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Last updated: 20 Mar, 2018  

Wheat.9.Thmb.jpg Draft agriculture export policy

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Bikky Khosla | 20 Mar, 2018

The government has launched a draft Agriculture Export Policy. It aims at doubling agricultural exports and integrate Indian farmers and agricultural products to the global value chain. In the past months, meetings with various stakeholders were held and now based on their feedback the draft has been prepared. It is expected that the policy will bring about yet another revolution like the green revolution.

There is little doubt about necessity of such a policy. India is already overburdened with a massive and ever-increasing population, with around 2 million new mouths adding to it every month. So, increasing the production of food is of extreme importance. Additionally, we are increasingly facing hostile weather conditions in recent years. Also, emphasis must be given to research and development. The tendency to put farm land non-farm to uses must also be prevented. All these challenges needs to be taken care of.

The government has set up an ambitious target of doubling farm income by 2022. Without doubt, it is a daunting task, which will require, beside addressing the above mentioned concerns, augmentation of exports from the sector. In fact, there has been a long-felt need for a dedicated agricultural export policy, and now the release of the draft policy is a welcome news. The draft policy contains some valuable suggestions which, if implemented properly, will change the fortune of the farmers in the country.

Some major objectives set by the policy include, increase the share of agricultural exports from present $30+ billion to $60+ billion by 2022; boost high value and value added agricultural exports, focusing on perishables; provide an institutional mechanism for tackling market access barriers and deal with sanitary and phytosanitary issues; become one of the top 10 exporting countries of agricultural products. Needless to say these are ambitious targets, and success will depend on commitment.

I invite your opinions.

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chaman | Thu Sep 6 17:07:22 2018
What gain small farmer from it? Sir

Agriculture policy
ASHISH GUPTA | Sun Mar 25 03:54:52 2018
First all the charges lile mandi board charges and middle man/arthiya commission be abolished.Secondly all the corruption in procurement by state state and centralagencies be removed.All the savings on account of this be given to farmers. This will increase their income by 15 to 20%. Thirdly buyer seller meet should be conducted.This step will also increase income by 10%.Thus by taking these simple steps farmers income can easily be increased by 25%

Jaison ( ) | Sat Mar 24 09:15:29 2018
Most of the produce is not utilized to the optimum levels, because of various operational and bureaucratic interventions and some high handedness by people in power both in political and business houses

Agricultural exports
Nandan.m.Sherlekar | Thu Mar 22 14:27:03 2018
In my opinion agricultural exports is very important as more manlpower will be employed. And limited technology involved.The govt has to device a method by which domestic prices are not effected. The export revenue earned should be adjusted towards any farmer loans who is involved in exports.The govt should give special facilities to farmers who's produce is exported regularly.

Draft agriculture export policy
Jatin Shah | Thu Mar 22 07:28:14 2018
every month 2 million population increase . first of all we want to set policy which help to fulfilled our home consumption demand in future with better storage and logistical infra. We want to set policy lubricative which attract private investment. allow industrialist to invest in agriculture sector.Till time this is traditional & unmanaged sector.we can achieve target only by professional players in this sector.

AJIT SINGH | Thu Mar 22 07:03:18 2018

Agriculture Exports
Neeraj Agarwal | Thu Mar 22 06:05:43 2018
African markets may be tapped for export of surplus vegetables which rot or are destroyed during over production, causing heavy losses to farmers. Eg. Tomatoes in Nasik this year.

Increasing Agri product exporting capability
Narayanaswamy surendranath | Thu Mar 22 05:12:54 2018
In view of the above subject we propose the govt to allow non -agriculturists who are keen in taking up Agri activities to buy agrilands without hassles on the condition that it is to be used only for the purpose of agricultural activities and the likes. If the above facility is there, we can get involved and also work to bring in other interested aspirants.

Draft Agriculture Export Policy
Pankaj Kapoor | Thu Mar 22 00:59:37 2018
This policy must be the facilitator. Plan must be very extensive and detailed with facts and figures with all the assumptions verified and timelines to achieve. There must be a mechanism to review it periodically and do the course correction. Wherever required other ministries must be aligned to the plan. For example, one cannot say that farmer's income from Milk and Dairying would be doubled when we have no plans as to what needs to be done with the dry animals and male calf. Farmers would not be able to support them. Similarly, how do we get the fodder and animal feed for them at reasonable prices and how are we going to provide the veterinary services. Unless these alignments are there, farmer's income from milk and dairying cannot be doubled and exports cannot increase. Similarly, what products are going to increase our exports from the perishable or no-perishable baskets of agri products. Are we currently competitive globally for the markets we are targeting and do we have the logistics to handle them. We must be globally number two or three in terms of cost competitiveness and there must be a clear focussed plan on how are we going to become competitive globally then only this would be achieved. Do we have the trained manpower for achieving these ambitious plans. For example in dairy field we do not have trained manpower in India to run a large commercial dairy farm of say 1000 cattle or so. No large commercial dairy farm in India is commercially viable. Think ...

Exports -agri products
Gajanan sanu | Wed Mar 21 14:51:03 2018
We must setup small units for Agro products at every district.

Agriculture Product & Services
RAKESH | Wed Mar 21 12:46:38 2018
Looks to be good, but implementation of such policies is a challenge in our country. We should focus on stopping corruption to improve our country's strength without which everything is waste.

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