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Last updated: 13 Dec, 2016  

gst-thmb.jpg GST delay

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Bikky Khosla | 13 Dec, 2016
It is pretty clear by now that GST roll-out is unlikely by April 1, next year. The 6th meeting of the GST Council ended on Sunday without a consensus on any of the three key bills: Central GST, Integrated GST and State GST. The Centre wanted to table these bills in the ongoing winter session of Parliament ending on 16 December, but now they are likely to be tabled only in the budget session. The fallout has put a serious question mark on implementing GST by the targeted deadline of April 1, 2017. The Council will meet again on December 22-23, and I hope something positive will come out from the next meeting.

While finance minister Arun Jaitley has reiterated that the government is still aiming to meet the April 1 deadline, in the post-demonetisation scenario, a view is increasingly gaining ground that it is now good to have a late GST. The demonetisation scheme has taken a toll on the economy, with both manufacturing and services sectors suffering the brunt. It is also widely believed that short-term growth prospect of the economy is not favorable. In this scenario, GST implementation from April 1 could prove a double whammy for the economy. So, we should let the demonetisation dust settle before trying to deal with GST.

Another question is about preparedness. GST implementation will involve changes in the whole tax architecture, which is a big challenge. The demonetisation experience shows that sudden changes without adequate preparedness can prove counterproductive and even lead to chaos, and now the Centre must ensure, before plunging into GST, that every possible measure required for its effective implementation -- including framing of relevant laws, establishment of IT infrastructure, training of tax officers -- is adequately taken care off. Considering the enormity of this task, I think the delay can be taken as an opportunity to prepare better.

Meanwhile, it is unfortunate that the ongoing winter session of Parliament is nearing an end without any substantial business owing to Opposition ruckus over the demonetisation issue, even after a passionate appeal from President Pranab Mukherjee to members of Parliament to stop disruptions for "god's sake". Ever since the session began, both houses have functioned for less than a fifth of their scheduled time. It is unfortunate. The MPs should not forget that they are elected not to sit in 'dhrnas'. On the other hand, I think the ruling side should show a greater responsibility in running the business of Parliament.

I invite your opinions.
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N chatterjee Hyderabad | Fri Dec 30 10:20:11 2016
Implementation of GST must be in time with proper home work and taking all precautionary measure,particularly to the politicians in our country...

GST delay
Chandrakant Jain | Wed Dec 21 12:20:45 2016
We are well prepared to follow GST from 1st April. The accounting year and GST implementation falling at the same time will ease trade.Otherwise it will attract chaos in the event of delay in implementing GST.The govt. Shall try the best to activate GST from 1st April.

Delay welcome
Guddan Nyati | Thu Dec 15 03:01:39 2016
Yes it is true, GST has to be delayed for sometime till its complete preparedness.

GST must be delayed
Amit Maheshwari | Wed Dec 14 17:40:59 2016
I think GST must be delayed & delayed time, must be taken for preparation, for all parties I.e. govt. businessman, tax authorities. It will help in proper implementation & will not lead in creating chaos.

rk walter | Wed Dec 14 08:25:21 2016
Its almost 4 years we have been hearing on GST.Persons elected must individually have good knowledge on the GST, then only there could be a realistic debate and the decision can be taken.But to my knowledge I see that most of the MPs have not taken any interest to study and learn what it is and how it is going to help or damge the present Tax structures/productivity & business. Talking of preparedness at this stage is ridiculous.Ruling party and oppn are the flip sides of the same coin.

GST implementation in time as assured
S.R.Sharma | Wed Dec 14 05:06:58 2016
Implementation of GST must be in time & delay is caused mistakes & fear. Demonetisation decision is good & if we do some good naturally revert/opposition will come but over all 90% population of our country saying it is very best & it was must to stop black marketing /bribe which was openly happened every where specially high level of govt officials & Leaders also.

GST Dealay
SANTOSH KISAN LADKAT | Wed Dec 14 04:32:24 2016
GST should be implemented from 01.04.2016. Government should call separate session of parliament for GST if required. Oppositions should support in this regards & should not relate demonetisation with GST.

Implementation of GST
Chandra Sekhar Vadlamudi | Wed Dec 14 04:28:02 2016
Informative and useful message. Thanks

GST delay
Narayanswamy | Wed Dec 14 04:17:19 2016
Looks like there will be delay, since economy is still smarting from Nov 8th Decision., also the IT infra does no seem to be up as yet or rather preparedness is pending.

MP& MLA Salary cut
Haresh Desai | Wed Dec 14 04:02:52 2016
No work no salary

V.Sundara Shiva Rao | Wed Dec 14 04:02:14 2016
My sincere feeling is that the opposition should cooperate with the Rulling Party for the development of the Economy and would be the AID to the Govt in implementation of the Policies especially in the present Demonetization instead of instigating people to go against. Every politician should forget their personal safety, security and own development by becoming hurdles in the sincere attempt by the Govt for cymming out of this rut accumulated all these years.please the politicians now you all have got the opportunity to prove yourselves that you are wholeheartedly interested in the National Growth rather than your Personal GOALS & YOUR EMPIRES GROWTH.

GST issue
Pawan jain | Wed Dec 14 03:44:12 2016
It's again would be bad luck for india .These politicians won't get hurt it is the general public who has to pay so much tax for them

preparedness and intentions
Doctor | Wed Dec 14 02:55:26 2016
We have to work in democratic system and with all good intentions government , rather PM started this demonetization scheme without taking in confidence his council of ministers. He is in mid of something where he does not have faith in anyone. So do not know who is leading GST implementation also and what are plans. If he is all behind drafting of laws he should get some people whom he believes and are intellectual. Failure of Demonetization could be seen in next ten minutes of his speech when people thought very fast and converted money into gold. so people are smart. 12 lakh crore plus in banks. How many individuals he will go behind? he is just creating Stress in Indians, effect of which will be seen in coming years. talking about cash free society without infrastructure, people must be hungry in Chennai with no power. He should study also problems of Cash free society , which he is referring US. How much loan people are carrying? Cleanliness abhiyan though not very success you can see 5-10% difference after 2 years so you can not change from nothing to 100% in a day. My suggestion is have patience otherwise he is increasing harassment of business community first he has given something on platter to IT now another agencies like VAT, Excise , CST and service tax, as they will see last opportunity before winding up.

GST implementation and governance.
Anil G. Bhansali | Tue Dec 13 23:36:11 2016
As mentioned by you unless the infrastructure is in place with human touch and full preparedness and proper training of the executives for a professional job this should undertake any implementation. Mr. Jaitley who is a Lawyer by profession should understand what hurts the general public and what is the responsibility of Governance.What is made is all experiments are designed for common man who is the only sufferer finally. what the Government has been doing since independence is milking the poor and middle class to run its government and should make laws where every one is treated by officers/executive/judiciary in the same way irrespective of caste, creed or their education. this is not a rocket science but in India who so ever is in power their kins/associates get preferences and even by the bureaucrats who should be neutral for everyone by law for govrnance. All legislative members should be treated as an employee with authority and responsibility.

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