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Last updated: 06 Oct, 2015  

Employee.Thmb.jpg Solution to reservation by Shiv Khera

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Qualified Learning Systems | 06 Oct, 2015
Shiv Khera, Founder of Qualified Learning Systems has condemned the intention of several political parties to politicise the reservation issue in the country. Nation has suffered badly due to divide and rule policy of political parties and urged the leaders not to further kindle the caste based system just to gain power and form government at centre, state, panchayat.

In his statement, Khera asserted that country will deteriorate its economic, social and cultural aspects if reservation issue is not taken earnestly. Although, he congratulated Modi Led NDA government for taking exuberant steps to take nation to higher level but blamed Bhartiya Janta Party's decision of awarding OBC category to Jaat community in Rajasthan in the year 1999.

The caste based politics divided Hindu community just to gain vote share in the state. The tragedy is that the Jaats became backward overnight just because of BJPs vote bank during election time in 1999. There was no ground to declare them as backwards other than a vote bank.

Considering the political vested interest, Hardik Patel's comment "either remove reservation or provide it to Patel community/Patidar caste as well sounds reasonable". Similarly, the Vaish community is considered to be backward in Bihar and is considered forward in rest of the country. It is a disgrace to our nation added Khera.

He said, why should we not bring equality and dignity to all of our citizens which is guaranteed by constitution of India. Amending Article 46 of Indian constitution seems to be the need of the hour so that caste based politics comes to an end.

Khera said, "The way caste is being used as a tool in the hand of dirty politicians, it is causing nothing but hatred within different sections of citizens. If this continues the way it is going the country is heading for another partition during our lifetime".

He also asserted that proponents of reservation who are of the opinion that caste based reservations are corrective measures for some past mistakes, the way Khera see it the ill effect are a million time more than any so called corrective measures.

To sacrifice the larger interest for the sake of a smaller interest is not acceptable. No mater how big the small interest is. The country’s interest must supersede all selfish interest, he mentioned clearly.

The solution according to business consultant, educator, entrepreneur is very simple: reservation should be based on economic grounds and not caste/religion.

(The views expressed by the author are personal and does not necessarily reflects the views of SME Times)
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Samething should be done in social jobs also
shrikant | Wed Oct 14 17:05:39 2015
Yes you are right. This right must be done in other social jobs like preist. Preist job should not be reserved to brahmin only. Anybody who learn pooja krama, can leave non-veg should be able do pooja. It should be done in any jobs. First you do this then try to give your jnana here.

Caste Based Reservation
Sanjay Chaturvedi | Tue Oct 6 20:43:25 2015
I totally agree to the issue discussed by Mr. Shiv Khera. I have also written about the issue with the same principle of reservation on financial background. Political mileage on the caste based reservation is taken by every political party, which is totally against the basic will of the provision. The mighty castes are ruling in the reservation too. Quiet surprisingly the vacancies for the reserved quota are not filled for years, that means that these people are not able to achieve even the reduced level of education. Adding more to the problem is that the seats reserved on caste basis are not offered to the general candidate even if the same is going vacant. This in turn leads to shortage of staff in different institutions, departments etc. We,even after getting 67 are not mature enough to decide such an important issue?

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