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Last updated: 13 Aug, 2022  
India.Growth.9.Thmb.jpg Eastern Economic Forum: A Grand Strategic Opportunity for India
ANDREW KORYBKO (Source: IANS) | 08 Aug, 2022
The 7th Eastern Economic Forum (EEF) will take place in Russia's Far Eastern port of Vladivostok from 5-8 September and represents a grand strategic opportunity for India.  
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EU.9.Thmb.jpg Europe scorched
Asad Mirza (Source: IANS) | 02 Aug, 2022
The extreme temperatures witnessed in Europe during the last fortnight, are the results of our own making, and maybe this is a wake-up call for the humans to stop playing with nature.  
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china.9.THMB.jpg Is China a threat or an opportunity to Russia?
Dmitry Kosyrev (Source: IANS) | 26 Jul, 2022
That was just another political talk show on Russian TV, and, to make things lively, the editors rolled out a question list to all the attendees: Is China a sincere and powerful friend to Moscow in the current crisis, or is it a very fickle friend not to be trusted?  
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India.Growth.9.Thmb.jpg The current paradigms of Internal Security
DC PATHAK | 18 Jul, 2022
Security is essentially a combination of measures designed to protect the nation from the 'covert' offensives of an enemy. Security is not a one-time event as the threat scenario can change over a period of time -- it is also in principle to be regarded as a 'matter of degree' always open to improvement.  
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IPR.9.Thmb.jpg Skills Enhancement: Way forward for Indian Madrassas
Asad Mirza (Source: IANS) | 11 Jul, 2022
Ever since their emergence, the Madrassas in India have persisted with a curriculum that has seen few changes. The fact that literally, lakhs of Muslim children acquire their primary, and perhaps their only formal education in these Madrassas where only literature and Islamic studies with a cursory knowledge of social sciences are taught, should be a matter of concern not only to their parents, but also to anybody concerned with education in any manner.  
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Modi.9.Thmb.jpg Politics by proxy is disturbing internal peace
DC PATHAK (Source: IANS) | 04 Jul, 2022
The diminished opposition in the second term of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in office has stepped up its propaganda offensive against the regime and in concert with certain civil society fora in the country and anti-India lobbies abroad, tried to build narratives to project Prime Minister Narendra Modi as a practitioner of majoritarianism, authoritarianism and an anti-minority policy.  
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IPR.9.Thmb.jpg Business Intelligence is crucial for corporate success in Covid times
D.C. PATHAK (Source: IANS) | 28 Jun, 2022
In the age of knowledge ushered in by the IT revolution, success in business is mandated on the corporate entity being well-informed about the environ around and committed to knowledge-based decision making -- the latter being the new hallmark of leadership, different from the past in as much as no one could claim any more to be a leader mainly on the strength of 'inheritance' or personal 'charisma'.  
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bitcoin-thmb.jpg The Crypto Saga Unfolds
Satish Reddy (Source: IANS) | 21 Jun, 2022
There is no dearth of issues in the financial world with sharply dividing opinions. Please welcome the new entrant, Cryptocurrencies, rapidly emerging as the most prominent bell weather of the global economy.  
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BSE.New4.THMB.jpg Rate hikes and downward pressure to weigh on markets
Arun Kejriwal (Source: IANS) | 12 Jun, 2022
Markets were under pressure on expected lines and lost on four of the five trading sessions. Thursday was the sole exception for the week when markets recovered ground quite sharply driven and led by one stock. BSESENSEX lost 1,465.79 points or 2.63 per cent to close at 54,303.44 points, while NIFTY lost 382.50 points or 2.31 per cent to close at 16,201.80 points. The broader markets saw BSE100, BSE200 and BSE500 lose 2.17 per cent, 2.07 per cent and 2.06 per cent, respectively. BSEMIDCAP lost 1.25 per cent, while BSESMALLCAP lost 2.00 per cent.  
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Modi.9.Thmb.jpg World endorses PM Modi's call for economic development for peace
D.C. PATHAK | 06 Jun, 2022
At the core of India's foreign policy under Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the mandate that bilateral relations with all would be based on mutual security and economic interests, 
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India.Growth.9.Thmb.jpg Democratic India has to have a national identity
D.C. PATHAK (Source: IANS) | 30 May, 2022
The Preamble to the Constitution of India describes maintenance of 'unity and integrity of the nation' as its prime objective. Reference to India being a Union of States is for defining the pattern of governance that the Constitution was to lay down in its text. It is strange that the world's largest democracy born in  
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India.Growth.9.Thmb.jpg Not walking alone: A bond and macro update
Suyash Choudhary (Source: IANS) | 23 May, 2022
The government announced a series of steps aimed at providing some relief against the unprecedented commodity price shocks being felt post the geopolitical escalations. Chief amongst these was a Rs 8 and Rs 6 cut, respectively in excise duties on petrol and diesel prices per litre. Apart from these, a Rs 200 subsidy on LPG cylinders  
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Employee.9.Thmb.jpg Hybrid work environment is a welcome evolution of management
D.C. PATHAK | 17 May, 2022
Work from home, a practice businesses were compelled to adopt due to Covid, was initially seen as a 'disruptive' outcome of the pandemic lockdown for both the corporate body as well as the employees -- it had particularly forced the latter to remain indoors and thus put on them the onus of proving their continued utility for their pay masters.  
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India.Growth.9.Thmb.jpg India's thrust at the global stage
D.C. PATHAK | 12 May, 2022
A nation's strategic approach is by definition meant to take care of the security and economic interests of the country and it is truly remarkable that Prime Minister Narendra Modi's policy on international relations has stood its ground amid a festering Ukraine-Russia military conflict, deepening geopolitical alienation between US -led West and the Russia-China camp and the progressively hardening regime of economic sanctions imposed by the US and its allies against Russia.  
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OPEC2.Thmb.jpg No OPEC or a new OPEC?
Asad Mirza | 09 May, 2022
After working on devising methods to counter moves by OPEC (Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries), the largest consortium of oil producing nations across the globe, over the last two decades considered detrimental to the US 
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India.UK.9.Thmb.jpg Indo-UK ties on a new track?
Asad Mirza | 29 Apr, 2022
In Persian there is an old proverb: "Amad'an, nashist'am, ghuft'am, barkhas'tam'", meaning "they came, they sat, they talked and then dispersed". 
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India.Growth.9.Thmb.jpg Tough days ahead for India?
Asad Mirza | 26 Apr, 2022
The regional economic and political developments may have a near-immediate effect on the Indian economy, apart from the internal pressures.  
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Globe.Thmb.jpg Apply Newton's law for a healthy planet and life
Pavan Kaushik | 15 Apr, 2022
The theme for the world health day, 2022 is "Our Planet, Our Health". As, the law of Newton says -- "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction". What we give to the nature, the nature reciprocates accordingly. It would not be wrong to say that "a healthy planet makes the life healthier and if we try to break this natural life cycle of replenishing the planet, it would certainly affect a healthy life".  
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India.Growth.9.Thmb.jpg India charting its own path
Asad Mirza | 09 Apr, 2022
The last one-month has shown the tenacity and astuteness of the Indian foreign policy, and the "correctional change" which the current polity is trying to achieve through it.  
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Gold.9.Thmb.jpg Transforming gold investments in India
SME Times News Bureau | 04 Apr, 2022
Gold has always been an essential part of the socio-economic-cultural ethos of every Indian. As an investment, it has always carried with it the tendency of invoking a sense of sentimental attachment. Despite its tremendous significance, gold investments did not keep pace in terms of ease of buying, storing, and safety. These factors motivated BSE to create a transparent and efficient investment mechanism for gold.  
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water.thmb.jpg India captures only 8% of 4K billion cubic meters of rain
Pavan Kaushik | 28 Mar, 2022
Many historians and archaeologi­sts believe that the Indus Valley Civi­lisation that existed about 2,500 years ago mysteriously lost its existence and disappeared suddenly due to catastrophic water scarcity caused either by shifting rivers or by drastic climate change.  
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Sri.Lanka.9.Thmb.jpg India acts big brother to Sri Lanka
Asad Mirza | 22 Mar, 2022
Indian policy in the region towards smaller countries, seems to be paying dividends, as compared to China, which is more and more is being seen as a hawk, intent on taking over smaller countries natural resources.  
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Population generic THMB 'SuPoshan Sanginis': Sheroes changing the rural women's world
KAVITA SARDANA | 13 Mar, 2022
Men and women are often differentiated based on "gender role" and the tasks assigned to them. The question is who has defined these roles and assigns these tasks? And are they still valid? Are we confining our present potential just to uphold age-old societal constructs? Other biological and anatomical differences aside, both genders have one brain and one heart to function.  
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Russia.Ukraine.9.thmb.jpg What India can learn from the Russia-Ukraine crisis
Deepika Bhan | 08 Mar, 2022
As the US-EU combine came out with a slew of sanctions against Russia and big tech companies followed suit enthusiastically, the stark reality hit home. The West can use financial and social media platforms as weapons against any country that falls foul of it.  
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India.Russia.9.Thmb.jpg Why India needs to pursue neutrality over Ukraine
Deepika Bhan | 27 Feb, 2022
As pictures of wounded women, bombed buildings, rolling tanks, fighter jet strikes and desperate civilians in Ukraine flood the TV screens and social media, India was expected to condemn the perpetrator. After all, India continues to suffer because of the expansionist policies of China and Pakistan.  
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Covid.9.thmb.jpg Covid Effect: Reconciling the global with the local
DC PATHAK | 22 Feb, 2022
Management of business would be written afresh in the phase of post-Covid economic recovery and some significant new concepts would be incorporated for their long term relevance -- compelled by the 'evolutionary' impact of the pandemic.  
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India.Growth.9.Thmb.jpg The Importance of All India Civil Services
DC PATHAK | 13 Feb, 2022
Perhaps the most crucial decision of the then national leadership of free India about the strategy of management of the new democratic Republic was to retain the 'steel frame' left behind by the British in the form of ICS and IP and establish IAS and IPS as the All India Civil Services to succeed them.  
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Exports.9.Thmb.jpg Insertion of new section 135AA in Customs Act, 1962 - Was it a necessity or response to inaction under existing legislations?
Somesh Arora | 08 Feb, 2022
The recent budget through Finance Bill has sought introduction of Section 135AA as a part of the Customs Act, 1962 the same is reproduced below:  
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budget-indiaTHMB.jpeg Battered by Covid, common folk crave for a miracle budget
SME Times News Bureau | 01 Feb, 2022
If wishes were horses, then 'Nirmala would lower all prices'. The change in the original proverb may seem contrived, but the thought is not unwarranted, as it reflects the sentiment of common folk in the country today.  
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Oil.Edible.9.Thmb.jpg The need to prioritise a mustard policy
Vivek Puri | 24 Jan, 2022
We would like to start out by thanking the Government for banning futures trading in mustard on the NCDEX from 20th December 2021 for a period of one year. This is a very timely intervention in a critical situation wherein the prices of mustard and mustard oil have been skyrocketing, making this edible oil unaffordable for middle class consumers. 
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BSE.9.Thmb.jpg New highs are within approaching distance - When would they be crossed?
Arun Kejriwal | 17 Jan, 2022
Markets were on a roll last week and did much better than expected. The only note of caution was towards the second half of the week when on Thursday the rise was much less than the earlier days and Friday saw 
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Handshake.9.Thmb.jpg Strained Indo-Maldives relations
Asad Mirza | 11 Jan, 2022
A lot has happened in the bilateral relations between India and Maldives during the last 10 years. The relations which were once described as one of the most vibrant and dynamic, have turned into one in which India has been painted as a villain. Though the genesis started 10 years back, yet it gathered further momentum during the last three years particularly, resulting in ‘India Out campaign on the social media. 
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china.9.THMB.jpg The Dragon's long shadow on Sri Lanka
Sumit Kumar Singh | 02 Jan, 2022
For some South Asian countries like Sri Lanka, Myanmar and Bangladesh, the 'China Nightmare' is no longer just a bad dream. It is a living reality, which continues to threaten the countries' national interests, and eat away at their very sovereignty. 
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