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Last updated: 27 Sep, 2014  

Survey Reveals Most Aspiring Brands of Digital India

PR Newswire | 23 Sep, 2014
KOLKATA: The call of the Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi to transform India into 'Digital India' has created a strong sense of enthusiasm in the mind of young Indians. The 3 Ds that the prime minister had already described as 'democracy', 'demography' and 'demand' have now got their fourth counterpart, the fourth D, i.e., 'digital India'. The PM said that 'digital India' is not an elite concept anymore and that we have to use the idea to revolutionize health and education in India. In fact, it is not just health and education sectors that will be transformed as a result of the digital storm, but there will be progress across all sectors. The PM's message of transforming India into a digitally progressed nation has created an enormous opportunity for all round development and growth of the country. The concept is giving out a signal that digital India is now a category in its own right; that digital India is a great media for advertisement, communication and consumer engagement; that digital India is the new line of supply management; and, most importantly, digital India is now the voice of the aspiring Indian youth.

The new digital wave has given birth to digital consumerism. As digitally active consumers have embraced the Internet, telecom, media and social networking sites, their choice and purchasing decisions have also undergone a change, leading to an era of digital consumerism. Rise in the number of consumers who shop and interact with brands online have opened a tremendous growth opportunity for companies and brands, as it has opened the scope of stiff competition as well. is India's No. 1 digital media of consumer engagement platform, making it the most appropriate platform to carry out a survey and find out which are the most aspiring brands of the digital India.

Opinion Square, foreseegame's unique platform, seeks the opinion of consumers through a set of well-placed, strategic questions. At the same time it strives to know the aspiration of the consumers and tap the mind of the Indians. The traditional way of seeking opinions involves carrying out surveys which again includes appropriate sampling, quality of sampling and crucial management of quality and data. provides exactly that sort of engagement while successfully combining quality with connectivity. foreseegame's 360 degree consumer engagement programme ranges from a two-way communication to co-creation by means of engagement through audios and videos and participation in activities that entail social responsibility.

The latest Opinion Square report on The Most Aspiring Brands of Digital India, wanted to read the mind of common Indians and sought to gauge their aspiration about various brands. There are some brands the consumers adore, and there are others which they do not feel comfortable with. This brand relationship has a lot to do with the position of a brand. Despite creating impressive advertisements and holding brand awareness campaigns, some companies fail miserably at building enduring relationship with the consumers. Brands that can successfully build a two-way communication with their consumers sustain in the long run.'s latest Opinion Square, 'The Most Aspiring Brands of Digital India', is the most comprehensive brand surveys of recent times. The survey report presents the major brands' position in the market in contrast with their competitor brands. We prefer to call it 'digital' because our survey is aimed towards those who are essentially netizens. The survey spans over 15 categories of products and services that are essential needs of common people.

The categories of products and services that have been included in the survey are personal care, home care and décor, consumer durables, electronics and gadgets, food & beverages, lifestyle, baby care products, gem & jewellery, infotainment & education, online shopping, retail store chains, eating out, travel & tourism, automobiles and banking & insurance. The survey results are completely unbiased and reflects the true choice of digital India.

The important finding is that in order to come up on top, a brand need not splurge on celebrity endorsement. Signing celebrities merely as the brand ambassador does not create aspiration in the minds of Indian consumers. A brand needs to have a powerful consumer engagement programme to make the consumers conscious about the brand's presence.

In this context it would be relevant to look back to one of our earlier Opinion Square report, titled 'The Outlook of Indian Youth'.

    Confirming to the worries of the advertisers, 82% of the respondents said that they simply flipped the channel or indulged themselves in other activities like checking e-mails or finishing pending casual works. Only 18% said they see and enjoy the ads.
    Similarly when it came to news Indian youth did not make much discrimination between different modes to receive it. 28% respondents said that they catch news from Internet portals while 26% preferred to get it from television. 25% resorted to mobile net while 21% stick with newspapers.
    It was further noticed that features and quality as well as the brand name rule Indian youth's shopping habit. When buying a new product 39% of respondents check the features and qualities of the product while 26% rely on the brand value. Price is also a factor with 20% of the respondents checking the price point while buying a product. Factors like availability and celebrity endorsement associated with the product have taken a backseat with only 7% and 8% votes respectively.

Secondly, social responsibility is a leading priority to the Indian consumers. 'Being Human', a clothing lineup in a close connection with a charitable trust that helps underprivileged children across India, has come up to the second position as the most aspiring western wear range beating a number of established clothing giants. It is because the brand relates with being socially responsible and communicates with consumers. The consumers' connection and participation to social responsibility is playing an integral role in creating the most aspiring brands of digital India.

Social responsibility is critical for any brand to drive the aspiration of the consumers. But the main problem is how to communicate with the consumers. Spending on advertisement could be a way but is has two problems: a) it involves huge budget to communicate with a billion people; b) the communication itself may go negative as there can be perception that the brand itself is beating the drum of its own charity. Now what the solution is? Again it is participation and engagement. It is evident for the brands that they must do social responsibility but merely drawing donation cheques won't suffice. There has to be community participation. The platform of provides the same with unique positioning.

Third, the brands that have active two-way consumer engagement programme are positioned better than brands splurging on advertisements through one-way communication.

The divide of urban and rural India has been replaced by 'digitally connected' and 'not digitally connected'. The digitally connected group of people are more vocal and express their opinions in social media and they are the opinion makers for the brands.

About 22,000 participants have participated in the survey from all parts of India; however, the limitation of this sample is that it is from the group of people who are users of Internet.

Check the full report at to find out more about the top scoring brands. The report is a dependable reference point for brands and companies who are keen to conduct consumer surveys on their product/industry.

About is India's No. 1 innovative digital media of consumer engagement, which provides a platform for two way communication and engagement between the brands and the consumers. provides a platform through which brands would be able to engage consumers better. foreseegame's digital platform helps brands build 2 lakh customers in a year by engaging 10 lakh of consumers. For any clarification, please mail our Chief Marketing Officer Ms. Supriya Nair at

Media Contact: Atish Roy,, +91-33-6651-2110, Microsec Technologies Limited

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