obama administration declaring India as a major defence partner of the US. 
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Broadband.9.Thmb.jpg Ministry eye on OTT-online content
Vinod Mirani | 17 Nov, 2020
Since the first talked-about Made in India OTT content, Sacred Games, featured on Netflix in June 2018, there has been hue and cry about the kind of content that was peddled in the name of home entertainment. The feature was everything that the CBFC would have rejected after watching the first few minutes. Just about everybody who watched it found it gory, macabre replete with foul words, violence sans reason with overdose of sex, unnatural at that. 
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USA.9.Thmb.jpg Americans opt for change
D.C. PATHAK | 09 Nov, 2020
In a fiercely contested election in the US, Democrat nominee Joe Biden came home safe confirming an earlier reading that given the fact of the campaigns this time having focused largely on the domestic scene and the persona of President Donald Trump, there was a quiet undercurrent of disapproval of the way the outgoing President was functioning at home. 
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Manufacturing.9..Thmb.jpg Govt must support India's manufacturing sector
Anurag Singh | 01 Nov, 2020
Though India has emerged as the fastest-growing major economy over the past few years, its growth has primarily been driven by its services sector which contributes close to 55 per cent to the country's GDP compared to the manufacturing sector whose share in the GDP has stagnated at around 16 per cent.  
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Pollution.Emission.Thmb.jpg Pollution divides urban and rural
K Yatish Rajawat | 27 Oct, 2020
Expecting others to do the right thing is always a losing expectation. People want everybody else to keep the city clean, everybody else should not honk, everybody else is wasting and polluting and they are creating the problems, not them. This expectation always meets with frustration, hence smart politicians sometime harness it and direct it to people not like 'them'.  
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gst-thmb.jpg New Paint On Door One: A Bond Update
Suyash Choudhary | 17 Oct, 2020
The government has executed a re-think on the outstanding GST compensation issues by announcing intent to borrow itself under the Option 1 amount of INR 1,10,000 crores and allocating this to states as loans. It may be remembered that earlier the center had apparently insisted that 
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India.China.9.Thmb.jpg Chinese Chequers at LAC: Is India making the right moves?
The current China-India standoff in Eastern Ladakh has seen multiple rounds of talks failing to ease tensions, with continued troop build-up under the shadow of talks. While negotiations roll over to the seventh military-level talks amidst an environment of deep mistrust, there is very little hope that the promise of not sending additional troops to the borders will get implemented, despite logistics during winters making standoff even more complex. 
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Farmer.9.Thmb.jpg Farmers shouldn't worry about MSP and get misguided
Kailash Chaudhary | 12 Oct, 2020
Farmers shouldn't worry about the Minimum Support Price (MSP) for their crops as new farm laws will not affect procurement operations carried out by the government agencies. Farmers are 'Anndata' who produce grains to feed 130 crore people of the country, and betterment of 'Anndata' is the priority of Modi government. Therefore, they should not be misguided on the issue of MSP. 
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india flag THMB moving Primacy of development over politics
Jayanta Ghosal | 05 Oct, 2020
This story is from about 20 years ago! A person from Kolkata came to visit our office in Delhi. He got my address from somewhere, had hopped onto the Kalka Mail and come to meet me. He was only 22-years-old. What was the purpose of his visit? Just to get a job. 
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china.9.THMB.jpg Chinese imperialism poses incurable threat to the world
Binay Kumar Singh | 22 Sep, 2020
Two viruses have taken over the world. One, a minuscule creature called Covid-19, has killed more than 8,00,000 people around the globe, but is slowing down and will most likely be eliminated in the coming months. Vaccines have already been developed against it and once inoculated, citizens of the world can expect to go on with their normal lives. However, it is the second virus, that of Chinese imperialism, which poses a long term and a much more potent and incurable threat to the world at large. 
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India.Growth.9.Thmb.jpg India at the hairpin bend
Covid-19 caught the world off-guard. It is embarrassing. It is embarrassing that the economic distress is more acute in India than in the rest of the world, especially when India was projected by many as the emerging star. Published data indicates that GDP contracted by 23.9 per cent during the previous quarter, businesses have had to shut down, jobs are vanishing, incomes are stressed and with unfriendly taxation structures the expansion plans and investments by most businesses are on hold. 
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India.Bangladesh.9.Thmb.jpg Harnessing strategic ties with Dhaka
Jayanta Ghosal | 14 Sep, 2020
Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar has recently written a book on India's position on the implementation of foreign policy. The book was virtually launched last Thursday in Delhi at a function organised by the Observer Research Foundation. Jaishankar had written the book after retiring as Foreign Secretary. At the time, he had no idea that he would become the Foreign Minister.  
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India.China.9.Thmb.jpg Why are the Indian and Chinese economies decoupling?
Vikram Sood | 07 Sep, 2020
India has strong geopolitical, historical and economic reasons to disentangle itself from China's arms 
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India.Growth.9.Thmb.jpg Rural India: A case for cautious optimism and nuanced policy mix
Sreejith Balasubramanian | 01 Sep, 2020
One of the major reasons EMs are forecasted to register less negative growth in 2020, vs. AEs, is the higher share of agricultural output. In India, there is optimism around agriculture, and thus rural, being the brighter spot in a contractionary growth year. The RBI Governor, in the recently released MPC meeting minutes noted rural indicators have shown a sharp revival which, if sustained, can provide support to demand going forward. In this note, we look at the current situation and the structural nuances of rural India to gauge the legitimacy of this optimism and the need for a nuanced policy approach. 
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India.Growth.9.Thmb.jpg Indian economy's twin-engine heart needs land leasing push
Poornima Advani | 24 Aug, 2020
In the bleak Covid scenario, a rare bright spot has emerged with Indian corporates waking up to the rural sector's potential. However, forging a deeper synergy of the two that can pivot India's economy would require pushing through impending changes in land leasing laws. 
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Entrepreneurs.9.Thmb.jpg The heart of business
Himanshu Manglik | 18 Aug, 2020
The Covid Syndrome will haunt us for years. Businesses are bleeding and human misery is escalating and many businesses are caught in this Covid trap. The business of business is to make profits. Yet, business and corporates are frequently criticised for not spending enough on community and social welfare. There are people who believe that business is prospering at the expense of society. 
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India.Growth.9.Thmb.jpg Dual-class shares: Essential for Atmanirbhar Bharat
As India debates the tools and mechanisms to drive the next phase of growth, attention towards mechanisms in the capital markets that can help provide wings to India's objective is essential. While a variety of measures have been assessed, one that specifically deserves attention is the need for India 
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Farmer.9.Thmb.jpg Importance of technology in Indian agriculture
Kailash Choudhary | 02 Aug, 2020
Indian civilisation is one of oldest civilisations in the world and similarly Indian agriculture is also of the same age. Ancient Indian farmers were quite rich because agriculture was the most advanced and prestigious occupation of that time. Fifty per cent of the population is still dependent on agriculture and occupations related to agriculture. 
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Covid.9.thmb.jpg Is veganism the future of food in a post-Covid-19 era?
Puja Gupta | 25 Jul, 2020
People worldwide are recognising the devastating toll of the animal agribusiness on the environment, human health, and our collective sense of ethics. Theres still a long way to go, however, the tide is turning. With vegan (non-dairy) variants of almost every food product and ingredient available, people are increasingly turning towards sustainable eating as their food preference. 
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Farmer.9.Thmb.jpg Ordinances to transform agriculture sector
Kailash Choudhary | 21 Jul, 2020
For a very long time, reforms in agriculture marketing have been debated, but no decisive action had been taken. It required leadership and political will to unshackle the farmers from the vice-like grip of intermediaries who take away a large slice of farmers' income by resorting to cartelisation and unfair arbitrage. 
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Handshake.9.Thmb.jpg Digital play with Indian business models
The last decade has seen rapid digitisation. However, the last three months have seen the pace of digitisation accelerate rapidly. Even as the world adjusts to a new normal, the ability to leverage digitisation to improve, create and innovate business models will be vital in deciding the winners of the future. In India, in this context, the two issues that assume significant importance are business models that can monetise user bases using transactions and the ability of technological solutions to create disruptors and opportunities in previously unexplored corners 
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USA.9.Thmb.jpg Sagging electoral prospects behind Trump's H-1B action
FRANK F. ISLAM | 11 Jul, 2020
On June 22, US President Donald Trump issued an executive order suspending the entry of a number of non-immigrant work visa holders into the US till the end of the year. The visa categories affected include, most notably, H-1B, which has been used by more than a million Indian information technology professionals since the 1990s and L1 visa used by US companies to bring in workers from their Indian offices.  
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Satellite.Thmb.jpg India set for breaking new space horizons
LT. -GEN PJS PANNU | 06 Jul, 2020
India has taken a historic stride towards opening up its space sector for private participation with the creation of IN-SPACe. I have met many exuberant youngsters in the past with eyes set on space who unfortunately could not walk through the system in the absence of a transparent policy framework.  
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Telecom.9.Thmb.jpg Premiumisation: Key play for India
SME Times News Bureau | 29 Jun, 2020
As the Indian consumer market recovers from the Corona-induced lockdown and the ailing economy gradually heads back to normalcy, the spate of deal-making in the telecom sector has firmly brought the focus on the Indian consumer markets and the potential the consumer market holds in the foreseeable future.  
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Internet banking generic THMB India needs ubiquitous IoT connectivity to be truly Atmanirbhar
Sundeep Khanna | 22 Jun, 2020
The world is witnessing the fourth industrial revolution. Ever newer technologies are changing the way industries and businesses operate. In the midst of all this, Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence are playing a key role in IR 4.0, which will create smart factories. 
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India.Growth.9.Thmb.jpg A recipe for a $5 trillion economy by 2024
Pradip Baijal | 15 Jun, 2020
India always had problems in dealing with spectrum.  
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Branding.9.Thmb.jpg Creating global Indian brands: The next frontier
As we look to restart the economy and build on India's competitive advantages in the future, it is time for Indian businesses and investors to focus on building Indian brands for the global stage. Despite the issues the pandemic has thrown up, the plethora of investors who have evinced interest in being part of the Indian recovery like in the telecom sector linked companies in India demonstrates that global interest in the Indian consumer market is strong. 
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Marketing.9.Thmb.jpg Marketing -- In the times of the rogue virus
Himanshu Manglik | 01 Jun, 2020
Consumers and businesses are in flux, especially during the past many months, as they stagger around trying to react to the rogue virus Covid-19. Many companies who have tentative mindsets and lean budgets seem to have slashed marketing communication budgets to a whimper, as they slide back to a cautious 'show me the demand' syndrome. Brand relationships cannot be turned on and off. When brands go silent in times of crisis they shouldn't be surprised if consumers forget them as well. Unless they find ways to engage and stay relevant, the current scenario can be a horror movie. They will just have to watch demand sliding over the precipice. 
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Tax.9.Thmb.jpg Taxes, prices and restructurings: Moving ahead in the times of corona
As economies slowly open across the globe, the ramifications of the coronavirus pandemic on global trade and geopolitics are gradually playing out. Amid rapidly evolving global trade dynamics, India's focus on attracting manufacturing firms to India is a step in the right direction. 
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Covid.9.thmb.jpg Corona pandemic put the governance on test
D.C. PATHAK (former Director Intelligence Bureau) | 19 May, 2020
Addressing the nation on May 12 -- in the backdrop of a loud demand for economic stimulus, criticism of the handling of migrants and the growing impatience of the people with corona prohibitions -- Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced an economic recovery package of Rs twenty lakh crore 
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china.9.THMB.jpg Dealing with China in post-Covid times
FRANK F. ISLAM | 12 May, 2020
There is no doubt that China is where the coronavirus originated. There should be doubt and concerns, however, about China's actions at that time and since. Much can be learned by analyzing what China did at the onset of the virus; what it did as the coronavirus spread and became a pandemic; and how China has interacted with the US as this evolved. Finally, it is worth considering what this could mean for future relations between China and India. 
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Lock9.thmb.jpg Fixing medical priorities in lockdown 3.0
DODUL MONDAL | 04 May, 2020
So, we have entered the third phase of nationwide lockdown to contain the COVID-19 pandemic. The initial turbulence has now settled down to a great extent in terms of peoples' acceptance and willingness to follow this lockdown. Apart from a few stray incidences of rule violations, India has been doing much better than many other countries in the world, better than many first world countries. 
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Infrastructure.9.thmb.jpg Savings and infrastructure in the post Covid-19 world
Taponeel Mukherjee | 27 Apr, 2020
As we see even more of the global impact of the Covid-19 outbreak on healthcare and economics, a healthcare and financial catastrophe of such magnitude will impact current economic and financial trends and create new ones as well. From an Indian perspective, it would be prudent to watch out on three issues that will impact the Indian economy and deserve vital attention. 
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Mukesh.9.Thmb.jpg Current scenario of Indian toy industry and its future trends
Mukesh Jagwani | 14 Apr, 2020
With 26% of the population under the age of 15 years, it’s no surprise that Indian toy industry is accelerating. Valued at US$ 1.5 Billion in 2018, registering a CAGR of 15.9% during the year 2011- 2018. According to market research firm IMARC, the market is further estimated to cross US$ 3.3 Billion by 2024, growing at a CAGR of 13.3% during 2019-2024. 
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India.Growth.9.Thmb.jpg Negotiating an exit strategy
D.C. Pathak | 10 Apr, 2020
Optimistic readings of experts including the Director of AIIMS, Delhi about the effectiveness of the 21-day lockdown in mitigating the danger of 'community spread' of the corona virus in India, were in the backdrop when Prime Minister Narendra Modi interacted with the Chief Ministers through tele-conferencing on April 2 for reviewing the pandemic scene. He emphasised that there would be no 'business as usual' but urged them to deliberate on a staggered 'exit strategy' to be shared with the Centre to help the decision-making on whether the lockdown was to be extended or not. 
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Rupee.9.New.Thmb.jpg Cash is King - Conserve Cash
Arun Kejriwal | 07 Apr, 2020
The markets were under pressure in the week gone by and lost on three of the four trading days. BSESENSEX was down 2,224.84 points or 7.46 per cent at 27,590.75 points whilst NIFTY was down 576.45 points or 6.66 per cent at 8,083.80 points 
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RBI.9.Thmb.jpg The big bang RBI stimulus
The slew of announcements by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to lower the repo rate, reverse repo rate, cash reserve ratio and allowing financial institutions the bandwidth to offer a three month EMI moratorium are all much needed and welcome as India grapples  
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Recession generic THMB Is global recession likely in 2020?
ACHINT ARORA | 24 Mar, 2020
A recession is a macroeconomic term that refers to a significant decline in general economic activity in a designated region. However, the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER), defines a recession as a significant decline in economic activity spread across the economy, lasting more than a few months, normally visible in real GDP, real income, employment, industrial production, and wholesale-retail sales. As restaurants, airlines, shops, factories are all shut down around the globe, we could be staring at a global recession very soon. 
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Globe.Thmb.jpg Fighting it with common sense
D.C. PATHAK | 17 Mar, 2020
Perhaps the most meaningful observation about corona virus that a medical professional made in an interview, was that 'the virus has understood us better than we have understood it' thereby suggesting that we are up against an invisible enemy that required what in security parlance was called a 'counter intelligence' effort  
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Doctor.9.Thmb.jpg Healthcare: India and US can learn from each other
Frank F. Islam | 10 Mar, 2020
India and the United States of America are the two largest democracies in the world. For most of this 21st century, they have served as solid examples for others to follow. The same cannot be said for their delivery of healthcare. The World Health Organization (WHO) provided its first and only ranking of health systems in 2000. The US ranked 37 and India ranked 112 out of 191 countries.  
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Realty.9.Thmb.jpg Retail real estate and brand building
A look at the numbers from the top two web retailers, Flipkart and Amazon, in India from last year's 15-day festival period in October shows an average order value in the range of Rs 1,400 to Rs 2,000. While the rise of e-commerce is not in question 
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Employee.9.Thmb.jpg Evolving business models of coworking in India
Ramesh Nair | 25 Feb, 2020
Conducive and productive workspaces have become the need of the hour when it comes to providing the right environment to employees and helping them foster growth. With the introduction of coworking spaces and their acceptance in the country, the industry has changed notions about what a typical workspace is and what the functions of a healthy work environment should be. Where earlier the industry was less agile to the changing market and demographic forces, it is now understanding and incorporating elements that can expand and contract operations quickly and give a range of options to its workforce. 
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Branding.9.thmb.jpg Creating sustainable business models
SME Times News Bureau | 17 Feb, 2020
As we move ahead with the next phase of growth and dynamic changes in sectors across the spectrum from consumer-related businesses to infrastructure in India, a focus on long-term sustainable business models that can deliver both growth and cashflows will be essential.  
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Rupee.9.Thmb.jpg Building credit institutions of tomorrow
Given India's need for infrastructure expansion and the infrastructure financing gap, attention needs to turn from the overall macroeconomic view on sectors and funding towards the microstructure of the credit markets in India. This focus on the microstructure is a must to create the necessary dynamics that can help finance and expedite infrastructure creation in India.  
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India.Growth.9.Thmb.jpg A safe inclusive Budget in current economic situation
Sunjay Kapur | 04 Feb, 2020
Overall the Budget 2020 has tried to factor in the current economic situation and consumer sentiment. It has taken into cognizance the aspirations of the youth and women, both of whom play significant roles in the economic matrix. Rural and agricultural context, education, healthcare, women, and children feature predominantly; with allocations for the betterment of SC/ST who have long been the marginalised populace within the social fabric. 
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Train.9.Thmb.jpg Getting private rail on track
Fundamental to business success over and above external market conditions is the ability of a business to move the levers of revenues and costs to drive a sustainable profit margin. As crucial decisions around allowing private players to operate passenger trains are made, a relook at the fundamental requirements for success would be appropriate. 
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Rupee.9.New.Thmb.jpg Investment Strategy 2.0
Recently, market commentator Saurabh Mukherjea pointed out the formalisation in various sectors of the Indian economy leading to the emergence of one or two giants in each industry, thereby creating a market structure where a larger share of the profits sits with fewer firms. 
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Oil.Edible.9.Thmb.jpg Budget 2020 expectations of Indian mustard oil industry
Vivek Puri | 14 Jan, 2020
India has emerged as the largest importer of edible oil in the world. The country imported millions of tonnes of edible oil last year from October 2018 to November 2019, which is a record in itself. The nation's dependence on imported oil is expected to reach alarming levels up to 60-65 per cent. 
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India.Growth.9.Thmb.jpg How secure will India be in 2020?
Maj Gen (RETD) S.B. ASTHANA | 07 Jan, 2020
National Security has a wide span and needs to cover much wider period for any meaningful analysis, but to be realistic about current security dynamics of the country, speculating the immediate trends under the existing realities may be useful, especially in a high voltage political scenario in the country.  
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