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Last updated: 23 May, 2017  

Modi.9.Thmb.jpg Three years of Modi government

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Bikky Khosla | 23 May, 2017
In what could be its last meeting before rollout of the indirect tax regime, the GST Council last week finalised rates of the new tax for most of the goods and services. So, the government is on the verge of implementing the biggest tax reform in India since Independence. The development came at a time when the Modi government  at the Centre is soon going to complete three years in office, and there is little doubt that GST is its best achievement during this period. It was not long ago that few believed that such a reform could be implemented before 2020, but now the July 1, 2017 deadline seems a definite possibility.

Demonetisation, needless to say, is another historic decision taken by the Modi government. In the financial history of independent India, it was the boldest and the biggest-ever weapon unleashed so far to clamp down on black money and tax evasion. After 6 months of the move, undisclosed income worth Rs 23,144 crore has been unearthed. Also, the number of persons under tax net has increased by 91 lakh post note ban. Critics, however, view that these steps are not enough, but there would be no second opinion on the fact that demonetisation, along with a host of other anti-corruption measures being taken by the government, will benefit the Indian economy in multiple ways in the coming years.

Financial inclusion is yet another feather in the Modi government's cap, and perhaps no government in the past achieved the kind of success that the NDA has achieved. In a span of less than three years, around 283 million Jan Dhan accounts have been opened and nearly 220 million RuPay debit cards have been issued. This has been aided by accelerated rollout of Aadhar and its use for bank KYC. Innovative social security schemes such as Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojna, Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana and Atal Pension Yojna also deserve mention in this respect. With these developments, it is not difficult to see that we are moving fast towards a better social security architecture.   

Overall the economy is in a much better shape today. Three years ago, it was surrounded by a host of problems -- including low growth, a weak rupee, high fiscal and current account deficits and high inflation -- with policy paralysis further worsening the situation -- but today most of our economic indicators are pointing to ongoing growth, with India remaining one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Not all is well, however. Employment generation has remained poor, private investment is yet to pick up, the 'Make in India' initiative has miles to go, and the bank NPA crisis is far from being over, but the pace at which reforms are taking place is definitely encouraging.

I invite your opinions. How do you rate three years of Modi government?
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Three years of Modi government
S Kumar | Wed Jun 28 05:00:48 2017
Good work has been done on certain areas, but on Industry and taxes front not much happening and we are seeing only policy push. How it will shape we have to wait and watch. Also tax burden, cost, Farmer suicide, strikes have increased, confuse message on meat/Cattle trading. We should say that performance is less than 50% of promised.

Prime responsibility of Government still needs more attention.
Harinder Saini | Mon May 29 13:05:00 2017
In my point of view there are three prime amenities to be provided by the govt to their citizen:i)Good Education,ii)health and iii) safety i) Education: It is very difficult for the common man(for which the Modi very hard)to take the good education because of too costly fee structure and privatisation.The govt must be take serious steps to provide good and equal education for poor and rich either it is govt institute or make it totally privatize with terms and conditions. ii)Health:There is no worry about the health of poor people of this country.In each and every renowned hospital there is endless queue of poor patients which needs to be reduced after making hard rules and regulations for medical sector and increasing the speed of establishment of good hospitals within the range of mango people. iii)Safety: "The safety of common man" weather it is road(The analysis of road accident data 2015 reveals that about 1,374 accidents and 400 deaths take place every day on Indian roads which further translates into 57 accidents and loss of 17 lives on an average every hour in our country. About 54.1 per cent of all persons killed in road accidents were in the 15 -34 years age group during the year 2015), rail(2016 proved to be more dangerous for trains as nearly 150 people were killed in Indore-Patna Express derailment)or safety of border area of our neighbourhood mainly Pak,China and Bangladesh is also a big issue to take seriously by a popular govt.of our country

CEO note
Ramesh Gore | Sun May 28 09:30:41 2017
Three years work is really appreciable. The impact will be observed in future. The area that really wants effort by the NDA government is infrastructure for agricultural i.e provision for the sinchan for dry agriculture area.

3 years of Modi Government
Kunnakkattu J | Sun May 28 06:46:51 2017
Economic growth along with proper economic distribution is the health of a country. For this focus is given to take money (generate wealth) from taxing rich and by giving financial help to poor educated for starting the new ventures. For that instead of giving loans to existing firms, it should be given to new firms. Single window for registration, training etc to be started by Government.

Bold measures
WILSON RODRIGUES GOA. | Fri May 26 12:15:24 2017
Our PM MODI had the courage to take some bold measures to build a strong India.It is a huge challenge to keep the momentum going with all the changes in taxation,ADMINISTRATIVE REFORMS and digitalization.

Political leaders become promotional package in this 3 years
Sirsendu Banerjee | Fri May 26 08:49:39 2017
We are actually become pure leader less country.All are trying to build up their name over country,top to bottom political leaders become promotional package..nothing else.. They are busy on creating news.. People become addicted on news creating and quality gone..Purity gone..Honesty gone.. I believe that if any country unable share the message of peace to their people or can't stand in front of world like a peaceful country then the government failed.. Yes,its also will be story to remember but damage control part will be weakest for next generation..

CEO note
Harishkumar Trivedi | Wed May 24 19:38:16 2017
I personally appreciate some of PM' steps but now I totally agree with your last paragraph . The growth picture of Each and every sectors are not so good as mentioned by our current authority .

Three years of Modi government
UMAPRASAD DATTA | Wed May 24 13:37:03 2017
Achievements in financial sector have been aptly included. However progress in the areas of safety and security of people and property and human health have been grossly marginal. The signs of growing application of renewable / non-fossil energy and rising concerns on environment that also add to economy, could be included in the list.

Sekhar | Wed May 24 11:23:11 2017
The first think now for Mr.Modi to do is waive all farm loans and give a push to farm sector. It is dangerous to allow GM seeds in the Country. Mr. Modi should ask those who approved GM crops to go and sell at least 1 kg. of this crop in USA or Canada. They cannot but recommend for India - obviously something fishy and this should be probed.

Modis achievements in three years
Ram Niwas | Wed May 24 11:20:54 2017
Foreign trips to about 50 countries involving huge expenditure on exchequer, must be more than 20,000 crores. Foreign exchange earning decreased. Foreign exchange reserve declined. Publicity expenditure to promote Modi's achievements must be huge enough. Political stature declined. No PM has ever done road shows. 

NDA Govt performance
Parameswarareddy | Wed May 24 11:18:53 2017
Extraordinary.Next two terms also NDA govt has to rule our country.

Three Years of Modi Government
S J S Ravi | Wed May 24 09:48:23 2017
The last sentences is true. All the moves of the Government have finished off the small scale sector. Government has failed to prime the economy. We do not see any light at the end of the tunnel. I have run small companies for 45 years, at times through rampaging inflation as well. But at no time the demand was so low or non existent, money position so tight and margins turned negative. If farmers were committing suicide in the present, the time is not far when SMEs will be in similar State. GST is not a panacea it is touted to be. With excise duty subsumed, many exempted entities will now be paying a component of Excise Duty. Octroi may go, but state borders will mostly remain. What will happen to Excise Department Personnel? They will be unleashed on businesses in a different garb. As yet, the experience of VAT Terror has not been fully realized and it is impending. And we have the GST wolf at the door. Only big business will gain with GST (lower component of Excise Duty) The common man will pay all the enhanced taxes including 18 % on phone calls. Service Tax started at 10% and slowly crept to 15 % and now 18 %. There has to be a limit on the Government robbing all and sundry. The Government has looted the gains of three years of low international petro-prices by hiking Excise Duties and frittering away the money. Where is the accountability? All Governments so far have been singularly profligate, but this one fudges more and misguides more.

SME entrepreneur views
Shyam Maheshwari | Wed May 24 06:30:54 2017
I am an SME entrepreneur and sure about the fact that this government has done nothing for this sector, on the contrary it is trying to uproot or rather lynch this segment which was the biggest employment giver.

Devendra | Wed May 24 05:58:01 2017
They (NDA) came on te power with bundle of challenges. They planned and came out with measurable progress considering the base line drawn and targeted efforts. Running the government like a corporate is what a paradigm shifting. Government babus are also made accountable is a great driving force and strong message from government that, lapse in work is not tolerable. Overall a pragmatic approach towards 360 degree development and also major upliftment in foreign polices.

Prakash Nayak | Wed May 24 05:15:25 2017
I do agree that some major issues like unemployment rate and also private investment which are required for true growth are missing. There is a need for walk the talk in these. Skill development is yet another issue which need to be looked in to and should be given push with de-listing some of the institutes and professional colleges which only sell the degree. Unrest with unemployment around is growing concern. Farming should be another area which needs a push.

3 years
Rajesh G. Nair | Wed May 24 05:13:39 2017
No doubt that the Modi Govt. is amongst the best thing to have happened to India post Independence. However they need to focus on hard core manufacturing to boost job growth. No other sector other than infrastructure can generate jobs in such large numbers. Hence the focus of the government should be to push & encourage MSME & SSI units to manufacture machinery on a large scale. Banks have to be warned against harassing these units that have the potential to be the largest large job creators. Banks should come forward to provide bank guarantees etc. This way we can avoid import of Heavy machinery and manufacture locally. As I write Ordnance factory employees are going on a strike. Govt. should not succumb to pressure of these employees who have contributed in a big way to the lack of preparedness and upgradation of our armed forces since time immemorial. They have to be offered voluntary retirement. Rid these factories of unions and bring in a corporate culture of research, development, competition and efficiency in production. 4 lakh employees should not be allowed to hold an entire country to ransom. National irrigation grid is another area that needs special focus and rejuvenation of ground water table should be taken up as a national movement. NGOs and village level groups can be employed thereby creating job growth.

Look at the results
Krishnan Rajangam | Wed May 24 04:46:26 2017
Taste of the pudding is in its eating. Unemployment is still a big problem. Suggest more importance and policies focussed on startup of small and middle class entrepreneurs shall be given. This means changes from basic education itself- it must orient youngsters to generate ideas and look up to starting their industries. Make in India will become a reality.

Senior citizen concerns
S Chakraborty | Wed May 24 04:45:35 2017
Some good works done by the Modi government are being visible but they could not do anything to protect senior citizens during last three years. Bank interest rate for the senior citizens should be increased and the minimum EPF should be increased as per market condition.

Govt has focus and direction
SREEKUMAR NAIR | Wed May 24 04:29:25 2017
Compared to other previous governments, NDA government is working with a focus and direction. The results shows the same. This is not who the Prime Minister is, whoever is on the helm, they should exercise their common sense and do not succumb to external pressures. We are happy that we got a bold and straight forward PM in Narendra Modi and I wish him all the best in his effort to retrieve the lost glory of India. However, I am not happy with the social evils happening in India, continuous rapes, and the atrocities being meted out to women. An immediate solution to be found out for curbing this evil from the society. For that, in my opinion, certain changes in the existing judicial system is a must. Like Saudi Arabia, strict punishment for those people who indulge in such activities should be introduced. There may be some hue and cry initially by the opposition and the so called genius people, but we should focus on the end result. This is my humble request to Shri Modi, initiate strict actions towards such evils in the society which will help for our womenfolk to live without fear in our society.

Modi Govt
Saptharishi Bangalore | Wed May 24 03:52:22 2017
Slightly better than UPA but not upto the mark.

Great job
Gopinathan. Chennai | Tue May 23 20:40:36 2017
Modi 'sarkar' has done their best. Full result yet to come. Compared to UPS govt this regime is thousand times better.

  Re: Great job
R S TROY | Thu May 25 12:16:49 2017

Modi government
Vikraman Nair | Tue May 23 18:48:09 2017
Comparing one to another is a childish act but you are asked for then primarily the top rated government India ruled is Shri. Chandrasekhar Govt. then the second best is Morarji Desai third is Modiji as on today that Ms. Jayalalitha neve allowed Atalji to rule then his associates torpedoed him. Since Manmohan Singh ji's best out look but his politico bureaucratic alliance never allowed him to do or perform well and still those same culprits are sitting around him As on today civil services lobby is not rated according to their service and all the industries head are not limited to civil service people instead of the CEOs income is on %of success basis then see the the development of India. IAS lobby must be chained and valued their contribution instead of their present attitude which transformed from british rule simply amass wealth loot 90% and give 10% to government to shut the mouth policy to be changed. Other wise IAS position to be scraped is the best way to bring into to success. Those who worked with Manmohan Singh ji the same team after just a shuffling same pack of cards plying what changes we can expect.

  Re: Modi government
GHANESAN D | Wed Jun 21 09:14:11 2017
Income tax structure up to 24 lakhs per annum to be reduced from this existing rate for the benefit of middle income group. Normally middle income group saving the money in government sector. This will help the government much strong in economy.

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