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Last updated: 27 Sep, 2014  

krishnan.thmb.jpg 'Right credentials help SMEs access bank finance with ease'

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Namrata Kath Hazarika | 11 Dec, 2012

In an exclusive interview with SME Times, Krishan Guptaa, M.D & Global CEO, Organic India Pvt. Ltd, said that for the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) accessing bank finance is not that tough if it has the right credentials. He added that the major challenge for SMEs is to find the right manpower.

                                                                              Excerpts of an interview...

Could you highlight on the products and services you are offering?
Krishnan Gupta: We have a range of tulsi tea. We make 18 tulsi tea flavours, which is a big range. And, recently we have also launched a range of wellness tea. We have 33 formulations which are basically to support every part of human body and to make sure that we are happy and healthy always. In addition to this, we also have organic chyawanprash and organic desi ghee from tension-free cow. Also, complete range of organic commodities and spices. When I say organic commodities, it means daal (pulses), chawal (rice), wheat and flour. When I say spices it means haldi, mirchi, kali mirch, garam masala, etc.

How are these products used and what are the business model?
Krishnan Gupta: It is not about only personal using. What we do is we have a unique business model where we make sure everyone in the chain starting  from the Mother Earth to the farmers, employees, associates and to the end consumers and planet as a whole  win . The Mother Earth is wins  because we do not abuse  it with toxic chemicals and farmers are happy as we pay them premium prices  through cheque and not only that we make sure whatever they produce , we give them assurance for buying that. And, above all we also give medical and clinic support to all of them.  Then come associates where they are open and transparent. In the end consumers get the benefit because they get authentic product quality from Organic India.  This is an unique business model what we have and we have processing centers which are closer to our farms located at Azamgarh, Bundelkhand, Rajasthan, Gujarat, and Chittoor. We also have a packaging unit in Lucknow.

How many farmers are associated with you?
Krishnan Gupta: We have thousands of farmers associated directly or indirectly with the company, which keeps on increasing every year.

What is the idea behind coming up with such a unique business model?
Krishnan Gupta: The idea behind this business model is India's position over five thousand years which has given this country unique happiness, unique culture, and a unique legacy to share and to revive first of all in India and share this benefit with the humanity.Most of the businesses operate with 'I win' and 'you lose' model where as we are working with win-win business model as explained earlier.

How popular are your products among customers? And, how are you making people aware of it?
Krishnan Gupta: We are present in 33 countries and second fastest growing organic brand in the US.  Actually, our business model is not about selling the products rather our business model is to educate the people on health and wellness products  and leaving the choice of buying to the consumers.

What kind of strategy do you keep to educate people about your particular services and products?
Krishnan Gupta: We are following very simple strategy which is Guerilla marketing. We do lots of activities by dispensing of tea to various retail store sampling regularly to reach out to potential customers . The team of doctors are visiting all these stores and educating the executives, sales boys, sales girls or the managers who are managing different stores all over the countries. We have lots of training programs.

Also our sales team or medical representatives  go with tulsi tea to the doctors  in the morning to offer the doctors a hot  cup of tea. Our representatives educate the doctor of all tulsi benefits and about our product range. They also make doctors aware about our unique business model.  This is a unique story where tea is prescribed by the doctors. Desi ghee is prescribed by the doctors.

Do you have any specific marketing strategy?
Krishnan Gupta: The marketing strategy is very simple for us as we are bringing unique and authentic products to the people and  educate the customer.

How are you developing and expanding the range of organic foods and health products?
Krishnan Gupta: To be very honest, our consumers are demanding more products from us and our product development department in US and India works to come with unique products.

Could you tell me about your latest range of products?
Krishnan Gupta: Recently we have come up with the Desi Ghee from the tension-free cow , organic chyawanprash and have recently launched men well-being product called O-joy.

What is your business expansion plan from now?
Krishnan Gupta: We plan to add more range of products such as new range of spices, new range of tulsi tea, etc.

Being an SME, what kind of challenges are you facing at the moment?
Krishnan Gupta: Being an SME, the main challenge is to get the right manpower.   The government has been doing a great job. We need to make sure that we percolate or share this unique business model to everyone in the society.

What do think about competition? Are you comfortable with that?
Krishnan Gupta: Tell me one thing, where there is competition? Every individual on this planet has the right to have clean water, food and air. Organic food is nothing but clean food. Where is the competition? You have to feed about 6 billion people in the world. Where is the competition? And always a good competition is healthy. It is good for everyone.

What is the reason behind such high price of your products and what is the USP of your products?
Krishnan Gupta: What is the price of a Maruti car and what is the price of Mercedes? Both are cars. What I am trying to say is our products are authentic? When I say my product is Desi Ghee from Cow, it means it is Desi Ghee from cow. It is not expensive but you are paying the price for a real product. When you say the product is cheap then it is certainly cheap because it is giving you various side effects in form of various ailments. So, initially my products may look expensive because it is authentic and clean but in long-term my product is cheap as you can lead a happy and healthy  life.

As an SME, do you face problems while accessing capital from banks?
Krishnan Gupta: No, we have no such requirement  and have not come across any such problems. If you have the right credentials why bank will not give you loans.

What type of certification is required for business in this sector?
Krishnan Gupta: There are different types of certification that is required. Such as Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points, Organic Certification with India and different countries, ISO and we have all the possible certification with different countries. Among all NPOP India Organic certification is a must. This is the most important certification. And, this given by Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA).

(Namrata Kath Hazarika can contacted at

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