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Hybrid work environment is a welcome evolution of management
D.C. PATHAK | 17 May, 2022
Work from home, a practice businesses were compelled to adopt due to Covid, was initially seen as a 'disruptive' outcome of the pandemic lockdown for both the corporate body as well as the employees -- it had particularly forced the latter to remain indoors and thus put on them the onus of proving their continued utility for their pay masters.
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India's thrust at the global stage
D.C. PATHAK | 12 May, 2022
A nation's strategic approach is by definition meant to take care of the security and economic interests of the country and it is truly remarkable that Prime Minister Narendra Modi's policy on international relations has stood its ground amid a festering Ukraine-Russia military conflict, deepening geopolitical alienation between US -led West and the Russia-China camp and the progressively hardening regime of economic sanctions imposed by the US and its allies against Russia.
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No OPEC or a new OPEC?
Asad Mirza | 09 May, 2022
After working on devising methods to counter moves by OPEC (Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries), the largest consortium of oil producing nations across the globe, over the last two decades considered detrimental to the US
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Indo-UK ties on a new track?
Asad Mirza | 29 Apr, 2022
In Persian there is an old proverb: "Amad'an, nashist'am, ghuft'am, barkhas'tam'", meaning "they came, they sat, they talked and then dispersed".
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Tough days ahead for India?
Asad Mirza | 26 Apr, 2022
The regional economic and political developments may have a near-immediate effect on the Indian economy, apart from the internal pressures.
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Apply Newton's law for a healthy planet and life
Pavan Kaushik | 15 Apr, 2022
The theme for the world health day, 2022 is "Our Planet, Our Health". As, the law of Newton says -- "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction". What we give to the nature, the nature reciprocates accordingly. It would not be wrong to say that "a healthy planet makes the life healthier and if we try to break this natural life cycle of replenishing the planet, it would certainly affect a healthy life".
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India charting its own path
Asad Mirza | 09 Apr, 2022
The last one-month has shown the tenacity and astuteness of the Indian foreign policy, and the "correctional change" which the current polity is trying to achieve through it.
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Transforming gold investments in India
SME Times News Bureau | 04 Apr, 2022
Gold has always been an essential part of the socio-economic-cultural ethos of every Indian. As an investment, it has always carried with it the tendency of invoking a sense of sentimental attachment. Despite its tremendous significance, gold investments did not keep pace in terms of ease of buying, storing, and safety. These factors motivated BSE to create a transparent and efficient investment mechanism for gold.
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India captures only 8% of 4K billion cubic meters of rain
Pavan Kaushik | 28 Mar, 2022
Many historians and archaeologiĀ­sts believe that the Indus Valley CiviĀ­lisation that existed about 2,500 years ago mysteriously lost its existence and disappeared suddenly due to catastrophic water scarcity caused either by shifting rivers or by drastic climate change.
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India acts big brother to Sri Lanka
Asad Mirza | 22 Mar, 2022
Indian policy in the region towards smaller countries, seems to be paying dividends, as compared to China, which is more and more is being seen as a hawk, intent on taking over smaller countries natural resources.
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