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Last updated: 27 Sep, 2014 Makes 'Choice' a Wonderful Gift

PR Newswire | 05 Aug, 2014
BANGALORE: Buying for yourself is tough, buying for someone else is tougher. Gifting involves at least two people in the buying process - the gifter or gift sender and the giftee or gift receiver. Both the gifter and giftee face one challenge each in the gifting process. The gifter always grapples with the issue of finding the perfect gift according to a predefined budget, location, interests, age, occasion etc. of the receiver. On the other hand, the receiver is generally unhappy with the gift, either because he/she already has it or because it is of no use. These two problems have made the exchange of gifts a very formal and uninteresting exercise, both for the sender and the receiver. The problem is even more complex when a single person in HR or marketing etc. decides the gifting choices for a diverse set of employees, channel partners or consumers, each of who have different interests, tastes etc.

Giftxoxo is a unique gifting company which solves these two fundamental problems in the gifting industry. Giftxoxo brings novel and effective solutions to these problems through its discovery and choice gifting products. Giftxoxo's discovery and recommendation platform gives the gifter the best gift options according to various parameters. It also suggests gift options according to the social graph and buying pattern of the gift receiver. This solves the problem of finding the perfect gift. Giftxoxo Experience Gift Box, XOXO voucher and choice cards solve the receiver's problem. Each of these products is designed around the concept of choice. The receiver thus gets to choose any one option from the choice gift box.

Organisations turn to when they want effective ways to thank their customers and employees or stimulate a desired action. That is because the company has the right products and technology to handle the complexity of choice in an organisation.

Giftxoxo has the following innovative solutions to offer:

1. Gifting Discovery Engine and Recommendation Platform: Giftxoxo provides an advance gift discovery and recommendation engine to the gifter. One can find gift options from across different categories like experience gifts, gift cards, gift vouchers, cakes, flowers, chocolates, and products. Giftxoxo has more than 50 product categories to choose from. Some of the best gifting products are aggregated from over 100 different retailers to suggest the best gifting options to a customer. This platform also uses advanced algorithms to suggest gift options according to a user's social graph, browsing history, user interests, age group, occasions, price range and more.

2. Giftxoxo Experiences: Giftxoxo Experience Gift Box allows the receiver to choose among the various experience options in the box. Each experience in the box is handpicked and packaged in an elegant keepsake box. One can choose from over 2000+ experiences in various categories across India. Some examples are a microlight flying experience, Bollywood film tour, horse riding session, yacht dining, pottery class and many more. Each experience is exclusive and curated from various categories like gourmet, health and wellness, arts and learning, tours and travel, adventure, and corporate social responsibility. The experiences are valid for an individual or couple or family or group or teams. This gift box can be personalised with the receiver's name/message/logo etc. To add more flexibility, the user can also add some products or voucher options in this gift box. These gift boxes are presented in ready-to-consume formats and can be delivered within 2-5 days anywhere in India. This solves the problem of the receiver, who would definitely enjoy the gift as he/she would like at least one of the gift options in the box. Even if someone does not like any of the options, there is always an option to swap the gift with some other option on the Giftxoxo website.

3. XOXO Voucher: This voucher is an umbrella voucher which can be used to buy any of the 270+ gift cards or gift vouchers or digitial vouchers listed on the Giftxoxo website. This voucher again gives flexibility and choice to the receiver. The user can choose to use this voucher to buy any of the gift vouchers, experiences or unique gift items listed on the Giftxoxo website. One can combine multiple XOXO vouchers and can also save them into XOXO credits for future use.

4. Choice Cards: Giftxoxo choice cards are an excellent product to handle the complexity of choice in the consumer and trade promotions. Most of the marketers face challenges in deciding the right gift for their trade, channel partners or consumers. A 'one size fits all' kind of product or service does not really excite a complex set of consumers spread across different locations. Giftxoxo choice cards solve this problem by giving a choice to the consumer or trade partner to choose the gift he or she would like to receive from the company. In this way a marketer's target of consumer or channel partner satisfaction is met. At the same time, the consumer or channel partner is happy to receive the gift of their choice.

About Giftxoxo is an online gifting discovery and choice platform. Started in early 2012, the company works with over 250 corporate clients. Giftxoxo is uniquely positioned to solve the problem of discovery and choice in the gifting industry with over 1000 B2C transactions every month.

For more information, visit

Media Contact: Manoj Agarwal,, +91-9686575878, Co-Founder

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