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Last updated: 06 Jun, 2024  

Astro.9.thmb.jpg Rise of online astrology services enabling us to reach a global audience: Asttrolok Founder & MD

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SME Times News Bureau | 06 Jun, 2024

The rise of online astrology services has significantly impacted my practice in several positive ways. It has allowed Asttrolok to reach a global audience, transcending geographical barriers and enabling individuals from diverse backgrounds to access our teachings, said Asttrolok Founder & MD Alok Khandelwal.

Excerpts of the interview…

- Can you tell me about the moment you first discovered astrology and Vedic science? Was there a defining experience or influence that ignited your passion for this field?

My journey into astrology and Vedic science began with a profound and defining moment during my early years. Influenced by my father and guided by my esteemed guru, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, I was introduced to the depths of Vedic knowledge. The pivotal moment came during an enlightening session with a revered astrologer, whose precise insights and profound understanding of the cosmic energies left an indelible mark on me. This experience ignited my passion for astrology, motivating me to delve deeper into its scientific aspects and holistic applications. With the timeless wisdom of ancient Rishis, I envisioned a future where astrology and Vedic sciences are recognized as credible, empowering tools for personal growth and success. This vision led to the establishment of Asttrolok, where I strive to transform perceptions and provide fact-based learning to individuals worldwide.

- Beyond the practical aspects of a career, what intrinsically motivates you to delve deeper into the study and practice of astrology?

Beyond the practical aspects of a career, my intrinsic motivation to delve deeper into astrology stems from a profound desire to understand the intricate connections between the cosmos and human life. The realization that astrological insights can guide individuals toward their true potential and help them navigate life's challenges inspires me immensely. My passion is fueled by the transformative power of astrology, which empowers people to make informed decisions, align with their natural rhythms, and harness positive energies. Additionally, my commitment to dispelling misconceptions about astrology and presenting it as a credible, fact-based science drives me to continually explore and practice this ancient wisdom. Ultimately, it is the profound impact on individuals' lives and the potential for spiritual and personal growth that keeps me deeply engaged in the study and practice of astrology.

- What specific initiatives have Asttrolok undertaken to educate the public about the true nature and potential of astrology as a tool for self-understanding?

Asttrolok has undertaken several specific initiatives to educate the public about the true nature and potential of astrology as a tool for self-understanding. By offering comprehensive online courses and workshops covering various topics, from basic astrology principles to advanced Vedic sciences. These courses are designed to be accessible and engaging, ensuring learners from all backgrounds can benefit. Additionally, Asstrolok hosts webinars and live sessions with renowned astrologers and Vedic science experts to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of these ancient practices. Asttrolok also provides free educational content through blogs, videos, and social media platforms to reach a broader audience. Their commitment to factual, science-based learning helps dispel myths and misconceptions, empowering individuals to use astrology as a reliable tool for personal growth and self-discovery. Moreover, they extend this support to students and offer placement and career services to ensure their holistic development.

- How has the rise of online astrology services impacted your practice?

The rise of online astrology services has significantly impacted my practice in several positive ways. It has allowed Asttrolok to reach a global audience, transcending geographical barriers and enabling individuals from diverse backgrounds to access our teachings. The online platform has facilitated interactive and flexible learning experiences through webinars, live sessions, and digital courses, making astrology education more accessible and convenient. Additionally, the digital medium has enhanced our ability to provide personalized consultations and support to clients worldwide, fostering a deeper connection and understanding. The increased visibility and reach have also helped in dispelling myths about astrology, presenting it as a credible, fact-based science to a broader audience. Overall, the rise of online astrology services has expanded our impact, enabling us to educate and empower more individuals than ever before.

- How do you navigate the legal and ethical considerations surrounding astrology as a business?

Navigating the legal and ethical considerations surrounding astrology as a business involves several key practices. Firstly, Asttrolok ensures full compliance with local and international laws regarding business operations, advertising, and client privacy. We provide clear disclaimers that our services are intended for guidance and educational purposes, not as substitutes for professional medical, legal, or financial advice.

Ethically, we prioritize transparency and honesty in our consultations and courses, ensuring that clients receive accurate and well-researched information. We uphold confidentiality and respect for all clients, maintaining their trust and privacy. Additionally, we avoid making false promises or exaggerated claims about the outcomes of astrological guidance.

Asttrolok is committed to promoting astrology as a credible science, grounded in Vedic principles. By adhering to these ethical and legal standards, we strive to provide a responsible, trustworthy service that respects both our clients and the integrity of astrology.

- What is your vision for the future of the astrology industry in India?

My vision for the future of the astrology industry in India is to elevate its status as a respected, scientifically grounded field that plays a vital role in personal development and holistic well-being. I aim to dispel myths and misconceptions surrounding astrology by promoting fact-based, ethical practices and education. This involves integrating astrology with modern technology, making it more accessible through online platforms and digital tools.

I envision a future where astrology is recognized not just as a mystical art but as a valuable tool for self-understanding, decision-making, and achieving life goals. Asttrolok will continue to pioneer this shift by offering comprehensive educational programs, collaborating with esteemed institutions, and fostering a community of knowledgeable, ethical practitioners.

By emphasizing the scientific and practical aspects of astrology, we can transform public perception and encourage a new generation of astrologers who uphold integrity, accuracy, and compassion in their practice. Ultimately, my goal is for astrology to be integrated into mainstream wellness and personal growth initiatives, enriching the lives of individuals across India and beyond.

- What role do you see technology playing in the future of astrology education and practice?

Technology plays a pivotal role in the future of astrology education and practice, offering unprecedented opportunities for growth, accessibility, and accuracy. Here are key areas where technology will significantly impact astrology:

1. Online Learning Platforms: Technology enables the creation of comprehensive online courses, webinars, and interactive sessions that make astrology education accessible to a global audience. Platforms like Asttrolok can offer structured, engaging, and flexible learning experiences that cater to diverse learners.

2. Data Analysis and Precision: Advanced software and algorithms can analyze astrological data with greater precision, providing more accurate and personalized readings. These tools help astrologers interpret complex charts and patterns, enhancing the quality and reliability of their guidance.

3. Mobile Applications: Astrology apps bring personalized horoscopes, daily readings, and educational content directly to users' smartphones. These apps make it convenient for individuals to access astrological insights and learn at their own pace.

4. Virtual Consultations: Video conferencing tools enable astrologers to offer virtual consultations, breaking geographical barriers and allowing clients to receive personalized advice from the comfort of their homes.

5. AI and Machine Learning: Artificial intelligence can assist in identifying trends and patterns in astrological data, offering predictive insights and automating routine tasks. This allows astrologers to focus more on personalized client interactions and in-depth analysis.

6. Community Building: Social media and online forums foster vibrant communities where enthusiasts and practitioners can share knowledge, discuss trends, and support each other. These platforms help demystify astrology and build a more informed public perception.

In summary, technology is revolutionizing astrology by making it more accessible, precise, and interactive. By leveraging these advancements, we can enhance education, improve practice, and elevate the overall credibility and reach of astrology.

- In your view, how does Vedic astrology integrate with other aspects of Vedic science like Ayurveda?

In my view, Vedic astrology and Ayurveda are deeply interconnected aspects of Vedic science, both aiming to promote holistic well-being and balance in life. Here are key ways in which Vedic astrology integrates with Ayurveda:

1. Holistic Approach: Both Vedic astrology and Ayurveda emphasize a holistic approach to health and life, considering the mind, body, and spirit. They seek to understand an individual's unique constitution and life path, promoting harmony and balance.

2. Personalized Health Regimens: Vedic astrology can provide insights into an individual's doshas (body types) and potential health issues, which Ayurveda then addresses through personalized diet, lifestyle, and treatment plans. Astrological charts can reveal susceptibilities to certain ailments, allowing Ayurveda to offer preventative and corrective measures.

3. Timing and Cycles: Astrology helps determine auspicious times for starting new health regimens, treatments, or detoxifications, aligning with cosmic rhythms. For example, certain planetary transits may indicate optimal periods for cleansing or strengthening the body, which Ayurveda can utilize for effective outcomes.

4. Diagnosis and Treatment: Astrological analysis can guide Ayurvedic practitioners in diagnosing underlying imbalances and selecting appropriate treatments. For instance, a person's birth chart might highlight a predisposition to digestive issues, prompting specific Ayurvedic interventions.

5. Mental and Emotional Health: Vedic astrology offers insights into an individual's mental and emotional state, which is crucial for holistic healing in Ayurveda. Understanding planetary influences can help address psychological imbalances through Ayurvedic practices like meditation, yoga, and herbal remedies.

6. Lifestyle Recommendations: Both sciences provide comprehensive lifestyle recommendations tailored to individual needs. Vedic astrology can suggest specific daily routines, spiritual practices, and dietary adjustments that complement Ayurvedic prescriptions, fostering overall well-being.

7. Spiritual Growth: Astrology and Ayurveda both support spiritual growth and self-awareness. Astrology can identify karmic patterns and spiritual lessons, while Ayurveda offers practices to purify the body and mind, facilitating deeper spiritual practices.

In summary, Vedic astrology and Ayurveda are synergistic, working together to provide a detailed and personalized roadmap for health, well-being, and spiritual growth. Their integration offers a comprehensive approach to understanding and enhancing the human experience.

- With the growing interest in wellness, how do you see astrology playing a role in the future of healthcare in India?

With the growing interest in wellness, astrology is poised to play a significant role in the future of healthcare in India. Astrology offers insights into an individual's constitution, predispositions, and potential health issues, complementing traditional medical practices. By understanding planetary influences on health and well-being, healthcare practitioners can offer more personalized and holistic treatment plans. Astrology can also guide individuals in preventive healthcare measures, lifestyle modifications, and stress management techniques tailored to their unique astrological profiles. As awareness of astrology's role in health grows, we can expect to see its integration into mainstream healthcare systems, contributing to more comprehensive and patient-centered approaches to wellness in India.

- In your view, how could Vedic science education help students develop a deeper understanding of Indian culture and heritage?

Vedic science education holds the potential to foster a deeper understanding of Indian culture and heritage among students by providing insights into ancient wisdom, traditions, and philosophies that have shaped Indian society for millennia. By studying Vedic sciences such as astrology, Ayurveda, yoga, palmistry, and Vastu, students gain a holistic perspective on the interconnectedness of various aspects of life, including health, spirituality, and daily practices. Vedic science education offers a window into the rich tapestry of Indian cultural heritage, highlighting values such as reverence for nature, compassion, and the pursuit of self-realization. Students learn about ancient sages, texts, and rituals that form the foundation of Indian civilization, fostering a sense of pride and appreciation for their cultural roots. Furthermore, Vedic science education encourages critical thinking, introspection, and self-awareness, qualities that are integral to Indian philosophical traditions. By delving into the depths of Vedic knowledge, students not only gain a deeper understanding of Indian culture and heritage but also cultivate a broader worldview and a profound appreciation for the wisdom of ancient civilizations.

**The interviewee is Founder and MD of Asttrolok. The views, opinions and beliefs of the interviewee do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions and beliefs of SME Times.
**SME Times assumes no responsibility or liability for any views, opinions and beliefs of the interviewee.

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